Devil Arrancar

Chapter one

Thousands of years ago in the elemental nations, there was once a battle between what was called hollows and soul reapers. The battle went back and forth with both sides losing their numbers in the forces. Hollows were once humans but due to certain things, they changed into something else which stopped them from crossing over thus the reason hollows came into existence. The hollows all had something similar to soul reapers but wanted to be recognized as the betters. They began looking for ways to increase their powers so they tired different things until one day someone came up the idea to eat and absorb the human souls which they did.

This did not sit well with the soul reapers who were the protectors of the human souls which then sparked war between the two. After losing many of their forces, the hollows began getting desperate in which they ate each other for power. Hollows then went through some changes thus creating different classes. This prolonged the fight between the two for a while.

Then one day, the soul reapers had help from the 9 bijuu which turned the battle into their favor destroying 99.9% of the hollows in the elemental nations but not without loss. As time went by, so did the age of the hollow and soul reapers for the elemental nation. Only a few on both sides stayed in the elemental nations for a while until they too died off after killing each other which left the last one whom beat all those who came to put an end to his existence. He was now the strongest and only Arrancar that was alive in which he went to kill the bijuu in an attempt to avenge his friends who were killed. He was soon killed but not before having a daughter by the name of Kushina Uzumaki by a woman he married whose name was Mitsuru Uzumaki.

Mitsuru's mother was Mito Uzumaki, Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no kitsune and the father was Tobirama Senju of the Senju clan.

Mito had two lovers in which the first one being Hashirama Senju who later died in the first great shinobi war. They had a son named Kenmei Senju whom later married and had kids with a civilian by the name of Fuji. Their children were none other than Tsunade Senju and Nawaki Senju. After Mito loss Hashirama, she later found another which turned out to be Hashirama's younger brother Tobirama Senju.

Mito's second lover Tobirama Senju died fighting a battle leaving her behind with twin daughter's Mitsuru and Miwa. Mitsuru had a daughter by a special Arrancar which was a strong hollow that was different from all the other hollows. Their relationship and marriage was not recorded on paper or anywhere for that matter. Miwa died at an early age thus not being able to produce kids.

Kushina was talkative and a tomboyish girl. Kushina also had a verbal tic: when she was flustered or excited. She would end her sentences with "dattebane", a trait she hoped she wouldn't pass down to Naruto who ends his with "dattebayo". As an adult, Kushina was shown to be very level-headed and cheerful. Despite her calm and kind demeanor, she still had a slight temper and could lash out from it. Kushina was a woman well-known for her beauty. Her skin was fair and her eyes were violet. She had a slender but highly feminine build. As an adult she usually wore a loose-fitting dress with an apron and she wore a black band on her left hand. She had long, bright-red hair which she inherited from her mother Mitsuru Uzumaki that reached down to her calves with strands that framed both sides of her face that was parted to the left of her face by a hair clip.

Kushina due to the annihilation of most of the Uzumaki clan due to war several years ago decided to go to Uzushiogakure's neighboring land konohagakure where her grandmother made her the next Jinchuriki container before dying of old age. It was there Kushina met Minato Namikaze in which love bloomed between the two pre-teens.

As Kushina grew up, she had to deal with the villagers hate for being from another village. They did not know about her Jinchuriki status at the time. She was able to deal with the hate thanks to her newly founded friend, Minato Namikaze or Kazama as she found out that Namikaze was a name he created. When she asked why he changed his last name, he replied that his clan had a horrible past and a cursed bloodline. She of course understood his reason and did not push it any further. It was then they became friends which over the years became more and more. They soon had a secret relationship in which only a few knew about which included Jiraiya, Hiruzen, Kakashi, Tsunade, and Rin.

They soon got married in secret so that Minato's enemy would not come after her. They made love to each other until she became pregnant by him who had become the Yondaime Hokage at the time. They were both happy that they would have a son that would be born into this world. Kushina began thinking ahead for the sake of her baby which led to her next actions.

Kushina made plans in which she placed a large scroll with all the things she wanted him to learn from ninja skills to her personal hobbies inside a hidden spot within an apartment building she owned. She casted a strong genjutsu on the area in which only someone with the blood of an Uzumaki would be drawn to and would only is able to see.

The scroll was designed the same way in which only those of the Uzumaki clan would be able to see what was written on there. Said apartment was made for her and Naruto. The scroll was created so that if she were to die on a mission in which she was no longer able to teach him. He would then be able to access the scroll in which he would be able to teach himself the rest.

