This chapter is a basic recap of chap. 3 of my fic "Towards North, With Blood." This is a yuri incest lemon, so if you don't like, then don't read.

But if you do, then Enjoy! ;)

Kate sat waist-deep in the stream, washing the dirt off her body to get herself prettied up for Humphrey. Not one word could describe how happy she was. She and Humphrey were going to be mates in only a few more hours. The thought excited her to no end, he body started to shake a little.

"I hope Humphrey likes the way I look…," she said to herself as she rubbed water through her tail. Who was she kidding? Of course, he would love it!

Kate looked up at the sun, blazing above the mountain and drying any wet part of her rather quickly, faster than she expected. She had to douse them again so her fur would not look messy from having dried at separate times. Kate's ears swiveled as they picked up footsteps behind her.

"Hi Lilly. Good to see you today." Kate smiled upon seeing her younger sister.

The white wolf brushed her fur out of her left eye and giggled happily. "Hi Kate, it's good to see you too."

"You're in a peppy mood today. What's the occasion?" Kate smiled brushing her left foreleg.

Lilly flashed her teeth and stepped into the stream with her sister. "Things are going wonderfully with Garth."

"Oho really, that's good to hear." Kate replied. "And just how good is the whole mate-thing going?"

Lilly sat down and started to wash herself; with her white fur, the dirt was more noticeable than on anyone else in the pack.

"Garth and I are going to be parents soon."

Kate's eyes widened. "You are? But it's not even season yet."

The white female blushed slightly. "Well, not yet…I mean I'm not pregnant yet, but we're going to try for pups as soon as the season hits. When that time comes, I'm not going to be able to control myself around him."

Kate giggled and turned a bit red herself. While it was not time yet, as she stated before, mating season was only a few days away; the deeper winter was coming, and the females would be going into heat. Kate continued washing up but did so slowly; thinking about what it would be like to go into heat, around Humphrey. She had absolutely no idea how that Omega would react; would he be nervous about it and afraid for her, or would he attack her like some males did, rutting on her within seconds of smelling the heat. She certainly hoped not.

The more Kate pondered this however, the more she started to think, what would it be like having Humphrey as a mate? Will he be a good, loving father and mate? What will our first time be like…? She blushed harder at a few of these thoughts.

"Kate, can I ask you a…kind of a personal question, if you don't mind." Lilly said nervously.

"Sure, by all means sis."

"Um…how big do you think Humphrey is?"

Kate looked at her funny. "You mean like body size or…?"

Lilly looked down at her paws and her face flushed hard. "I mean…his…uh…his 'wolf'."

The tan wolf stared at her before responding "His 'wolf'? You mean his…" Kate pawed between her legs as an expression of what she thought Lilly was referring.

She nodded slightly looking back up at her. "I know it's before season and all, but some wolves…"

"Yeah, mate before actually becoming mates." Kate replied for her embarrassed sister. "Does Garth have a small…?" Maybe that was why she was asking.

Lilly's face was rosy-red under her white fur when she looked up at Kate. "I…I don't know…"

"Lilly, is something wrong?" Kate said, turning to her.

Lilly looked back down to the water while washing herself. "No, I…I was just curious…you know, girl-to-girl talk."

Kate smiled. "Yeah, I know what you mean. I don't know how big Humphrey is; it will be interesting to find out…"

"Kate, you missed something back here." Lilly rubbed her paw across a dirt spot on Kate's back.

Kate smiled. "Thanks Lilly. I definitely missed that." she said thanking her sister.

"Hey Kate, how about you wash me, and I wash you?" Lilly said, blushing as if she was nervous about asking the simple favor.

"Um…sure Lilly," Kate replied. "I suppose we could do that."

Lilly turned around so Kate could get her back. Kate moved her paw through the water to get it nice and drenched. One by one she washed the dirty spots off Lilly's back. Lilly closed her eyes and let out what sounded like a stifled moan at the feeling of her paw rubbing her back.

"You alright Lilly?" Kate asked her.

Lilly nodded. "I'm just fine, that just feels kinda good." she said as her tail started to wag back and forth through the water. Kate giggled and rubbed her paw up and down through her fur, scrubbing out all the deep-in dirt on her skin. Lilly made a purring sound and shifted on her feet, her back crawling under Kate's touch.

"Lilly, are you sure you're okay? You are acting a bit strange…"

Lilly blushed. "No no Kate, I'm fine. T-Trust me."

Kate smirked and nodded. "Yeah, sure Lilly. You seem fine to me alright."

Lilly lowered her head and purred again as Kate rubbed her back. "Kate, can you rub a little lower down…?"

"Sure, if you can clean me first." she said while turning around.

