The Killer Instinct


Naruto x Harem


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes…Songs you go to Youtube and play. )

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''




T.J. Combo was once the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world for five years straight. He was stripped of his title for his brutal methods of punishing opponents. He now fights to regain his fame and fortune.

A prototype cybernetic soldier developed by Ultratech, Fulgore was entered into the Killer Instinct tournament as a final test of its combat capabilities. Once its abilities are proven, mass production will begin.

Jago is a mysterious warrior monk from a remote region of Tibet. Guided by the powerful Tiger Spirit to seek his destiny, he has been lead to the Killer Instinct tournament to destroy the evil within.

B. Orchid is a secret agent, sent by an unknown group to investigate the mysterious disappearances that surround the Killer Instinct tournament. Her true identity and abilities are shrouded in secrecy.

Mystical defender of Native American people, Chief Thunder enters the Killer Instinct tournament to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of his brother, Eagle, in the previous year's tournament.

Spinal's origin is a closely guarded secret of Ultratech. A secret branch of the corporation, using a variety of special techniques, have succeeded in reviving an ancient warrior. With only the vaguest memories of his past life, Spinal knows how to do one thing; fight!

Riptor is a product of Ultratech's DNA Manipulation Project. By splicing human and reptilian genes, they have created a fighting creature with animal ferocity and human intelligence.

Sabrewulf is afflicted with the rare disease, Lycanthropy. Although he has spent most of his life as a recluse, he enters the Killer Instinct tournament on the promise of a cure if he is victorious.

Glacius ia an alien being from a distant planet. When his spaceship crash landed on earth, he was captured by Ultratech. Hoping to prove these alien beings to be inferior, Ultratech forces him to fight for his life in the Killer Instinct tournament.

Cinder was a convicted criminal who agreed to participate in Ultratech's chemical weapons test in exchange for early parole. A failed experiment turned him into a being of living flame. He has now been offered freedom if he can defeat Glacius in the Killer Instinct tournament.

Naruto Uzumaki, mysterious individual with an unknown past. Rumors says he's an immortal demon who fought with Eyedol and Gargos many years ago.

These were the individuals that stood out amongst the numerous applicants of the Killer Instinct Tournament. Naruto was the last to arrive, it was decided that he and Orchid would come seperately to deflect any suspicion. He walked through the halls of the large complex. As expected for a corporation holding a strong gri on the world's money it was being spent on the most frivioulous and insane things. The interior was as shiny as Silicon and the floors unnaturaly smooth. How much of this money that was used for appearance could have been used to feed people starving all over this world. He entered the office of the main organizer, Thomas Danzen. Danzen looked to be a powerfully built man, dark blue business suit over a cream shirt with a very thick mustache, shaved head and of eloquent taste. On his desk was a glass of wine while classical music played in the background.

''Aah so you've arrived, Mr, Uzumaki (Ozza-maki).'' the man greeted him. Naruto repressed the urge to growl, it was always so damn annoying when people butchered his name.

"So, what is your reason for entering our tournament?" This man, this man was the reason behind the decline of this world.

''I want to prove myself to be the best fighter there is.'' the blond cryptically answered. It wasn't like they could prove otherwise.

Mr. Danzen nodded. "You sound just like the champ. I hope you realize the danger you put yourself in. Ultratech will not be responsible for any injuries you may, and most likely, will receive."

''Only a fool would come here expecting that. One must accept responsiblity for their own life when they place it on the line.

Mr. Danzen smiled. "Very good way of thinking. Now tell me, what do you desire if you are victorious?"

''I have yet to decide.''

Mr. Danzen merely gave the blond a curious glance. Whether the blond gave an answer or not it didn't matter. In the other the favor was stacked in Ultratech's favor.

"Very well. There will be a fight once a week for eight months. During that time you will be staying at our facilities and during the duration of that time you will not be allowed to leave until the tournament is over. Do you understand these conditions?" Naruto nodded. "Each contestant has their own private chamber. In your room you will find a map highlighting places your are allowed to go and what's off limits. Good, you may now go in the contestant's chamber with your fellow fighters. The first fight will be on the 1st of March.''

'Three days from now.' Naruto thought as the man pressed a button on the intercomm and called in two guards to escort Naruto. They were both large men, black business suits and wearing black sunglasses. As Naruto was escorted to the where the other contestants he saw glances of a cafeteria and even a gym. He just nodded, not saying a word as the guards went over some rules with him.

As Naruto glanced around the room he saw faces both familiar and unfamiliar. Orchid was vibrant as always, in her skin tight green suit. Her short raven hair cut shorter then he last saw it and the coloring of the room bringing out a yellow tint to her skin. There was also the former heavy-weight champion T.J. Combo. An African American boxer who lost his fame when it was revealed he was using animotrnic enhancements in his arms. Another was a woman with long red hair done into a pony-tail. It was unmistakebly, her facial features and those eyes, she was definitely a descendant of the Wu clan.

Others were not so familiar. A rather large intimidating machine, a Cyborg of some sorts maybe? There was also an orange raptor, a man dressed like a sixteenth century romanian noble, and even a skeletal warrior. Naruto had to do a double take when he saw what he thought was Johnny Storm and Iceman. No, just a man of fire and an ice man. He wasn't sure why most of these beings were here. Whether there reasons were selfish or noble Naruto would be forced to deny them their dreams. He could sense it, that warlord, Eyedol was here and for the sake of the world he would have to crush these people's dreams to stop that monster from being set loose on the world once more.