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Got to fight another fight, I gotta run another night
Get it out, check it out , I'm on my way and I don't feel right
I gotta get me back, I can't be beat and that's a fact
It's okay, I'll find a way, You ain't gonna take me down no way
~~You can't take me Bryan Adams

The hum of an engine woke me up.

I opened my eyes, but I couldn't see anything.

Wider. Still nothing.

Was I blind? I reached out with my hands and touched fabric before I realized I couldn't pull my aching wrists apart, nor could I open my mouth. I pushed my tongue past my lips and tasted adhesive –duct tape. Probably the same thing was on my wrists. So… I was bound with duct tape. And I was in a bag, possibly? And… and my neck hurt.

I had gotten off the hated, loathed school bus and walked the gravel road up to the farmhouse. I had called up to my foster mom Carrie that I would be in the barn with the horses after depositing my stuff in my room. I grabbed two apples from the bowl on the kitchen table, one for me and one for Dixie, the brown Morgan, and then I pushed open the screen door. As I was walking down the path lined by bushes, I took a big bite of my apple.

Suddenly, a big black blur shot out of the shrubbery and rammed into me, shoving me over onto the gravel. I had inhaled the piece of apple when I gasped, and now I was choking. The person turned me over and gave me the Heimlich maneuver, pressing hard right below my diaphragm. The apple slice popped out of my throat and I spit it out, gasping for air. I inhaled a scent that was feline, dangerous, and deadly, all in one, right before my neck stung and the gravel faded to black.

My last thought was that the scent somehow smelled familiar…

I took a deep breath, trying to pinpoint just who was with me, wherever the heck I was. There were four separate smells, plus the same dangerous, catlike smell, the same one from the farm. Men, from the sound of their low voices. I pushed all questions of why and wherefore to the back of my head. I could probably find the reason I was taken within three guesses –mutant. The important thing was getting away from them. I didn't know which end of the bag led out, but I'd probably guess my head, since there was no way to lever it open at that end.

Villains were only stupid in movies.

Up and down were not options. Left and right, however… using my knees and elbows I managed to start rolling along the floor, making surprisingly good time until a booted foot connected with my kneecaps. As I moaned into the tape and curled into a ball to hug my aching knees, I thought, it could be worse. Be glad that foot didn't kick your stomach. That would have been bad; what if you had thrown up? News Flash: teenage girl smothered by her own vomit -News at nine.

The bag was undone and hands roughly yanked me out. Wincing from the light, I couldn't see any of them clearly. When the duct tape was yanked off, I hissed from the pain and as a warning; it was cat for stay away from me!

The only response was a dark laugh that sounded like a growl, coming from behind me, and as I was forcibly turned around to face the people, the man who laughed entered my vision. He was the one who smelled familiar and deadly and catlike.

I figured out why he seemed so familiar.

I recognized him.