I have nothing… jkjk ok so basic summery of this upcoming fic. The Cullen's' begin to fall apart after leaving Bella. In hopes of saving the family Carlisle moves everyone to Italy and they all become part of the Voltori. Bella is changed by Maria and forced to fight in the never ending southern wars. When Maria sends Bella and her best friend Alex over to cut a deal with Aro and his brothers the Cullen's and Bella are reunited, but now what happens?

Carlisle- one of the ancients

Esme- his wife (duh:)

Emmett and Rosalie- guard

Edward- guard and Aro's personal assistant

Alice- Aro's assistant (fortune telling)

Jasper- in charge of guard

All other Voltori members the same as listed in the back of breaking down

Now on to the story -Samantha

*************Bella pov

"I hate traveling; I hate the Voltori too so I think I can truthfully say that the only thing I hate more than that is traveling to see the Voltori." I laughed as I listened to Alex's rant. She was right though the Voltori were at the top of my hate list, bellow the entire Cullen family. I never used to be so hateful but being dumped like last years old jeans can do that to a girl.

"I know what you mean," I muttered "but it should be interesting at the very least. You and Jane fight like sisters." Alex glared at me but turned her attention to the gateman that would let us into the city instead of commenting.

"Please state your business in Volterra." The gate guard said in a board voice.

"My sister and I are here to see Aro Voltori."

"Ahh- I'm so sorry- master Aro is expecting you, please come right in and enjoy your stay in his fine city. Is there anything I might be able to get you?" his face was dead white and from the waves of fear coming off him he was not supposed to be so rude with us.

"We're fine." Alex muttered and floored it as soon as the gate was open.

"What a dumb-ass, 'Master Aro is expecting you'," she made her voice squeaky like the gate attendants was. "I hat everyone who calls that dickhead master. He doesn't deserve that title." I nodded in agreement. We pulled up to the front door of the mansion and the car was immediately taken away by the chauffeur.

"The one thing I don't get is why Maria sent us to the Voltori; don't they usually come to us?" Alex asked, nodding her head at the human receptionist at the front desk.

"The did the last few times." I said "but this time I think Maria wants a deal with them, they usually want a deal with her." as soon as Alex and I were free of the part of the castle that was open to the public we took off towards the throne room at vampire speed.

"Hello my dear friends!" Alex called pushing the door to the throne room open and barging inside. I laughed as some of the hooded figures jumped and the rest turned to stare at us.

"Ever heard of knocking?" Jane hissed angry that we had startled her.

"Last time you and your friends came to visit I don't recall hearing you knock." I said, frowning. The last time the Voltori had come to visit Jane had walked right in on me and a newborn having sex.

"Well Bella you were otherwise involved at the time, I highly doubt that you noticed anything. Well other than that boy you were fucking." I snarled and Alex echoed. Jane always knew exactly what to say to get under my skin.

"Now dear ones, please let's not fight. Alexandra, Isabella, it has been a long time. What brings you to Volterra?" Alex rolled her eyes at Aro's majestic tone and turned to me.

"There all yours." She whispered almost silently.

"Maria sent us Aro, she said for us to tell you that we are here to negotiate the terms of some deal the two of you have discussed." Caius's laugh echoed throughout the room .

"You have been lied to, haha, you will not be leaving for some time. Maria agreed to send us two of her best fighters if we will overlook her rather large army. You two have been sent to join our guard. I'm sorry your Mistress deceived you.

"What the fuck!" Alex screamed. "You think that just because Maria said it that its law for us? Well think again! Bella and I, we do what we want!"

"If we listened to everything Maria said we would be dead by now!" I chimed in. "This is crazy! We're leaving!" I grabbed Alex's hand and together we spun and darted towards the exit. We were fast but not fast enough. Two of the hooded figures were standing in our way. Alex darted forward and knocked the guard to the right down before he had time to react. Following her lead I rammed into the one on the left. He went down easy but was on his feet again in seconds. Snarling I lunged at him again and went down with him. We rolled on the floor for a few seconds before he was on top of me holding me down. His larger size gave him an advantage but I knew I could win by doing what he least expected. So I kicked him in the balls, as hard as I could. He flew backwards from the force of my kick groaning in pain. Alex laughed from across the room, she ducked under her guards arm and ran over and helped me to my feet.

"Good one Iz." She muttered in my ear, giggling again. We crouched again ready to fight but this time all the hooded figures in the room were coming at us. Alex lunged at the closest one and I fought with the first one to lunge at me. Bodies were flying; I think I saw Alex pull some guards arm off before she was grabbed from behind by a tall hooded figure. The guard wrapped his arm around her neck and placed their teeth at her throat. I stopped fighting immediately and was grabbed and held in a similar position.

"Stop fighting bitch!" Demetri's rough voice hissed in my ear. "Or I'll have him kill your friend."

"Don't threaten me!" I hissed back at him. I kicked Demetri in the shin with my heel and wrenched myself away from him and launched myself at the man holding Alex. Alex spun in his grip at the same time and shoved him towards me. We collided and as we fell I kicked him away from me. He flew backwards and hit the ground pretty hard. I picked myself up and was immediately grabbed by another guard member. The man I had kicked pushed his hood back and turned to face us. I gasped when I saw his face,

"Jasper?" I asked quietly, "you traitor! Of all the Cullen's you were the last one I thought would turn against me!"

"Jane!" Aro barked, and suddenly everyone in the room was on the floor screaming in pain. I quickly expanded my shield to cover Alex and helped her to her feet. I looked around at the members of the guard who remained incapacitated on the floor. Rosalie and Emmett were by the far wall behind Jane Alice was fine and standing beside Aro Edward was by her side and behind him Carlisle was standing with Caius and Marcus. Esme was clinging to his arm when our eyes met she mouthed and apology to me, I turned away.

"He's innocent Bella." Alex whispered in my ear. "After attacking you he took off for almost three months. When he caught up with the Cullen's again Carlisle had already decided to move the family here. Alice told him that if he didn't come with them she would tell Maria where he was. Evidently the two have history; Jasper is terrified of her so he picked the lesser of the two evils. He feels horrible for leaving and attacking you, Bella shield him." I nodded pushing my shield out yet again and cover Jasper, immediately his body became still and he sat up slowly. Jasper turned to face me and it was then that I saw the blood dripping down his face. Aro took one look at him and exploded.

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