Crowfeather's story

I loved Leafpool I'm not going to deny it to any cat so stop pestering me! Yes I have a mate and a kit so what? They were after Leafpool. But I still love Leafpool a little and I still won't deny it! I took Nightcloud as a mate to prove I was loyal to Windclan. Yes I ran away with the Thunderclan medicine cat which was like breaking the warrior code twice in a row! But we didn't care because love had brought us together but our clan broke us apart. Nightcloud had my kit. Don't get me wrong but sometimes Breezepelt does things that are just…just not needed. Leafpool never told me she was having kits…..maybe its because I never gave her a chance to tell me….But that was it My daughter Hollyleaf revealed everything at the gathering but it didn't help it just made my situation even worse! So I never knew Lionblaze or Jayfeather. I learned about Hollyleaf's death when Firestar announced it at the gathering. I felt a little grief but I never knew Hollyleaf as my daughter but I did know her as an apprentice and I did know her during the quest to help the mountain cats but never as my daughter.

AN: Yeah ok you can disagree with this story but I'm not because well like Crowfeather.