A/N: Poetry has never been my strong point. I wrote like one poem and a couple of songs, so this was just my free-style around midnight yesterday…

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Once Human

I saw him as something other than a monster
He had once been human
He had kissed away my icy tears
He had stolen my heart
He had filled me with love
What did I miss?
What did I not see?
Had he always been this monster?
Had it always been hiding within him?
Was he still my lover?
Was he truly a monster?
Where had he gone?
When could I have him back in my arms?
He had once been my lover
He had once been my rock
He had once been human
Now, he is everything he had hoped to avoid
He is a monster
He is a beast
He is merciless
He is cruel
He is heartless
He is murderous
He is vicious
He is vindictive
He is lethal
He is everything I knew five years ago
Where did I go wrong?
How soon could I get him back?
When would he be with me again?
Would I see him again?
What would my life be like without him?
I missed his obsidian orbs
I missed his roguish charm
I missed his dark demeanor
I missed his breath-taking smile
I missed his short laugh
I missed his ebony locks
I missed his stupid car
I missed him
Because Kevin had once been human
And he had been all mine

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