A week later. Island of Time.

Hades was drinking a cup of coffee in the morning when heard words:

"Vinny..." he laughed. Kaileena finally didn't call him "Prince" when they were having sex, Jess was recovering and as for Tanya she decided to help Helga and went away from university. Zip was sitting every day with computers.

Hades was dreaming about he and Jess' future as Vincenzo in gown came in the was pleasant and said:

"No more Ragnarok, Joker and that Justice! I can continue working on perfect explosion. " Hades sighed and reminded:

"Don't forget about wedding, Santorini." he became silent. He called Italian-boy Santorini. A big progress but he didn't want to believe his ears.

"Well, you called me Santorini. Finally." Vincenzo sat with cup of tea when Kaileena came in his white shirt. Hades whistled and Santorini smiled as a cat. She sat on his knees saying:

"Maybe today you'll take a little weekend and lay in bed with me?" She kissed him and Hades said:

"Hey, Hey, I'm here, guys! Over here! Shit, who am I talking to?"it seemed to him that they didn't hear him and only were attracted by each other.

"I think I'll take today a little weekend. You know..."

"Mr. Vincenzo..." Italian shook his head and Kaileena continued. She bit a little his left ear and started to kiss his neck.

"Ok... Dirty Empress, I'll show you what does it mean to be demolition expert not only in everyday life, but in night too."

They went to their room leaving shocking Hades alone. He was trying to realize what have just happened.

Two years later.

Jess was sitting with a book in her hand. She was waiting for press-conference which must start in five minutes. She was in New York in one of the largest book shops in city. Her book was a fairytale for adults and had success.

After press-conference she signed her books to everyone. A young man of 20 years went to her saying:

"Excuse me, Ms. Jess, but can you sign a book?"

"Yes. Tell me how."

"From to Jokky." she signed and gave it to young man. He said "Thanks" and went out . Turning around the corner, he said to himself opening the last page and saying:

"It's not the end, Empress. Joker's show has started!"

He took off his grim and looked at window. Joker. He survived. He didn't know how but he has got now a huge power inside him. Power of gods. But it wasn't the time yet. Clown laughed and went away.

Jess was waiting for Hades but one thought couldn't go out from her head. Jokky. Too familiar. And she eyes widened. Joker is alive! But how?I killed him by lightening! Wait, Kaileena told me that Joker's aura was eating the remains of Ragnarok's but I can be wrong.-she saw Hades coming to her on Harley Davidson's bike. He was looking like a biker:all clothes were black and leather, he was wearing black gloves and black sunglasses. He stopped and said:

"Babe, Hades-rider at your service. Where would you go?" She sat behind him and answered:

"Island. Maybe later you'll ride me on your rider?"

Hades' hair blazed and he said:

"Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, I love this planet!"

He gazed and soon to them joined ten bikers. Jess saw a flag. There was a skull with blue fire on it. She laughed and said:

"It seems to me that your buddies like you."

"Yeah, I didn't become ruler of the world and didn't regret!" Hades laughed:"They have a legend that I can appear when they'll get in trouble and then disappear. And also I can appear on my bike in any town of world!"

'Then let's disappear!" He nodded and soon they disappeared leaving only a small fire from bike.

Vincenzo was sitting in his armchair and opened Jess' fairytale on first page. He started to read with introduction:

Dear reader!

It's a story. Usual story which started in Russia and finished in Italy. Taking all over the world, this story returned to her place on a bookshelf like a memory. That story's about world.

The story was told to me by a weird woman. Every night she came into my room,telling those incredible and sometimes dirty stories. She disappeared on a dawn, saying that she has a lot of things to do. But I always waited for her every night. And every night she was telling me a new story. It was like "1000 and 1 night".Yes... I remembered her smile.

Before you start to read this, ask yourself: can good be bad and bad be good? The world can't be divide only on good and bad people. We are always being teached that good never can be bad, and bad-good. Forget about it.

Well, this all started...

Vincenzo sighed and closed book. He didn't understand why people liked this story. Maybe because they didn't take part in it.

"Vincenzo..." he turned to Kaileena and saw her naked. She took a bottle of wine with two glasses and gave one to Santorini. He said:

"I think Jess should write a one more story."

"The time will show."

"And your body is perfect wine..." they put glasses and bottle of wine on table and Santorini took off all his clothes.

The new dawn of new day was coming. But what it will bring to people who defend Earth and saw nightmare? Well, the time will show because it has a lot of ways. Reader, I saw this time and can tell you that it isn't the end. It's only the beginning of end. You can not change fate.