Lilly sighed and pouted slightly but happily complied. "Sure Kate, I can do that for you."

Lilly rubbed her wet paws across Kate's back doing the same thing she did for her. Kate moaned, as this felt better than she thought it would. She closed her eyes and smiled, moving her neck back and forth.

"Wow…that feels good Lilly. You've sure got some good paw-work."

"Thanks Kate." Lilly smiled, getting closer behind her so she could rub other parts of her back more easily. "Your fur is really soft…"

"Heh thanks. Yours was soft too. White fur is always so soft for some reason… the texture, even the look of it makes it soft."

Lilly smiled and blushed harder at the compliment. Kate was just so nice to her, it made her feel warm on the inside; so warm she got funny feelings on the inside… Lilly spread her toes apart and kneaded her back like a newborn pup to its mother's nipple.

"Hey Lilly, are you feeling hot too?" Kate said without opening her eyes.

"Yeah, a little. Why?" Lilly responded.

"…Turn back around. I want to wash you again."

"Okay sis." Lilly said while smiling and turned her back to Kate. Kate breathed in, got close to her little sister, and touched her back with both paws. Lilly sighed and unsheathed her claws stabbing them into the muck at the bottom of the stream. She panted softly and leaned her head pack unconsciously, her tail whacking Kate's hind legs.

Kate smirked and moved her paws down to her lower back, rubbing the base of her tail. Lilly' straightened as she felt her sister rub her there, but did not object or pull away; she liked it in fact. Kate edged closer to her until she was right behind her, sitting on her tail. Lilly shivered when her tail trapped under the weight, and even more when she felt Kate breathe on the back of her neck.

"Kate…you're pretty close…" Lilly said with a blush spreading across her face.

"Do you want me to move away Lilly?" she said while sniffing the back of her neck.

Lilly shook her head. "No. Get closer…please…" Kate did so, with her muzzle mainly. She nuzzled her sister's neck before licking the soft white fur. Lilly let out a moan-like gasp, Kate's tongue warm against her wet neck. It felt good and very soothing. She turned to look back at Kate, fluttering her purple eyes involuntarily. Kate stared into them, both wolves' sets not one bit daunting but needing, almost wanting. Kate's paws went back to the top of her neck and gently pet her there.

"Kate…can we do this? You're my sister…," she said taking in a light breath.

"Want to…take this to the land, so we can get dry?" Kate offered.

"…S-Sure, we can." she smiled. The sisters got back onto the dry grass and shook the water from their pelts. At this point neither one had taken in just how beautiful the other was. Being sisters that was only natural, but now…they were desirable to each other's eyes. Lilly sniffed the white fur on Kate's chest, getting a nice whiff of the light tan fur. Kate leaned her head back and moaned, wanting Lilly to get more of her. Lilly closed her eyes and ran her tongue up closer to the end of her muzzle. Kate lowered her head back down and captured Lilly in a kiss.

She was taken by surprise by the kiss at first, but she moaned and kissed her back. The two females rolled onto their sides to continue. Kate slid her tongue into Lilly's hot slick mouth, the soft texture rubbing against hers. Lilly, being the younger of the two, whimpered as she kissed her sister back, their tongues intertwining. Not long after the kiss started did it come to a quick end as Kate disengaged it and Lilly whimpered slightly.

"Kate…wow, that was…very nice." Lilly smiled her tail wagging excitedly.

"Yeah, and we've only started." Kate purred rubbing the side of her younger sister's head.

"What else…do you have planned?"

Kate smirked and swished her tail forward. Lilly gasped and blushed when she felt it touch her between her legs. Kate smiled and pulled her closer, kissing her again. Her tail pushed against her with more force that made Lilly moan this time.

"Please Kate, do it more…" Lilly said with her eyes closed. Kate licked her neck before swishing her tail across her folds again. Lilly panted and let out a moan as pleasure ran through her body. Kate just watched her sister's reactions, letting out soft moans herself. With her paw over her Kate began to maneuver the tip of her tail into her. Lilly gasped when she felt the furry tip slid in, slowly edging it further in.

The warm sun having dried their fur, they could now feel just how soft their fur was, and it felt good. Lilly leaked over the bushy tan-furred tail sliding through her womanhood, the tail fur soaking with it. Kate licked Lilly's muzzle lovingly, still moaning softly. The pleasured look was turning her on, as well as the pants and moans she made. Lilly reached her muzzle out to lick Kate back who gladly accepted. The white wolf lifted her own tail and brought it to Kate's opening. She moaned when the soft fur brushed her puffy red lips.

