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Konoha Private High School.

A school built by and for the elite. A school for the sons and daughters of ambassadors, governors, the most successful CEO's... The list went on and on. "Cultivating talent and promoting intellect" was the motto of the school. There were students who attended the school, but didn't really try to keep up their grades, relying on the power and money of their families. But there were also the students who strived to reach perfection. The students who spent countless hours of their lives dedicated to studying.

But there was only one student who stood out most among everyone else.

Hyuga Neji was the perfect student with perfect grades and a perfectionist lifestyle. He was number one in his entire class, and the student in second place was nowhere near the perfection Neji had achieved, let alone held for all sixteen years of his life. No one could compare to him.

That is, until she came along.

"Good morning! My name is Hua Tenten. (1) I know I'm arriving late in the school year, but I hope we can all be friends," the girl politely stated, smiling lightly.

"Thank you, Tenten. Now...where will you sit?" The homeroom teacher, Iruka-sensei scanned the classroom and later said, "Ah, you can sit with Neji, since he doesn't have a desk partner."

Tenten bowed to the teacher and thanked him, and then made her way to the designated desk. Sitting down, she glanced at Neji and waved to him, whispering,

"Hi, I'm Tenten."

But Neji said nothing back, nor did he even glance back. It wasn't that he hadn't heard her, because he did. It was just that he didn't want to talk to her. Since the fifth grade, Neji had never had a desk partner, and he liked it that way. But unless this "Hua Tenten" mysteriously disappeared this instant, Neji now had himself a desk partner.

It was only her first day here. Neji knew that.

But he already disliked her.

For the entire morning, Neji completely blocked out the girl's existence. And when lunch hour rolled around, he immediately took his books and his bag and left to the library.

Tenten, who was confused by her desk partner's behavior, was now left to eat lunch by herself. Only five other students chose to remain in the classroom for lunch; everyone else had gone elsewhere. In the front of the class, Tenten spotted a girl eating alone. She stood up, taking her lunch, and carefully approached the other student, asking,

"Can I eat with you?"

Surprised, the other girl looked up at Tenten, stuttering, "Y-You want to eat w-with me?"

"Sure," Tenten replied, smiling. "May I?"

"O-of course..!" the girl squeaked, motioning to the seat beside her, which Tenten gladly took.

"I'm Hua Tenten, by the way."

"I'm Tanaka Akiko." (2)

"Do you usually eat alone, Akiko-san?" Tenten asked, hoping she wasn't being rude. Akiko quietly responded,

"Yes... But it's okay. I hardly know anyone here well, besides their names and family businesses."

"Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore, Akiko-san," Tenten mused, grinning. "Oh, Akiko-san, can I ask you something? Oh, you can call me by my name only."

"Sure. Go ahead, Tenten," Akiko replied, starting to eat her lunch.

"What do you know about Neji?"

Unexpectedly, Akiko choked on her food, but quickly recovered. Coughing, she timidly asked, "W-why..?"

Tenten shrugged and answered, "He's weird."

Slightly taken aback at the other's blunt reply, Akiko lowered her voice as if the mentioned person were present and said, "Well, he doesn't really like people talking about him, but..."

Tenten nodded, letting Akiko continue.

"He's not really...friendly. I've known him since elementary school because our parents are close business partners, but he's been this way for as long as I can remember. He's a perfectionist, and well... Let's just say people would rather not talk to him..."

"Hm..." Tenten pondered on this information for a while, but put it aside to talk to Akiko about the school clubs.

When lunch was over, the two had become good friends, and they had even exchanged cell phone numbers. When Neji entered the classroom and silently sat at his desk, the two exchanged glances, grins playing on both of their faces, and Tenten returned to her desk before the bell rang. A few moments later, the English teacher, Kurenai-sensei, arrived and called for everyone's attention.

"Okay, everyone. You know what today is... Mid-term exams."

A majority of the class groaned, clearly not wanting to take a test on this Thursday afternoon. The teacher continued, "Remember, this grade will count for 20% of your mid-term grades. But Hua Tenten, I understand you've just transferred, so you can skip it."

"That's okay, Kurenai-sensei. I'll take the exam," Tenten politely said aloud, shocking some students, as well as the teacher.

"Are you sure..?" Kurenai-sensei asked, knowing she would have skipped the test if he were in her position. Tenten only smiled and replied,

"Yes, ma'am."

"All right then," Kurenai-sensei sighed, and began passing out the test papers.

Before he started his own test, Neji looked at Tenten, wondering how she hoped to pass this test.

'She just got here. Who does she think she is to even attempt it?'

