~ Chapter Twenty One ~

"Pen! You can't be serious! You know we can't kill Rae! She's our best friend!" Le said, staring at the scythe in Pen's hands.

I will still lying on the floor, withering in pain from trying to keep the vampire part of me from coming out. Pen was hovering over me with the scythe held firmly in his hands.

"I know that Le," he said.

"Then what the heck do you plan on doing to her?" she asked.

"Just, watch."

Pen limped over to me, knelt to my side, and his scythe started glowing. Putting his hand on my shoulder, he brought the back part of the scythe blade to my forehead, and whacked me with it.


"Pen! What are you doing? Quit messing around!"

"I'm not messing around!" he said.

"Then what are you-"

When Le looked down to look at me, she saw that my eyes had returned back to their normal brown color. I had stopped shaking in pain, and my breathing became calmer.

"Rae?" Le asked, looking down at me.

I looked up at her, blinked, and smiled softly. "Hey Le, sorry to make you worry."

Tears filled in Le's eyes and she hugged me tight. "I thought we'd lose you forever. I'm so glad to have you back."

I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her back. "It's alright, I'm here now."

"How did you do that?" she asked, looking over at Pen.

"Well, while you were busy with other things, I talked to the President of the Vampire Hunter Society in private and asked him if there was a way to turn Rae back to normal. He told me that if I hit her with the opposite side of my scythe, she'd return back to normal."

"So, the vampire inside her is gone?"

"I…believe so," he said, with a bit of uncertainty in his voice.

But Le didn't notice it. She was too happy that Kaname was gone, and I was still here with her. She pulled me close to her chest and I could feel the tears running down her face.

I looked up at her and wiped the tears off her face. "I'm sorry for everything that's happened Le. I'm sorry I went off with Kaname the day of my birthday. If I would've just had you by my side, none of this would've happened. You wouldn't be hurt like this."

She sniveled and shook her head. "No, I'm the one who should be sorry. I didn't watch you closely enough to be able to protect you. If I would've just stayed with you, I would've been able to protect you."

I smiled and pecked Le on the lips. "I love you Le."

"And I love you too Rae."

"Are you guys ready to go yet? This place smells too much of blood," Zero said, stumbling into the room.

We smiled and nodded, and Le picked me up bridal style and carried me out of the room behind Zero. When we made our way down the stairs, the Night Class stood there staring at us with cold eyes. They knew their upperclassman was dead, and they knew that Le killed him. But when we made our way out the door, they didn't even attempt to stop us.

"So…what now?" Pen asked.

"I don't know," Le said. "We still have the whole summer ahead of us to do something."

I thought about it for a long moment. "Why don't we just go home and relax? I think we've had enough action for a long time."

"Yeah, I agree."

"Me too," Pen said.

Zero nodded as everyone got into the car. Le and I got into the back while Pen took the passenger seat up front. Zero of course got into the driver seat and started the car. "Let's go home everybody."

We nodded our heads and Zero put the gear in drive and drove us all home. The home where my true family was. The home where I would be with my two best friends in the entire world. The home where I could be safe from any danger.

The home, that wasn't filled with Kaname.

Months had gone by and it seemed as if everything had returned to normal. In fact, it was as if none of the bad things had happened. Pen and Zero recovered from their wounds, and all thoughts of Kaname and the Night Class and me being turned into a vampire were all gone.

Summer was almost over, and that meant that all of us were going to be second years at Cross Academy now. We were slightly excited about it, but not all that pumped considering we were enjoying our summer. We enjoyed being able to sleep in and not have a care about turning any school work in. Heck, we all hated the fact that we had to go back. And being second years, it'd probably be more stressful than last year.

We were now sitting around in the living room, watching television and just hanging out. We didn't really know exactly what to do, and we figured it was too hot to go out and do anything.

"I know, why don't we go to the water park?" Pen suggested.

"Do we have one around here?" I asked.

"I don't know, but I'm sure if we look around we'll find one close by."

I looked to Le. "What do you think?"

"I think the water park sounds nice," she said. "It's a good way to keep cool. Plus, it gives us something to do." She got closer to me. "And, it gives me the chance to see you in a swimsuit."

I blushed. "Le, stop it."

She smirked and pecked me on my cheek. "Now c'mon! Let's get changed so we can go!"

I smiled and chased Le up the stairs into our bedroom to get changed. We both changed into bikinis, mine being black and red, Le's being purple and white. When we were all set and ready to go, we set off to find a nice water park.

"Let's go have some fun in the sun!" Le said.

"Yeah!" Pen and I cheered, fist pumping the air.

It was nice to be able to not worry about Kaname anymore. Having him around was so stressful it seemed like I had to watch my back everywhere I went. But, it was kind of upsetting that he was gone. Yes, I loved the fact that he was gone. But somewhere deep down, a part of me really missed him and wanted him back.

I wasn't too sure about that part though.

After hours of hanging out at the water park, we finally came home exhausted from having a good time. The three of us ended up getting sunburned, but we didn't mind all that much. All that mattered was that we had a good time and could spend the day together.

"Well, that was fun huh?" I asked, drying off my hair from excess pool water.

"Yeah it was. It was a good idea Pen suggested it."

Pen smiled. "You're welcome!"

"Well, I'm gonna go take a quick shower," I said.


As I headed up the stairs to go get my shower, the mail man drove by and delivered our mail in our mailbox.

"Oh look, the mailman's here," Pen said, walking out the door to get the mail.

"Probably lots of bills we gotta pay," Le said, wrapping her towel around herself.

When Pen walked back in the house, he was already sorting through the mail. "Bills, bills, bills, junk mail…hey, what's this?"

"What is it?" Le asked, walking over to him.

When they looked at the envelope, their eyes widened as they realized what it was.

"Hey guys, whatcha got there?" I asked, coming down the stairs and drying my hair. They both looked up at me and I could see the fear in their eyes. "What? What's wrong?"

Pen outstretched his hand that held the envelope. "It's for you."

Giving him a questioning look, I hesitantly took the envelope from him and looked at it. Before I even read the mailing address, I could already tell who it was from.


It was a black envelope with a red rose seal. The same kind of envelope that was sent to me with the birthday invitation inside.

Frozen in fear, I dropped the envelope on the floor and stared into space.

And here I thought it was all over. No more dealing with the Night Class or any of the vampire business. Huh…guess I was wrong.

~ The End ~

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