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Tony was very confused. Very, very confused. You might be wondering how this is any different than usual. Well, Tony recently stumbled upon something he wasn't supposed to. Something no one was supposed to see.

Ziva looked up at Tony for the umpteenth time, now confused as well. All she saw was Tony, intently staring at Gibbs' empty desk with an odd face. As a sign that this was the last straw, Ziva stood from her desk and planted herself in front of Tony, hands on hips, pursed lips, eyes squinted and intent.

"Tony," she called. He ceased to respond. She rolled her dark eyes and sighed. "Tony!"

He nearly jumped out of his seat. "Huh, what! Oh. Hey, Ziva."

"Tony, is there something wrong?"

He looked nervous. "No, no, no, why would you think that? Hehehe…"

"Tony, if you don't tell me why you are so uncomfortable, I will just have to give you a reason to be uncomfortable." Ziva raised her eyebrows.

"Okay, okay," he gave in. He stood and urged her to follow him to the desolate area behind the stairs of the bullpen. McGee had been watching everything happen and became very curious. He sighed when he realized his neck wasn't long enough to crane halfway around the room in order to follow their conversation.

Tony sighed in preparation for whatever she had to say.


"Okay. Ziva, I…I saw something I really wasn't supposed to."

"Yes? And what would that be?"


"Tony…" She said balefully.

He exhaled in defeat. "You know how Gibbs went on a coffee-slash-Caf-Pow! run?"

Ziva nodded and urged him to get to the point.

"Ziva, that's not where he went. Well, at least not the only place he went. "

She tilted her head in curiosity. "But you know where he really went?" She watched him nod. "And that would be where, Tony?"

He sighed. "Well, here. Let me explain this from the beginning. It was maybe ten minutes after the Boss went to get some coffee…"


Approximately 45 minutes earlier…

Usually when Gibbs left the room, Tony found himself in the middle of a grade-school classroom without a teacher, metaphorically speaking. He already had begun crumpling paper into balls to throw at McGee. It was a little unusual for Gibbs to not be back from getting coffee after ten minutes, but Tony brushed it off and continued with his shenanigans.

Just when he was about to start the fun by ceremonially throwing the first paper-dodgeball of the day, the director appeared at the railing, surveying the work place. Jenny focused on Tony when she saw the paper in his hand.

Tony felt her eyes on him and looked up. She looked at him suspiciously when he flashed her a charming 'I'm innocent' smile, which, as it turns out, isn't usually as charming (or innocent) as he thinks it to be.

He unraveled the ball and smoothed the paper out on his desk and pretended to work for a few minutes. Satisfied, Director Shepard returned to her office.

Once he knew she was gone, Tony tried to find something entertaining to do that wouldn't leave him in plain view of the director. Maybe he could visit autopsy; Ducky was usually quite the conversationalist and Palmer could be just as fun to mess with as McGee.

He entered the elevator and pressed the button for autopsy.


Approximately 35 minutes before Ziva questions Tony…

Tony stepped out of the elevator on the autopsy floor and entered the cold room with a swoosh of the doors. He looked down and saw a CPR mannequin on the floor.

"Mister Palmer, this is not that difficult. You've passed CPR certification before, what makes this year so different?" Ducky asked, slightly annoyed.

"I'm sorry, doctor, but it's the new CPR doll! It's too stiff ! It hasn't been broken in enough yet." Called from the opposite end of the room.

"Oh my Lord…" Ducky sighed, rolling his eyes at his assistant and massaging his temples.

After snickering quietly to himself for a moment, Tony decided to voice his presence. "Hey, I hate to interrupt the moment you guys are having, but I'm suffering from severe boredom upstairs and I was wondering if you had anything for me to do."

Ducky looked up. "Ah, Tony. Uh, would you mind breaking in this CPR doll?" Ducky lowered his voice. "Jimmy is being a bit of a diva."

"Sure, Ducky."

"Thank you, Tony. I'm just hoping that Mister Palmer will be a little less resistant when there are LIVES TO SAVE!" He yelled the last part while glaring in Jimmy's direction.

"Er- I'd be happy to do it, Ducky. Besides, getting my certification now, means I won't have to get it later. And I'm all for going home early."

"Well, let's get started then…"


20 minutes before Ziva questions Tony…

"Congratulations, Anthony. You are now re-certified in CPR. The second on the list."

"Second? Who would be down here this early? Well, besides me."

"Jethro was down here, not twenty minutes ago."

Why would Gibbs come down to autopsy instead of leaving to get coffee?, Tony thought. He knew that there was most likely nothing suspicious going on, but why would he lie about getting coffee? What's the point of lying about that?

"Where did he go after that, Ducky?" Tony asked.

"Well, I had found a bullet in one of the John Doe's from another team's case. I asked Jethro to deliver the bullet to Abby."

"Oh. Thanks." He was about to leave, but he couldn't help wondering… "Did he have a coffee with him?"

Ducky looked confused for a moment, but answered Tony, nonetheless. "Yes. And a Caf-Pow! for Abigail. If you're going down there, could you bring this to Abby?" Ducky gave Tony a small transparent dish with a mysterious object in it. "Poor man had something odd in his stomach."

Tony examined the object with an odd facial expression, knowing that it had been in someone's stomach. "Uh, sure. Thanks, Ducky!" He called, leaving the room.

Ducky sighed, but brushed off Tony's questions and got back to what he had been doing previously. "Mister Palmer! Why don't you see if this mannequin is to your liking? Or perhaps you would like one with long, blonde hair? Because certainly the time to be picky is when you are PERFORMING CPR, MISTER PALMER!"


10 minutes before Ziva questions Tony…

Tony knew that another way to get over his boredom would be to visit Abby. Gibbs would be gone by the time Tony got to her lab, all he'd had to do was deliver evidence and a Caf-Pow!. Tony, while still in the elevator, heard a beat from the music playing in Abby's lab.

Whenever Abby played her music, that meant she was hard at work in her lab. Whatever she was doing, Tony hoped that Abby would be able to help cure his listlessness.

He exited the elevator and entered her lab. Where is she?

Her music was still blasting, but she was nowhere to be seen. However, her Caf-Pow! was on the computer table, it looked like only a few sips had been taken from it. Curiouser and curiouser…

Tony placed the evidence Ducky had given him on Abby's table and walked into her ballistics lab. The current song ended and during the pause between songs, he heard small noises.

Bump…bump…bump…crack…and over again. Then a sigh and a groan. Then he heard what sounded like papers falling to the floor.

He made an odd face, pondering the possibilities, and there weren't many. She was probably a little upset about not being able to find the results she was anticipating on a case, so she bumped a few things around on her desk. Right? Hmm…

Tony was sure that a visit from him would cheer her up.

He crept a little deeper into the ballistics lab and closer to her office door, which was cracked open slightly.

He got closer to the door and the noises got louder.

Tony peeked around the door slightly. His eyes and mind assessed the situation slowly. First he saw the floor, papers and files scattered on linoleum, then he saw the desk.

He held in his gasp as he quickly returned to his safe, undetectable position behind the door.

He grinned.

Woah!…Okay! I'm not so bored anymore!

Tony was right about one thing.

She was hard at work.

On her desk.

With Gibbs.


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