Tenten looked up and caught Neji looking at her. When she gave him a smile, he deliberately turned to his own test and ignored her very existence. He had a perfect score to earn.

Twenty minutes into the testing period, Neji was done with all one hundred questions and the short response section, and he stood up to turn his test in. However, just as he stood up, someone else did as well.


Never, in his entire life, did anyone finish a test at the same time as him, and seeing it happen now was quite unsettling. When they gave their tests to Kurenai-sensei, Neji made sure his test touched the teacher's desk first, and that made him feel much better. And to add to that, he even quickened his pace by half a second so that he would be the first at his desk.

For the remainder of the class, Neji studied for his next exam, which was music composition-his chosen elective. Tenten wasted her time (as Neji put it) folding paper turtles.

As the bell rang for the next class, Neji gathered his belongings quickly and left the room faster than the teacher. Tenten took her time, and even gave one of her origami turtles to Akiko.

In the music room, Neji sat in a chair furthest away from the other students. But, of course, today was not a normal day. And so someone sat in the chair beside him, asking,

"You're in this class, too?"

Neji grudgingly met Tenten's gaze, thinking he should be the one asking that question. He was hoping that this would be the one class he wouldn't have to share with his "desk partner," but that was impossible now. The teacher, Anko-sensei stepped out of her office and called for the students' attention.

"Good afternoon, everyone! I know you're all eager to take the mid-term exam."

Every student except Neji and Tenten groaned, but the teacher went on.

"Unfortunately, the copier machine in the teacher's lounge short-circuited from some spilled coffee. So your test is postponed until tomorrow."

Many students quietly rejoiced, but Neji was quite dejected.

He had studied for this test. He was prepared to earn perfect scores again. He gave up three hours of sleep the previous night to study for this particular test.

But all of that was put to waste because of some idiot teacher who spilled coffee on the copier machine.

"So what are we doing now, Anko-sensei?" a student asked. Anko-sensei tapped her chin thoughtfully and said,

"Well, I guess you all have a free period. I didn't plan anything else except for the test."

Once again, the students cheered-with the exception of Neji, of course. Sighing heavily, he pulled out his notes on ancient Japanese history, since that exam was on Friday as well, due to their teacher's procrastination to actually make their test. As he reviewed the events of the Yayoi Period, he felt that he couldn't completely focus. It didn't take long for him to realize the girl beside him was also scanning the notes in his hands. Quickly annoyed by the invasion of personal space, Neji half-heartedly asked,

"Can I help you?"

Tenten looked up at the irritated boy and said, with no malice what-so-ever,

"Oh. You spelled a word incorrectly."

Neji glared at the innocent girl, refusing to believe she was right. He was Hyuga Neji. He didn't make mistakes. Ever.

So who was this girl to say Neji had spelled something incorrectly?

"Excuse me?" Neji dully replied, his eyes narrowing at Tenten.

"Right here," she said, pointing to a word on Neji's notes.

Neji silently took note that he would have to burn that specific sheet of paper and rewrite everything later.

Tenten continued as she giggled, "You accidentally wrote 'cow' instead of 'noon.' It's not that big a deal. You just forgot to make the stroke shorter."

Neji released a breath he wasn't aware he was holding and looked at his paper.

He did, in fact, spell the word wrong.

Hastily adding the "misplaced" (he refused to admit it was forgotten) stroke, Neji glared at Tenten and asked through gritted teeth,

"Is that better?"

"Mmhm," Tenten hummed, smiling in satisfaction, and turned to continue reading volume twenty six of Bleach. Neji glowered at her for a few more moments before returning to his notes, triple-checking to make sure he hadn't spelled anything else wrong.

By the time class was over Neji had gotten all the way to Korea's independence from Japan, while Tenten had managed to finish volume thirty of the popular manga.

Gathering his belongings, Neji rolled his eyes at Tenten, who was taking her sweet time to pack up, and swiftly left the room, ready to have some time away from her.

Even if it was only for three minutes.

(1) Ok. I didn't know what surname I could use for Tenten, and there wasn't any Japanese surnames that would sound good. Also, I figured it would be nice if Tenten is Chinese! Since this is an AU and all… So that's were "Hua" comes in. Hua is the name of Mulan, Hua Mulan, who all now from the Disney movie she was a magnificent female who disguised herself as a soldier and stuff and saved China, but in the actual Chinese folktale, not Fa. Well, Tenten isn't going to parallel Mulan in this story. I just thought it seemed to fit.

(2) I was debating on whom to make this character be. At first, I was thinking Hinata, but let's say she's in a grade lower anyway. So this is my OC.

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