She of course didn't want to leave him early but she was a ninja and had to make plans just in case something like that happened in which he would be prepared. But things changed for the worst for Kushina but in a way that she did not anticipate. It was the day she was giving birth to Naruto when someone wearing an orange mask ripped Kyuubi out of her and made a command for it to attack konoha in which Minato battled the mysterious person who unleashed Kyuubi while facing Kyuubi all on his own. Minato after several intense minutes manages to injure the mysterious person in which forced him to flee in which left Minato tired but couldn't relax seeing as Kyuubi as still in a fit of rage and was still a threat to his village.

Having no other choice; Kushina with the last of her energy bind Kyuubi while Minato sacrificed his life into sealing Kyuubi in their new born. Kushina later died from the after affects of having Kyuubi ripped from her. Minato's last request before dying was for the others to see Naruto as a hero for keeping the beast at bay. Hiruzen having put faith in the villagers told them about what happened in which something he did not expect happened. The villagers along with a large amount of ninjas called for the infant's blood. It was then he placed several laws for the people to not tell them about Naruto's Jinchuriki status to the younger kids or they would be executed. But this did not stop them from spreading their hate to the kids.

Danzo and the others began contemplating what to do with young Naruto. After all, not only was he the son of Kushina but the Jinchuriki of the most powerful demon that existence. He would be one of the strongest weapons they had not knowing that he was the Yondaime's only legacy. The only living people who knew that relation between him and the Yondaime were Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kakashi, and Hiruzen.

9 years after the Kyuubi's attack

We find a limping Naruto heading towards the safest place of the village which was none other than the forest of death. Why would a 7 year old go to a forest that had the words 'death' in it, simple because he overheard a few Jounins talk about how no one goes there except one other person whom was hated by the villagers. Naruto thought that if Jounins weren't willing to go there, then he was pretty sure no one else would which meant he would be safe from the general population that is konoha. He made it to the gate that surrounded the forest then finding a hole in the gate, he crawled through before crawling behind a tree then passing out.

There he would stay until he was healed which wouldn't take long. He was curious that he healed faster than other kids seeing as someone his age had fell down receiving a small cut that healed days later while his healed seconds later. There were also the many beatings he received which he did not know why he received but would recover from them.

He did not know that he was hated for containing the beast that nearly destroyed the village even thought people saw him for the beast itself in human skin. All he knew was that the people hated him with a passion and always wanted to hurt him whenever chance they got. No matter how many clues he discovered himself, they did not add up to the names he received such as 'demon fox', 'fox boy', or 'nine tails brat'. He of course due to the hatred did not get to learn about the Kyuubi attack or seals in which he would have been able to figure certain things out soon at a younger age. Naruto was confused even with all the small evidence at his disposal but he did not possess the important ones yet.

He later did find out when he started learning on his own in secrecy. When he was four years old, Naruto was kicked out of the orphanage in which 1 year later received an apartment of his own. During that year he was forced to learn the basic of survival in which involved hunting for food and setting up camping grounds without being found. Naruto at this point was beginning to hate the people for blaming him for the fox's demise an abusing him. Naruto knew he couldn't be Kyuubi due to the fact that he wasn't as big as Kyuubi in which his young mind made sense to him.

After moving from that lifestyle and into an apartment which he receive from his jiji which was the Sandaime Hokage himself, he had then found a scroll but couldn't read it so he waited until he was able to at least read and write.

There were things that Naruto noticed along with the hatred of the villagers such as the fact that he had super healing abilities. At first he wrote it off as help from the demon until he saw black stuff oozing from the area he had a cut which would retreat back into his skin. He knew this wasn't Kyuubi's doing but his own. Based on his knowledge, chakra was supposed to be blue and Kyuubi's was red. But was there any such thing as black chakra. Maybe he was special in his own way.

He began experimenting with it in which he would be able to do several things with it. Then came a day he used the energy and charged it trying to make a ball of dark energy. He succeeded in making one only to become unstabilized and fired resulting in a deadly beam that ripped through trees and floors. The first time he successfully used it was at age 8 when he ran into a kumo Nin.


