Well, even though hardly anyone knows this book, I decided to write a story for this novel, since I´ve fallen so much for it and for David Levithan´s writing style ( I only bought it around two months ago but I already dragged all my friends to read it and unfortunately one still has it so I´m not quite sure if the name of the girl who has also asked Paul to architect the Dowager´s Dance was Lisa. If not, I´ll edit it again)

So, like the novel, this story is written in the first-person perspective of Paul and it plays a few weeks after the Dance (I believe it was in in November).

Honestly, I never planned writing a fic for this fandom, I only had a few scenes in my head, but the past days, my mind somehow worked on its own to develop the plot and so on.

Well, I hope you enjoy :) (And I hope someone reads it at all...)

And it´s dedicated to dear Sarah-chan.

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It has been three weeks since the Dowager´s Dance. Just two more weeks until Christmas. And I have that very certain feeling that it´ll be the very best Christmas of my whole fifteen years of life. All the exams for this year are done, my marks aren´t bad and finally I can relax. I lean back into the soft pillows of my bed, looking dreamily out of the window. Outside, thick fluffy snowflakes are falling from above and cover my lovely town with a blanket of white tenderness.

I smile to myself and I kinda know that my boyfriend does the same thing right in this moment, maybe also on his bed in his beautiful room or even in front of an empty piece of paper which he wants to fill with the colors that he sees right now when he looks out of his window in his studio. Suddenly, my cell on my night table buzzes and I reach my hand out and open the message. I start to laugh. It´s from him. Noah. The boy I´ve fallen so truly for and who loves me back just as much. The message is kind of plain, but the fact that it´s from him makes it something really really dear. He says:

'Painting right now. Snow is awesome. Thinking of you. Bye'

Instead of sending a message back, I call him and I only have to wait for one beat of a heart and he picks up and I hear his smile in his words.

"Hey" he says.

"Hey" I say.

"I bet you´re lying in your bed right now, looking out of the window, right?" he chuckles and warmth spreads through my whole body. I love his voice just how I love his amazing hands that can draw so beautiful pictures and are yet so careful when holding me.

"Yup, you´re right, but I´m just lying here because I have no one with whom I could have a snowball fight and with whom I could build a snowman, because if I´d build a snowman alone, he wouldn´t have anyone to talk with and to go for a walk with" I answer and look at the self-made bracelet on my right wrist.

It´s made in a certain way of knotting and it has cost me five hours and ten bruised fingers and many many attempts to finish two of them. It´s´re green and blue. Green is Noah´s favorite color and blue is mine and we´re both wearing one. I chuckle at the thought how Noah always tries to cover it up when he´s drawing, otherwise it´d get sprinkled with paint.

"I got the same problem, I don´t want my snowman to feel lonely and my sister is not up to run around outside. So what´re we going to do now?" he answers and his cheerful joy makes my heart flutter in excitement.

"Aren´t you drawing right now?" I ask to be sure that I wouldn´t disturb him.

"Don´t worry, the snow will be falling for the next days and then it´ll look even better. So, shall I come over or will you?"

"I will!" I yell and I´m already running down the stairs. His soft laughter follows me right through the door.


When I walk through the familiar streets, I can´t help but grin from ear to ear. Every time I´m looking up to the houses I´ve known for so long already and when I see all these familiar faces I feel so really thankful to live in this town. Here, it´s nothing special if two girls are kissing on the sidewalk or when two boys are holding hands while walking through the park. Everyone can be just the way he or she wants to be. I put my hands into my pockets and my breath looks like a silver mist a few inches above my head. I speed up a bit, because it has been two days already since the last time I´ve seen my boyfriend. And I can´t wait to see him again.

He greets me with his smile and I smile back and he kisses me lightly on my cold lips. His are a bit warmer and I want to keep them there, but he pulls back to look me in the eyes.

"Hi" he says and it sounds so much better than through a cell.

"Hi" I say back again and I know that he knows that I can´t help but stare into his emerald green eyes that always fascinate me so much.

"Up to build a snowman, now?" he asks and I nod and the next hour, I´m fully focused on my work and we try to build the biggest snowmen this town has ever seen since, man, why are the people saying that building a snowman is something for children? It´s fun and it´s even more fun because my boyfriend is with me.


I don´t really know when we´ve begun to have a snowball fight then, but we both hide behind our snowmen, our munitions lying to our feet and we throw through the thicker getting curtain of white, half blind but the laughter always tells us where the other is. Eventually, we´re tussling cheerfully in the snow, our hair already wet and our noses and cheeks light red from the joy and the coldness.

I´m already out of breath and he starts to tickle me. I laugh so hard my stomach hurts and I gasp "Stop! Stop! Noah-!" He bursts into laughter as well and we both try to catch our breaths, while we´re still lying in the snow. As we both calm down, I notice how icy my hands are and blow warm air onto them. Suddenly, Noah takes my cold hands in between his and rubs them carefully. His wonderful hands are still as warm as before. I blush and at the same time I like to hug him and tell him how much I love him, but before I say it he only smiles and gives me a peck on the lips. "Later, first we have to get you warm again" he says and I agree.


We walk over to his place and find it empty. On the kitchen table a note lays. His younger sister has gone to a friend´s. So we´re alone until she comes back, because Noah´s parents often are on business trips through the whole United States and until now I´ve only saw them twice. We walk up the stairs and enter his room. Like always, I look around like it was my first time here, but I can't stop admiring the way he has decorated his room. Since it´s Christmas time, the color is mostly red and green and I don´t know why, but it smells like cinnamon and candles and fir needles and hot chocolate.

