Well, I've always dreamed to write a crossover. Not where two universes, but a lot. I just wanted to use characters from different universes and create one big fanfic. Also there will be my heroes with their problems, dreams and hobbies.

The plot of fanfiction is next: Kaileena returned to the Island of Time. Her recovering didn't long and than she decided to return to see how mortals changed. The Empress of Time saw different places, people and events but also she understood that there were people like Vizier and Earth need protectors. And she created organization called "The Time League". There were two rules: the members mustn't tell anyone about organization and shouldn't ask her about who empress of time is.

During her journey Kaileena met Hades, the ex-lord of Underworld. He told her his own story: how gods left this place because people started to believe in another God. His wife, Persephone, left the Earth too. Only he, who liked people's behavior, decided to live on Earth. Kaileena suggested him to cooperate with her but Hades refused saying that "Who, me? Mortals? Ahh, babe, it's old fairytale." But they became good friends and Empress always visited him in his house in New Zealand.

The twentieth century would be usual for two immortals but… In 1920 Kaileena visited Hades at late night with one phrase: "I found a man… Almost ideal man." She told about Vincenzo Santorini. And also about his ability: explode things by the sight. But there was one exception: he was in expedition in Atlantis in 1914 and the crystal on his neck gave him a chance to live forever. Kaileena liked him.

Vinny was working as a member of "Time League" for years. He lost contacts with them and didn't know what happened with friends. In 2008 he opened his first restaurant in Moscow where he met Jess Cornwell, who's friend is Zip, computer genius and good cooker, and Tatiana Sergeeva. They didn't know which events will happen with them.

Author's note: I will write about abilities later.
Now let me introduce my heroes:

Jess "Di" Cornwell

Age:18 years old

Appearance: Her height is 1 m 70 cm. She's slim and wearing black jeans, suits, shirts. She doesn't like skirts and thinks that the skirts don't suit to her. Eyes are brown, and her haircut is short and dark-brown.

Story: The student from USA. She came to Russia to practice her Russian. Parents got divorced when she was 12, and after school she left her mother with stepfather to study in university. The head of university suggested her to take part in exchange program. Girl said "yes" and now she's living in a flat with Tanya.

Tanya Sergeeva


Appearance: Her height is 1m 60 cm. She's a girl from man's dream. Blondie, blue eyes… But she's smart person. She prefers wearing skirts, shirts and T-shirts.

Story:She has been dreaming about lawyer's career since 10 years, when saw films about lawyers and their clients. Tanya's studying in one of Moscow's universities and dreaming about lawyer's career.

Other heroes are brought from the next films and games:

Hades- Disney's Hercules

Vincenzo Santorini, Kida, Milo Thatch- Disney's Atlantis

Kaileena- Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Zip- Lara Croft Tomb Raider's series