Naruto had just come from experimenting with his energy to create new techniques. After destroying a few trees, he headed home hoping no one would see him tired and attack him. On his way to the village, he noticed a lone guy moving suspiciously with a bag over his shoulders. He moved over to ask why he was acting that way only for the man to draw a sword and try to slice him in half. Naruto managed to avoid the blade by a hair length before bringing his palm in front of him.

The man then again tried to slice him in half but Naruto once again dodged it. Irritated about the non dead kid, he placed the sack on the floor forgetting his current objective then charging at the boy at Jounin speed. It was only due to his instinct that he managed to dodge most of the sword swings. The others gave him deep gashes that healed up instantly. Seeing him heal that fast shocked the kumo Nin. Maybe if he bought back the kid, he would get an extra reward.

With that goal mind, he attacked to disarm the boy. Naruto once again went on the defensive side using his black energy to power up his speed. He still received gashes but healed. He began feeling light headed from losing blood despite his healing ability. He never had to use his healing ability that long. He felt his energy depleting and knew he had to end the match. Spotting an opening, he charged some of the energy before launching through his chest. He went over to the sack then opening it which he discovered a sleeping Hyuga which he recognized from class.

She was none other than Hinata, the girl which he was teased for her eyes during lunch break. He remembered beating them in the floor before getting a detention. Naruto made his way to tap her awake but froze in root when he felt several ninjas approaching his direction. He turned his attention away from the bag not noticing her eyes slowly fluttering. She opened her eyes to a sight that would be forever engraved in her mind. This was the same boy who defended her from the bullies who made fun of her pupil-less eyes. Ever since that day occurred, she began to like him.

She usually silently cheered him on. But seeing Naruto instead of her kidnapper meant that he must have saved her somehow. The bloody clothes were also evidence of some sort of fight he was just in. Just as she was about to say something, he dashed off.

Naruto not wanting to get caught made a dash for it to the forest of death. As soon as he knew he was far enough, he collapsed in his bloody clothes.

End of Flashback

After that, he swore he would get stronger seeing as he almost died taking on another ninja. If he was strong enough, then he would be able to stop the abuse from happening to him. In order for the attacks to stop, he would have to rely on himself to get stronger. He knew no one in the village would help him.

When word got out about the Hyuga's death, the Raikage demanded a Hyuga saying it was compensation for the Hyugas killing their men. But that was shot down as the Hyugas stated by letters that they didn't touch the guy at all before sending images of the body along with the body itself. They then demanded to know who or what was the cause of his death but in which they exclaimed that they didn't know.

The Raikage was officially pissed since they not only lose a good ninja in the end but they didn't gain anything from it. They of course talked to their Daimyo in which after several debates from the lightning Daimyo to the fire Daimyo, leaf was forced to send Hiashi to his death to prevent war even though leaf clearly stated that a Hyuga was not involved in the Raikage's death. But the Hyugas sent his twin brother Hiashi Hyuga in which satisfied the Daimyo but not kumo seeing as they couldn't get the secrets behind the byakugan. This of course had some negative impact for Hinata.

Hiashi became cold to her as did Neji in hopes that she will arise and become the heiress he wanted her to be. He told her she was useless and weak in hopes to shatter her shyness. Two years later after the kidnapping incident, he had a daughter who was named Hinabi in which would be the last due to his wife's death. He decided to train her so she could push her sister to her potential by pitting her against each other. This caused Hinata's confidence level to drop even more rather than help it increase thus she became more shy and stuttered a lot. Her life became full misery and pain in which the only reason she kept going was the thoughts of Naruto. Ever since the day he save her from the bullies and the kidnapping incident which she was sure he did it seeing as no one from the leaf did it, she began to develop feelings for him until she got to the point where she fell for him but was too afraid that he would reject her to tell him.

When Naruto learned how to read and write, he began learning from the scroll in which drowned himself with the knowledge that was written from his mother. As to how he knew it was from his mother, there was a small letter that explained that if she wasn't there with him, then she was dead in which these were left behind for him. This made Naruto feel happy in knowing that his mother did not abandon him. The way the scroll was set up was that there was a huge scroll with smaller ones that were labeled in it. They were labeled with things such as:

Basic ninja training

Shadow clones and the benefits

Arrancar techniques and things you need to know about them

Seals- All levels

The things he learned about an Arrancar were that they specialized in kenjutsu and that along with their own techniques, they had a release form and in a rarity, they had two release forms. After many tries, he was able to manifest his sword and learn that he had three release forms in which the scroll mentioned nothing about so he took that as a positive. He also learned not to use his release forms as much as he wanted as they tend to draw a lot of attention which was indicted when several squadrons of anbu came to investigate the large spike of energy several miles away from their village. They were greeted to the sight of a huge crater in which they opened an investigation that lasted several months before they left not knowing what or who did this much damage. He practiced his Arrancar techniques in secret but made sure to not use much energy to attract unwanted attention.

