An hour and a half had passed, and Neji and Tenten were finalizing the trip plans when a soft knock on the door was heard. When Neji looked up, he wasn't surprised to see Shan's face there, but Tenten was. Seeing that ostentatious smile on that guy's face always surprised her, which Neji found annoying because he had gotten tired of Shan's face just ten seconds after first seeing the guy.

"Renxiong!" Tenten squealed, running over to Shan and into his arms. Shan hugged her quickly and then released her, petting her head like she was a puppy. He smiled his blindingly bright smile and asked Tenten,

"Are you ready to leave?"

"Yep!" Tenten happily replied, making Shan chuckle softly. The former's smile dropped a little as she added, "But I forgot my math notebook back in the classroom. I'll be right back!"

"All right," Shan consented, letting Tenten run off. When her footsteps couldn't be heard any longer, Shan slowly made his way across the room and asked aloud,

"So...'Screw,' was it?"

Glaring at the paper in front of him, Neji's eyebrow twitched slightly as he replied, "Neji. My name is 'Neji.'"

"Right, right..." Shan murmured, scanning the papers spread across the desk Neji was sitting at. After an uncomfortable silence, Shan asked,

"Are you jealous?"

Taken aback, Neji looked up at the other, wondering why he had asked such a random question. Blinking in confusion, Neji asked,

"What would I be jealous of?"

Shan chuckled a little and put his hands in his pockets, a haughty smirk on his face. With an arrogant look in his eyes, he answered,

"Me, of course."

Neji stared at the confident boy before him-or glared. There wasn't much of a difference either way because Neji was nonetheless getting annoyed. Keeping his composure, Neji stated,

"No offense, Shan-san, but I don't see anything about you to be jealous of."

"Figures you'd think that way," Shan commented, laughing a little. "You're just so convinced that you're amazing in every way that you can't be man enough to admit that I'm better than you."

"Excuse me?" was all Neji could say in his state of confusion. Shan tilted his head a little in amusement and patronized,

"Admit it. I'm better than you. I mean, yeah, you've got good grades, but no one likes you. Not even the teachers. Everyone just stays off your case because your dad owns some big shot company. But me? Everyone loves me. Everyone wants to be my friend. Have you ever had a friend before, Neji-san? I don't think you h-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Neji had gotten up and thrown his fist into Shan's face. Falling against a desk, Shan wiped his bottom lip to find it had busted open. He glanced over at Neji's tighly clenched fist, which had some of his blood on it, and then at Neji's face, red with anger. Shan laughed a little despite the searing pain in his face and remarked,

"You really are something, Neji-san."

"Don't you dare talk down to me," Neji said through gritted teeth as he glared at the other. It was bad enough he was all sugar candyhearts and overly friendly, but now he was all that and a two-faced jerk? At least Neji didn't hide who he was. But this guy-this Jung Shan-was lying to everyone he met.

"You know..." Shan started, still smirking, "I bet the only reason Tenten hangs around you is because she pities you. She's stupid like that, you know."

That was it.

Neji swung his fist at Shan's jaw, releasing all his anger. A hollow crack resounded throughout the empty classroom as Shan fell to the ground, unconscious. Whether it was his fist or Shan's jaw that had broken didn't matter to Neji. He was angry. He was fed up.

At that moment, Tenten returned to the classroom and, upon seeing the unconscious Shan, asked,

"W-What's going on..?"

Neji looked at the girl through the corner of his eye and mumbled lowly,

"How well do you really know him? Did you know he's not what you think he is? That he's an arrogant, lying jerk who has probably never cared about you?"

Tenten glanced at Shan's unmoving body and back to Neji before quietly asking,

"Is the true..?"

"...Yeah," Neji whispered, almost inaudibly. Tenten dropped her math notebook and ran over to Neji, hugged his arm, and exclaimed,

"Thank you for saving me from that awful guy! You're so cool, Neji! You're the best Neji!"

"I know," Neji agreed, smiling brightly. Tenten continued chanting,

"Neji! Neji!"

Finally, he had won. No one was better than him now. No one would dare mess with Hyuga Neji.

"Neji! Neji!"

"H-Huh..?" Neji woke up from his daydream. In front of him stood a worried-looking Tenten, who cautiously asked,

"Are you okay?"

"What? What do you want?" Neji snapped at her. He didn't mean to, but he was feeling incredibly angry at that moment...for some reason. Tenten clicked her tongue before answering,

"I finished my half of the paperwork, so I'm going home with Shan-ge."

She pointed to the doorway, and-sure enough-Shan was there, grinning like always. Neji glared at the other boy before turning to his unfinished half of the work and mumbling,

"I don't care. Go."

Tenten looked at Neji for a while as if she wanted to say something, but she decided against it and quietly walked away. Right as the two childhood friends were about to leave, Tenten paused and sighed,

"Argh, I left my math notebook in the classroom..."

Neji furrowed his eyebrows, feeling an odd sense of déjà vu. Absentmindedly, he listened in on the other two's conversation.

"Oh, really?" Shan asked. "I'll go with you."

"You don't have to, Renxiong. You must be tired from Judo," Tenten said, concern evident in her voice.

"It's all right," Shan assured, smiling kindly.

"...Fine," Tenten reluctantly consented, and the two left the Student Council room. When their footsteps were no longer audible, Neji set his pen down and dropped his head on the desk, letting out a long, tired sigh. What was he expecting? That his daydream would become reality?

Neji released another sigh before whispering,

"Are you going crazy...Hyuga Neji?"

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