The Prince

I've always loved Eileen Prince. She is has officially replaced Sirius as my 9th favorite character (I never even really liked him). Anyway, I'm trying to write some tear-jerkers.

Dedicated to Alexis and Lucas, the cutest four/five year old boys ever (and my inspirations for Baby Severus-will write some of those!).


The young boy's breathing soon became soft and heavy. He was asleep. Finally, away from the horrors that lurked in his world. Away from his father. Away from the pain. Away from the poverty. Away from... everything.

Eileen Prince stood up from her kneeling position by her son's bed. It had been another day of tears and bruises. His father's fists left stains of purple and black that stood out against the pale flesh. And they hurt. She saw it. The pain in his eyes. The way he walked. The way he avoided being touched.

And for goodness sake-He was only eight years old! He shouldn't be worrying about if there was going to be enough money. He shouldn't be agonized day after day by somebody who was supposed to bring him up with morals! He should get what he deserved.

And that clever and resourceful boy who lay collapsed on that bed, did not deserve what he got.

Indeed, he was a Prince. He had none of his father's qualities. He was purely her-purely a prince. And he should be treated like one.

But he wasn't, no matter how much she hoped and prayed.

She looked down at her son and stroked his midnight black hair gently. She hoped that he would make good choices. She hoped he would use his mind-his wonderful mind-for what was good and light and pure. She hoped he would do what was right and be his own person.

Because he would never be one of them.

He rolled over and groaned. He back was scarred and was painful to lay on. "Shh," she whispered tenderly. "It's going to be okay, Severus. We're going to be okay, love. Go to sleep." He nodded absent-mindedly and fell back into a deep sleep, a tear sliding down his cheek.

How many more nights would he go to sleep, beaten and bruised and tear-stained?

He was perfect. Much more perfect than she was. From the day she set eyes on him, she fell in love with him. He was beautiful and wonderful and perfect.

One day, her prince would go to a castle. And he would shine while he was there.

Because he couldn't shine here.

He was too young to understand why what was being done to him was. He was too weak to stop it.

He was so brave.

She leaned down and breathed into his ear, "I'll love you forever and for always, Severus. Never forget that, my love." She pressed a kiss to his forehead and sighed. She quietly left the room, letting her prince sleep in peace.


Pathetic, but hey, it could grow into great things. If you want more Eileen fics, I will write them! She's awesome!