"Here´re a few towels" he says and gives me a towel to dry my hair.

I thank him and start rubbing my head. My brown hair which is a few hues lighter than his and a bit less curly gets all messed up and I look like I have just taken a shower. He smiles as he glances at me, his hair just as messy as mine. We sit down on his large bed. It´s not a double bed, but bigger than a one-person sized one.

"Do you have some kind of idea what I could give to my brother as present? I have absolutely no idea" I sigh and cross my legs.

"A new girlfriend" Noah replies lazily.

"I thought about that too, but it´s too expensive to get one and wrap her into paper…I guess the girl wouldn´t like that"

"Well, then how about something that reminds him of tennis? Since he´s totally obsessed with tennis…"

"But that´s so normal. I have to thank him properly again"


I blush and turn my head to the side. "He helped me out when… you know already, when… I tried to get you back…"

Noah is silent for a few moments, but then he takes my hand. "Then I guess we should give your brother something from the two us" he says. "Because I have to thank him, too, because he has helped you get me back"

I smile and my heartbeat quickens because I´m so happy about his words and I´m so happy being the one he builds snowmen with and has a snowball fight with and being the one who´s now with him sitting on his bed, thinking about a present to give my brother.


He feels my racing pulse and leans forward to kiss me again. I kiss him back. We pull away a few inches to look into each other´s eyes. Then we lean forward again, allowing our lips to meet and I feel feel feel so much it´s too much but I don´t miss any of the feelings he makes me feel. Slowly, very slowly we sink into the sheets, never breaking the kiss which becomes more intense with every breath we take from the other. My heart is racing like a roller coaster and I feel easy and terribly uneasy at the same time because I´m still nervous when we´re making out and because I love him so much and I want him to feel how much I love him but I don´t know how do it and how to do it right.

Noah knows that and doesn´t rush me and he has told me that he´d wait until I´m truly ready for it. But how shall I notice that I´m ready for it? My thoughts drift away and one arm wraps itself around my waist, pulling me closer. The palm of my left hand lies on his cheek and caresses the soft skin. It feels so warm and so safe being in his arms. Our breaths get hotter and his hand slides up and down my waist until it gets to the bottom of my shirt. There he pauses and stops kissing me.

"Is it alright?" he asks and his voice sounds so full of concern and love and heat and certainness that I nod, even though my heart feels like it´d explode anytime. His warm hand slowly slides beneath the fabric and glides up and down my bare skin like before. It takes some time until I get used to his touch and start paying attention to his kisses again. I notice that they become longer and deeper and I taste him and he tastes me and my left hand grabs the front of his shirt. My cheeks feel like they´re set aflame and my hands are slightly shaking and it feels so warm and hell why is someone calling me right now?


The spell is broken and Noah´s hand slips out of my clothes and I reach into my pocket to take out my cell.

"Yes?" I say and my voice is still a bit unsteady from the many kisses. We sit up and Noah moves a bit to give me enough space to talk in privacy.

"Paul?" a familiar voice asks and I recognize her in an instant. It´s Lisa, the one who always organizes the school´s events and I don´t know how it happened, but somehow she thinks that I´m her helper or something.

"Yeah, it´s me. What is it?" I ask back and actually I know what it is and my question actually means 'What kind of thing are you planning again and how shall I help?'

"Paul, we´re organizing this year´s Christmas party and since you´re so skilled in decorating and finding the right place to celebrate, I thought…"

"Yes, okay, I´ll see what I can do" I sigh, since she´d never take a 'No' as a response. And actually, it´s fun helping to organize the parties.

"Tomorrow in school I´ll give you the list with the names of those who offered to help. See ya tomorrow" she says and hangs up without waiting for an answer.

I roll my eyes. It´s not like I dislike her, but once in a while she could throttle her speed a bit to a human pace. I notice Noah´s curious eyes and tell him why Lisa called me.

"The school sure has a bunch of events, right?" he asks amused and once again I remember that he´s still practically new in my school, but I´ve already got so used to his presence that I forget that he still doesn´t know many of the school´s habits.

I answer "Yes, kinda" and I ask him if he wants to help me with the party. He agrees.


For the rest of the day we´re just hanging around, talking and hearing music. Of course, we kiss a few times, but it´s not like on his bed, caught in something I can hardly get. We´re thinking about the place where we could have the Christmas party and Noah´s eyes move into the distance, Elsewhere, and I know that he´s already imagining the way he could decorate it and I´m sure that it won´t be a normal decoration but something that wouldn´t let us see Christmas but feel it, smell it, hear it, touch it in so many ways that we usually don´t.

It´s around eight o´clock and I decide to go home. We stand in the hallway and I´m putting on my shoes and my jacket, and I notice that I´ve forgotten my scarf at home while rushing to see him.

"You´ll catch a cold if you´re walking through this weather without one" Noah says and gives me his.

"I´ll give it back tomorrow" I promise and smile as he wraps it around my neck. I take a deep breath because his scent lies in the soft wools.

"See ya tomorrow" he whispers and kisses me, his bangs tickling my nose, making me sneeze.

We laugh and I say "Yeah, see ya" and I can hardly wait today to be tomorrow.

I step outside and walk through the snow back home.

To be continued...

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