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Note: A handler is what I consider Six to be. Like in a spy way. I kinda got it from "Chuck", if anyone knows what I mean. Or at least sorta. So when it says "Rex's handler" or something similar, it means Six. (I don't like calling him a ninja, so sorry.)

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Glassy Blue

Rex's hand smashed into the face of another Evo. He watched it soar and crash into a wall behind it. Rex's deep mahogany eyes followed it as it made a loud crack! sound. The building began to collapse on top of it. A smile laced with roguish charm crossed the Mexican boy's face. He turned to look at Six and run his fingers through his dark spiky hair that shone in the beating rays of brilliant sunlight. "Told you I could do it," said Rex with his special sort of cocky grin.

Six just shook his head and put away his swords inside his jacket. "Don't let that get to your head," said the green suited man. His dark sunglasses hid his eyes. He quietly let his normally tense stance relax, making the call to Providence for a ride back to the base using his nearly invisible earwig.

He wouldn't. Rex just kept grinning to himself as he pulled the goggles from his eyes and put them in a resting position just above his forehead. His handler kept working to find them a ship to get home in, his hidden eyes glued to the ground as he focused on speaking, nearly oblivious to the world around him.

Rex looked to Bobo who was picking small grey pebbles and pieces of gritty gravel from his fur. Yes, all the fighting could get to his head and all the winning built up his ego, but he was distracted. He was always distracted.

Six's senses picked up the distant danger before he could even truly recognize it. He could feel the movement of an Evo's thundering steps through the pulsations of the dirt ground as his head swung to locate Rex. "Duck!" he called out, beginning to rip his swords back out once more, the battle not yet over on his behalf.

Rex turned and managed to drop down before the Evo came back and crashed into him. He was on the ground and out of harm's way fast enough to dodge the nearly fatal blow. Then he followed the creature's movements overhead, realizing it was barreling right towards where Six was standing.

Six was not so lucky in missing the beast's swinging paws and other extremities. He had managed to get his swords out and plunge them into the chest of the massive Evo. But he had still taken enough of a hit to knock him to the ground and out-cold, down for the count.

Rex couldn't help but cry out for his fallen friend. "Six!" He was immediately up and curing the Evo so that it was no longer on top of his handler. It turned from a hideous monster into an unconscious human being that lay collapsed on the ground a few feet away from the Providence agent.

The Mexican teen let the newly transformed human stay where he was as he knelt beside his fallen comrade. "Six, come on. You are not going to die."

"Yeah, chief, you're right," said Bobo as he approached Rex from behind. He grabbed Six's hand and checked for the pulse, already mostly sure that his heart was still beating. If he even had one, that was. "He's still breathing. Of course he's not going to die." The chimp resisted the urge to hit Rex or mess up Six's tie while he was unconscious.

A sigh of relief escaped Rex as he looked up to the bright blue sky that hung overhead. He let his eyes close as a wave of calm swept over him as he knew Six was safe and that the Evo was cured, his part over. All he had to do was wait for Providence to come and pick him and Six and Bobo up. Then he could just crash on his bed and sleep for a few good hours. "Good."

"Yo, chief, where are his glasses?"

Bobo's words knocked Rex back into the real world and from his thoughts of rest. His dark eyes found Six's limp and practically lifeless body again. The teen noticed the same thing that Bobo had. Six's sunglasses had been knocked from his face. Now he was lying there without them on. The dark tinted shades were laying a few feet off, just within Six's reach. Rex knew he would want them right back the second he was conscious.

"Woah," breathed the spiky haired teen. His features had turned from worried to awestruck. He had never seen Six look so... human. It was an utterly dumbfounding moment for him. Six really was human. It was a hard thought to fathom.

It was at that moment that Six's eyes chose to flutter open. They were a shining shade of glassy blue, the same color as the sky under the cover of thin and wisping clouds. They were like shallow ocean pools of glittering crystal-like water.

But Rex knew what that shade of blue was.

Six blinked a few times as if he were adjusting to the sunlight. He groped around a bit for his sunglasses before pulling them on his face once more, hiding his orbs of sapphire from the rest of the world once more. He regained some composure and managed to stand, his swords lying on the ground beside him. He reached down and picked up his beloved metal weapons and put them back where they belonged under his green suit's jacket. Then he walked off, not caring about anything but getting a ride back at that point. He already figured Rex had seen, so what was the point of talking about it?

"What color were they?" asked Bobo quietly, hoping Six didn't over hear him. He turned so that Six didn't see them talking either. Bobo wouldn't put it past Rex's handler to be able to be a lip reader as well as all his other skills and talents.

Rex also turned. He stood there silently, a stunned look on his face. He had been totally dumbfounded. Without actually seeing Six's crystal-colored eyes, he never would've guessed...

"His eyes!" reminded Bobo, snapping in Rex's face to get his attention once more. He wanted to say that the chief had the attention span of a monkey, but he didn't after realizing he'd only be insulting his distant cousins. So he settled on the attention span of a goldfish to compare Rex to. "What color were they?"

Rex's response was a single word for a long moment. "Blue." He let that information sink in with his companion before giving him something even more shocking that no one ever would've realized about Six without truly knowing him.

"He's blind."

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