He fully utilized the benefits of the shadow clones in which he made them sneak into the library using henge to learn theories about things such as ninjutsu to genjutsu. This method caused him to learn years of training in a few days.

Naruto at one point prominently characterized by his hyperactivity, being exuberant, impatient, and impulsive but he was also very observing when it came to certain things in his life. He would yell about being Hokage to the general population. This caused the Sandaime to smile seeing a mini-Yondaime in him. He picked up on Minato's habits of calling him jiji and eating lots of ramen.

But after years of abuse, he became very distant, weary, and patient. He learned how to be patient when he hid in the forest of death for hours and came out at certain times to avoid confrontation. If he didn't do so, there would have been negative consequences as he learned firsthand from this. He was not only good at observing things that usually revolve around battle strategies, creating new techniques, ninja related things and his hobbies but reading emotions too. This change caused the Sandaime to frown as he could see that Naruto was heading down a dark path.

People thought of Naruto as an idiot which he led them to believe ever since he learned that deception could be a ninjas best weapon. He made people believe he was the 'class dobe' so they could underestimate him. He wanted them to think he was weak thus creating an emotional mask until the day he became a ninja which he knew that when he did become one, the civilian would not be able to touch him unless they would like to get punished for harming someone on the forces. Not only did he create an emotional mask but he used his black energy to cover his entire body thus giving him the image of a short orange jump suit idiot which went with his emotional mask. For his mask, he not only acted like an idiot and failed the graduation test twice, but he chose a girl in which he would associate himself with that he was sure that he had no chance of dating which ended up being a banshee named Sakura Haruno.

Sakura always belittled him comparing him to Sasuke Uchiha, the 'last' male Uchiha due to his older brother Itachi killing his entire family except for him and his mom Mikoto Uchiha before becoming a missing Nin. Sasuke vowed to kill him and avenge his family. Mikoto had tried to turn him away from that path but he had his mind made up which she felt helpless.

Sakura would hit Naruto on the head in which he would pass out or actually pretend to so he would seem weak in the eyes of the others. Sakura in the end helped his weak image but now it was graduation time and it was time to get rid of his mask.

13 year old Naruto made his way into class before sitting down and waited to pass the easy test. He ignored the whispers from his classmates talking about him failing again. Iruka took the time to step into class followed by his assistant Mizuki. His eyes fell immediately on Naruto.

At first he hated the boy but after some encouraging words from the Sandaime to look at Naruto's life himself, his hate soon dissolved at seeing that he was just a regular kid until his hate was completely gone. His objective now was to make up to the boy somehow. But the same could not be said for Mizuki.

"Alright class, today will be the final exams which will be a three part one. The first part will be a physical one in which you will run through an obstacle course within a certain time frame, taijutsu match, and target practicing. The second will be the knowledge test in which you will answer 20 multiple choice questions, and last but not least will be the ninjutsu proportion in which you will have to perform henge, replacement, and three clones." He looked over at the class reaction but more so at Naruto at the last part. Naruto showed no reaction which surprised him. Mizuki smiled on the inside thinking of his plan.

"Alright class, let us begin the first part of the exam. You must get through the course under 5 minutes or else you fail the first part. Your times will be displayed on the board over there." He pointed at a black chalk board he bought out. One by one they began going in which the fan girls of Sasuke and the students of non ninja families made it a little over 4 minutes.

Shino- 2 minutes 40 seconds

Shikamaru- 3 minutes

Choji- 3 minutes 40 seconds

Kiba- 2 minutes

Sasuke- 1 minutes 50 seconds

Hinata- 2 minute 20 seconds

Naruto- 1 minute

That stopped anything they were doing. Someone had beat the Uchiha but not just anyone either. It was their very own dead last that beat them. Shouts of him cheating could be heard which was silenced stated he watched the whole match. Mizuki was equally shocked but didn't show it.

'How did the dead last pass?'

This did not bode well with his plans. He would have to wait until the last part to make sure he failed somehow. He needed Naruto to fail for his plan to work. They then moved one to taijutsu where they would go against each other.

