"What about…" Tim's voice trails off as he blushes and shakes his head, surprised he's even thinking what he is.


"Taking a shower and seeing if we really want to keep the caresses, the fantasy going from here."

It's Gibbs turn to swallow hard. Images of a wet Tim filter into his mind; water pelting down that chest and body. He heads for the adjoining shower, Tim watching from the bedside.

"You do know how to turn me on, you know that?" Gibbs turns and looks at Tim, motions for him to enter the room. Tim moves swiftly towards him and Gibbs shuts the bathroom door, more to keep the noise level down than anything else.

Tim shivers slightly when Gibbs brushes against him, turning on the shower. Gibbs smiles faintly as he sees Tim's erection slowly start firming. He places a gentle hand on Tim's waist, and Tim looks at him in question.

"Shower time Timmy." Gibbs says softly. Tim nods and steps into the tub, then melts into Gibbs embrace when the older man enters and shuts the curtain behind them. Gibbs hands wander over Tim's back as the two exchange yet another kiss. Tim gasps slightly when Gibbs caresses his buttocks, tracing the slight crack before lightly touching his hole.

"Gibbs?" Tim's voice is shaking, and the older man brings a hand up to caress his cheek.

"Shhh…just feel Tim."

Gibbs continues his explorations, leaving Tim's back to kneel slightly and caress his legs and feet. He then brings his hands up the front of Tim's legs, smiling at Tim's inhalation when he reaches the apex of the younger man's thighs. He strokes Tim's sac then pulls on Tim's erection, making the other man bite his own knuckle to keep from crying out loud. More stroking with one hand on Tim's penis while the other trails up the young man's chest, slowly standing up, not stopping his licking, nibbling caressing until he reaches Tim's lips.

"Mine, McGee. You're my Timmy McGee." Gibbs chants and Tim nods in agreement. seconds later and Tim is panting his release against Gibbs neck. Tim waits a few seconds after Gibbs has cleaned him off to figure out how to bring the older man to his own completion.

Gibbs has known that Tim has magic fingers, he's seen the typing the young man can do for the past several months. He hasn't taken into account however the calluses that can develop even by touching a keyboard. Tim's hands are strong too and he takes Gibbs into one hand while touching him with the other.

"Damn McGee!"

"You're mine too, Leroy Jethro Gibbs." Tim responds as he grins wickedly before dropping to his knees and taking Gibbs into his mouth. Tim's tongue plays with Gibbs while his hands caress the older man's thighs. Gibbs nearly jumps out of his skin when Tim licks his tip just as his fingers slide between Gibbs thighs.

"God, Tim, don't stop, feels so good, don't stop."

Gibbs almost cries when Tim rises, releasing him from that warm, moist cavern. Tim runs his lips over Gibbs nipples keeping the man so preoccupied that he doesn't see or feel Tim change the pattern on the shower head.

Tim works his way back down to Gibbs erection, licking at the tip and subtly adjusting the man's stance. Gibbs eyes widen with shock as the power of the water stream hitting deeply within his hole coupled with Tim's tongue on his cock bring him to one of the strongest orgasms he's ever experienced.

Tim sucks him off, enjoying the sweet, salty taste, as he adjusts the shower head yet again, this time a gentle massage, meant to soothe sore tired muscles. Gibbs just rocks on the balls of his feet, feeling the water's gentle pulse as it washes over the small muscles in his back, dribbling back over his buttocks as he leans heavily against the man who is giving him so much pleasure.

"Where the hell did you learn that McGee?" he finally gets out, as Tim shuts off the shower and reaches for a towel.

Tim towels them both dry before answering him, a faint blush rising over the younger man's features as he confesses, "It was just a weird fantasy I had once. I never thought someone would want me enough or trust me enough to let me try it."

Gibbs sighs as Tim takes him by the hand and leads him back into the bedroom. Slipping under the covers, he smiles when Tim slips in beside him and wraps the young man in his arms, pulling him against his chest. Tim runs his hand up and down Gibbs chest, before slowing as his breathing deepens and sleep overcomes them.

Waking a few hours later, Gibbs watches Tim sleep for several minutes. The night and the day that he's spent in this man's company has rocked Gibbs on so many levels that he's almost afraid to try and figure out what or where to go from this point. He knows however that if he's willing to trust this man, to talk to this man, the hole that had been his heart might heal.

"Can I do this?" He thinks, not realizing he says the words out loud.

"You can, if you believe in us." Tim replies sleepily. Gibbs gazes into those green eyes that are reflecting more love than Gibbs has seen in years or even decades. Tim lightly starts running his hands up and down Gibbs back, who moans as those hands start kneading his muscles.

"It will take time, you'll slide backwards every now and then, you won't want to talk but that's when we bring out the socks and you decide what you want to talk about and what you don't. I'm not an ex-wife Gibbs. I'm the one you belong to and you're the one I belong to. We need to trust each other and rely on each other to know when to talk, when to listen and when to just be there for each other. If we can't do that, then we need to stop this now."

Gibbs nods slowly as Tim's words sink in. The younger man makes sense, and Gibbs knows that he's a mute where most things are considered. Then again, he's already told Tim about his deepest secret and that's something he's never told anyone. He shifts so that he can look into Tim's eyes.

"You know, I..." he swallows hard against the lump he feels forming in his throat, "I don't talk about them. I didn't intend to tell you about them."

Tim hugs him, "That's the biggest indicator that one day, you will feel comfortable talking about them. The fact that you did open up enough to tell me that little bit. And Gibbs, what we discuss is not something that the others need to know."

Somehow, hearing those words spoken out loud, relaxes Gibbs more than he anticipated. He knew coming in that Tim could keep a secret; he'd hired him on that ability. Hearing him say it aloud takes it that final step further into the trust territory. He smiles and Tim nods and smiles back as Gibbs states softly, "We belong to each other now."

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