Guggenheim's Personal Home
Dante burst into the home at blistering pace nearly shattering the door with the power of his Nimblefire. Immediately he was greeted by the growl of Bulregard and he simply patted him on the head as he shot by, That dog always loved me Dante smiled as he ran and then he concentrated on his current task, finding and talking to Guggenheim.

"Guggenheim!" Dante shouted as he entered the now dimly lit bedroom due to the lighting of his Nimblefire.

"Dante!" said Guggenheim through the darkness "I thought you were retired, what are you doing here?"

Dante knelt, all out of breath "She…She took her Guggenheim" a tear rolled down his face and dropped to the ground "She took Zhalia"

Guggenheim was at his side in an instant "What! Who, who did this Dante?"

"It was…" Dante broke down and began to stutter "Sh…Sh…Sh…"

"Shauna?" Asked Guggenheim, Dante nodded and looked into Guggenheim's large inquisitive eyes.

"Help me get her back" Dante said with a new found confidence.

Guggenheim gave him a reassuring look "I will, but first we need to get the team back together, me and you can't do this alone." At that moment Lok appeared at the doorway with the blue glow of Hyperstide around his feet; he was just as tired as Dante had been. It seemed he was more composed though.

"They took Sophie Guggenheim we HAVE to find her!" He said urgently

"This is an attack on the team" said Guggenheim as if he had been enlightened, "Let's get started on finding out about what happened with Shauna after the incident that you two sorted out those years ago."

"Yes" said Dante and Lok in unison, over the next hours of the night they worked in an attempt to figure out where Shauna had been all those years ago when Rassimov and Wind were killed; through sleepless work they realized that she must have been in hibernation or restraints, Shauna would never miss a fight on purpose. Then there was a tapping at the window…

Dante opened the window and Solwing entered, it flapped erratically as if trying to say something urgently, it turned to Dante and stared at him, sending a telepathic message; There was a silence as both Guggenheim and Lok awaited Dante to relay the message, as time wore on tension filled the ir and Dante's face began to scrunch up into a face of rage. He turned to both of them as Solwing returned to its amulet. "This is not going to be easy" he said with a voice of sorrow "Lok, I need to know that if anything happens to me you will not stop looking for Zhalia?"

"I will, what did Solwing say?" Lok said

Dante ignored the question, "Good, now keep doing research, I am going after Shauna." In a moment Dante was out the window and burning the grass with Nimblefire . Lok had seen those eyes before, they were the same ones that caused Dante to get himself captured last time they faced the Bloodspiral, he would have to work quickly, before Dante got himself killed. Lok turned to Guggenheim "Let's get started"

"Yes… Let's, before Dante decides that he should release that anger he keeps stored for special occasions" Guggenheim stared at the faint glow of Dante's feet in the distance "This is going to get bad, I can feel it."

Author Note
Thought I'd continue this due to some encouragement after an age long break, I have changed my writing style slightly but I think it is still up to standard, Reviews are welcome as usual and ideas are also wanted, hope you like it.