"Ah…so good Kate…" Lilly whimpered bucking against Kate's tail. The older one thrust her tail in and out of her, mimicking the motions a male wolf would. More of Lilly's fluids covered the tail as it did with her own. Kate moaned as the stimulation with Lilly's fur made her leak heavily. On both tails, the fur was matted from where the juice made contact with them. Kate worked her tail faster in Lilly, the white wolf's eyes clenched shut as he moaning got louder. Kate panted as her climax built up inside her body, and she could tell the same was happening to Lilly.

With the tail pushed halfway inside her, Lilly's tail rubbed more rapidly against Kate. She clenched her eyes and bit at Lilly's neck making the younger one gasp in pleasure. Just as her speed started to pick up, Lilly cried out loudly and released her juices all over Kate's tail. The combination of the tail stimulation and the feel of Lilly's orgasm was enough to make Kate follow suit, the pleasure getting even stronger until it peaked to the highest possible point and sprayed Lilly's tail. Kate kissed Lilly again, sharing their hot tongues for a fraction of a second, only to show their appreciation.

"That was incredible Kate…" Lilly's deep purple eyes were glazed with lust and satisfaction.

Kate licked the side of her head again. "Hm, incredible can't begin to describe it…" she slowly pulled her drenched tail from Lilly's now puffy slit. "Lilly, c-can you…rollover on your back?"

Lilly did so, rolling onto her back with her paws pressed against her chest. Kate stood up and pressed her snout to Lilly's belly, sniffing the soft short fur, which made her giggle softly. "What are you going to do?" Lilly asked with curiosity.

"Well first before we begin, there's a little something I want to do." Kate said giving her a little wink. Slowly Kate made her way down to Lilly's hind legs until she reached her enlarged pink opening. Kate pressed her muzzle against the rim of her slit and sniffed fervently. Lilly arched and she moaned loudly as Kate licked her, caressing her vulva with her soft tongue. Lilly blushed and panted like mad as Kate's tongue went inside, rubbing her sensitive walls. She spread her snow-white legs further apart and bucked up against Kate's muzzle, mewling in pleasure. Juice came up to greet Kate who lapped up them up happily. Her sister tasted sweet, and she wanted to taste more of it. Kate slid her soft tongue into her, moaning as she did so. The young wolf could barely handle all the feelings she was experiencing. Kate continued stroking her inner nerves, pleasuring her as well as she could. Lilly cried out at the top of her lungs as she came, fluids erupting onto Kate's muzzle like a volcano.

She lifted her head and licked her muzzle clean, fluttering her eyes at her sister. Lilly blushed deeply. "Kate…what are you…going to do now…?" she panted, wondering what else could come after that.

"You'll see. It will be nice…," she purred seductively, the tan wolf slowly crawling over her. Kate lowered herself down onto Lilly, both spreading their hind legs apart. Kate rested her body on Lilly, adjusting until she felt her opening brush Lilly's. Both wolves could not help but let out a loud moan at how that felt. Kate set her paws next to her sides, and Lilly wrapped hers around Kate's shoulders. The two shared another passionate kiss, tongues gliding into their hot wet mouths. To start off, Kate thrust her pelvis forward and rubbed their organs together. This motion sent waves of pleasure through them and they instantly leaked on each other. Kate stared into Lilly's eyes as they kissed, brushing a few strands of fur from her face.

Lilly thrust up against Kate's grinding mimicking the motion as well as she could. Kate pulled away and set her muzzle next to her neck, moaning loudly as the stimulation made her body shake. Lilly clenched her eyes shut as the both of them exchanged more than just body heat. Their grinding motions repeated continuously, a smooth rhythm setting in. Lilly licked the side of Kate's neck, moaning her name repeatedly. Their fluids provided a nice lubrication for their womanhoods to slide across each other with each grind. Already Lilly felt her orgasm building and she moaned louder to let Kate know. Kate clenched her eyes shut as she grinded down faster and harder. They shook and moaned in unison as their juices poured out and mixed, indicating they were close to their orgasms. After several more hard grinds, they both cried out in pleasure and came, shooting their juices all over each other, liquids leaking down Lilly's sides.

Kate nearly collapsed on her sister but rolled of her, lying at her side and panting heavily from the intense orgasm. "Do you feel…a little dirty?"

Lilly smiled at her. "Yeah, but…I feel great too. That was amazing Kate."

Kate touched her forearm and smiled back. "You want to go again?"

Lilly nodded. "I'd love to…"

From the bushes Salty, Shakey, and Mooch were watching the entire scene. "Ho…ly…crud…" Salty breathed with his tongue hanging far down. "Kate and Lilly…"

"Once in a lifetime…" Mooch said, in a way finishing Salty's statement.

"Humphrey is going to freak once he sees this…"

This was only the second yuri I've ever done, and I hope you enjoyed. More to come soon! ;)