Ino vs. ami, winner Ino

Choji vs. civilian, winner choji

Kiba vs. shino, winner kiba

Hinata vs. sakura, winner Hinata

Shikamaru vs. civilian, winner shikamaru

Sasuke vs. Naruto

The last match caught the attention of everyone. They began saying how the Uchiha would wipe the floors with him which made the Uchiha cocky stating he would knock the dobe down in seconds. As soon as the match began, the Uchiha charged at him in hopes of knocking him down within seconds thus humiliating him. But Naruto did not allow that as he weaved around each punch and blocked a few. This went on for over two minutes which infuriated Sasuke. He was to knock the dobe down much faster than this. Iruka then called the match.

"Alright guys, the match is over this match is a draw. Uchiha stop the match now." Sasuke stopped his assaults. The class was stunned again. He fought on par with the Uchiha. How is the dead last this good? Of course Hinata, shino, and shikamaru already knew he was strong but kept his skills hidden. But only Hinata and shino knew there were more to him than meets the eye. Hinata with her byakugan could see a black energy around his entire body but wasn't sure why. Shino tried planting a bug on him one day but they were too afraid to get too close to him due to a certain menacing energy surrounding him which would only get more negative each passing day until the point where his bugs were always nervous when he was around him.

Before anyone could say anything about Naruto cheating, Iruka moved one to the next section of the test. Again, the fan girls and civilians did low in which they hit at least 2/5 kunai and 2/5 shuriken.

Shino- 4/5 kunai and 3/5 shuriken

Shikamaru- 4/5 kunai and 4/5 shuriken

Choji- 3/5 kunai and 3/5 shuriken

Kiba- 3/5 kunai and 3/5 shuriken

Sasuke- 5/5 kunai and 4/5 shuriken

Hinata- 3/5 kunai and 4/5 shuriken

Naruto- 5/5 kunai and 5/5 shuriken

Once again the class was shocked. Naruto had beaten Sasuke. Iruka groaned knowing he was going to hear about this later. Mizuki on the other hand forced himself to stay cool. He was sure that the demon brat was going to fail the last two parts of the exam or at least the important one which was the clone jutsu due to his extremely huge chakra reserves and little control.

The last part of the exam was a shocker to the two teachers grading the papers. Naruto got a perfect on his paper which was on par with sakura's perfect score. Something was really weird for Naruto to do so well all of a sudden. Mizuki now had everything riding on the last part. So in alphabetical order, the academy students were called in which they came back with or without a headband signifying failure or pass.

Naruto was called last in which he slowly made his way to the room ignoring the whispers that he would definitely fail this test. Naruto made his way in the testing room in which he stood before Iruka and Mizuki. Iruka cleared his throat before beginning.

"Alright Naruto, even though you passed the other test, this one will decide whether you become genin or not. The other tests were just to prepare you for the outside world. Now I want you to use the three basic ninjutsu which is henge, replacement, and clone jutsu."Naruto transformed into a perfect Iruka before switching with a chair in the room.

"Alright all you need to do to pass is clone jutsu." Naruto began gathering chakra for a shadow clone while making signs for a clone jutsu. As he made the clone, Mizuki let out a small chakra pulse to disrupt the clone but that did not happen at all. This pissed him off which he threw a book at it. He was shocked when the book hit the clone instead of passing through. This was not a clone jutsu. That's when he found a way to fail him.

"I'm sorry Naruto but you were asked to make a regular clone. This is a shadow clone. I'm going to have to fail you." He smiled inwardly at the brat's sad face. It seems as if his plan would come into tuition soon. Iruka smiled sadly in knowing this would hurt Naruto a lot. As soon as Naruto left, Iruka went to see the Hokage while Mizuki went to initiate his plan.

Naruto made his way outside the class just as the bell rang. On his way there, he heard side comments from the parents which added fuel to his slowly building hate. It was things like these that made him wonder why he had not just crushed these people. He shook those thought from his head before continuing on his way home.

"Look it's that boy"

"I heard he failed the exam"

"Good, I couldn't imagine if that "

"Shhhh, were not allowed to talk about that"

"Serves him right to fail"

As he made his way home, he sensed someone nearby. He stopped for a few seconds as if he was deep in his thoughts to identify who it was that was tailing him. It was none other than Mizuki. Mizuki then took this moment to approach him.