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**************Peter pov

I knew Bella was gonna call before the phone even rang. Charlotte squealed and bounced up and down on her toes.

"Is it Bella? Is it Bella?" when I nodded she shrieked again and I winced,

"Geez woman, you keep that up my ears are gonna explode and you'll never be able to talk to Bella." She frowned and smacked the back of my head but stopped screeching.

"Just answer!" I laughed and picked up the phone.

"Belly it's been forever, how have you been?" she giggled and I heard her moving around.

"Petey what would you have done if it hadn't been me on the line?" I snickered,

"I know shit." Bella laughed,

"Funny, you cryptic bastard, I was calling for your help but if your gonna be so smug I guess you can just figure out what I need help with on your own…" she trailed off and I could almost see the smirk plastered on her face.

"Awww Belly come on, you know it doesn't work like that." she laughed at my wining and took pity on me.

"Do you know they have a bathroom on this thing, with a shower and everything? I think there's a bed as well." Well now she had completely lost me.

"Bells where are you?"

"On the Cullen's private plane." She was on what? After everything the Cullen's did to her she was on their plane? Was she planning to kill them because that was the only reason I could think of for her being on a plane with them.

"Your with the Cullen's?" I asked as nicely as I could manage. Bella snorted.

"No I'm not with the Cullen's, not all of them anyway. Let me explain the whole thing because only knowing bits and pieces is gonna confuse you. So Maria came to me and Alex, well about 2 months ago now. She told us that she had made a deal with the Voltori; she told us that she needed us to iron out the deal and its terms for her. When Alex and I got there it ended up being a trick, Maria sent us as a payment t Aro. In exchange for her 2 best fighters Aro would over look her unusually large army. Alex and I fought but there were too many and we were restrained. Jane used her power on all of us and I noticed that the entire fucking Cullen family was standing at various points around the room, some with the guard some with Aro and some with the ancients. Jasper, who I believe you know, was part of the guard helping to restrain us and was taken down by Jane's gift as well. His face was bloody and when Aro noticed he flipped. Took Jasper and tortured him for about 6 weeks for lying to him, Aro locked me up in this house and I have no clue where he took Alex." I sucked in my breath,

"Christ Bella, you and Jasper are ok right?" she laughed

"I'm fine; it's Jasper I'm worried about. Peter, Aro tortured him for 6 weeks! Weeks, and that's not the worst part. Like I said earlier his face was bloody but the problem is that it was his blood, there's something wrong with him, first the blood and now I noticed that his eyes have changed from red to blue. If I didn't know better I'd say he was changing into a human. I'm going back to Italy and breaking Alex out, then I'm going to track down the Cullen's and ask Carlisle about Jasper's condition."

"Bella," I started to say, "Are you sure this is a good." I broke off at her low hiss.

"I'm a big girl Peter, and it's time for me to put on my big girl panties and do what needs to be done." I grimaced at her use of the word panties and Charlotte laughed grabbing the phone from me.

"Ooooh now you did it, you know just how much he hates that word." Bella snorted and I rolled my eyes,

"Ill survive I guess, but Bella this isn't something you need to do. Char and I can go find the Cullen's for you, don't put yourself in a bad place over something trivial."

"I don't know Pete, but I just feel like I need to do this. I don't know why so don't ask but it's like there's this instinct, pulling me in the direction I need to go to help him. Every time I think of him sick I want to cry. It's like a physical hurt, not empathy but something more." Charlotte nudged me and shot a knowing glance towards the phone. Bella's words sounded a lot like something I had once said to Jasper, a long time ago. In the end Charlotte and I ended up being mates, I later found out that only Mates shared that deep of a connection, they could literally feel each other's pain to a degree.

"Bella honey, a long time ago Peter and I went through the same thing." Charlotte took the phone from me and started to pace around the room. "when we went into battles we would be so in tune with each other we knew exactly what was happening to each other at all times. This kind of connection is only found in mates." Bella was silent, the sound becoming more defining by the minute. Finally she let out her breath slowly.

"So what does that mean, that Jasper and I are mates?"

"I think that you might be." Char said with a smile. Bella groaned.

"This is great, just great! Ok so the real reason I called you is because I need Jasper to stay with someone I trust while I'm breaking Alex out and talking to Carlisle. If you could meet us at the airport I would be forever grateful. Also, please don't mention the mates thing, he has enough to worry about without adding that onto the pile." Charlotte nodded and I took over the conversation again.

"Sure honey, don't worry he'll be safe with us" Bella sighed but I could tell she agreed.

"Thanks guys, I really owe you. I'll be there in a few hours." She disconnected the call and as soon as I put the phone down Charlotte rushed me.

"I can't wait to see them, together, this is amazing. She's perfect for him it's great that the major will finally have someone who loves him." she rambled on but my mind was busy worrying. If Bella needed Jasper to stay with someone than she must be really worried about him, so he must be real sick. Hopefully he can hang in there until she can find out what the problem is.

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