Well, I love the movie Tangled, and I just had to write a story about it! This will be a multi-chapter, and probably pretty long-at least twenty thousand words by the time I'm done with it. Hopefully, that is. I started this today, so this is all I have. It's a sequel to Tangled, and sort of like the Cinderella III movie, but won't follow that plot line, just the basic idea.

Also, the idea of the Disney villains was Kairan1979's. :) Thanks again! I based it off the villain part of Fantasmic!-the show at Hollywood Studios in WDW and Disneyland I think. I haven't been to the parks in Anaheim.

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Prologue – The Book of Limbo

Gothel opened her eyes. She was surrounded by a bleak monotone of color. Grey with hints of white and black at her right and left, respectively. The old woman looked at her hands—pale and withered, like they were when she first found the golden flower.

She stood from her current position—lying down—and looked around. Bland nothingness.

There was nothing anywhere. She was alone.

She tested her voice. "Rapunzel!" she cried. Gravelly and old. And weak, too. Gothel didn't know why she decided to say her daughter's name.

Rapunzel wasn't really her daughter. Gothel had kidnapped Rapunzel as an infant, and came to love her. Their little conversations would go something like:

I love you.

I love you more.

I love you most.

And then it was finished.


Like her life.

Gothel couldn't help having these depressing thoughts. After all, she was dead. Dead as a doornail. Where did that expression come from anyway? No matter. Did anything matter anymore? Does it even matter? No. These thoughts must be coming from the gray-ness of the place.

"I wish I could go back," she said to herself, as there was no one else to say it to. "I wish I could do some spell or something or anything to go back and change how it happened. I hate being old. I need my precious daughter's golden hair to restore my youth! Oh, Rapunzel…you are so much better than that common thief. I need to be back with my darling Rapunzel!"

And as soon as she said these words, eight mysterious and dangerous-looking people appeared in front of her. There was a woman who had eight tentacles instead of feet, a ferocious lion, a scary man with grayish skin and a furry hood, a man wearing yellow with a large rifle (Gothel didn't know how she knew that word; it must be the place she was in), a huge man with long black hair pulled behind his head, a man with graying hair and a fancy three-cornered hat, a woman with green skin, and a menacing woman with long black robes and a fancy tiara.

"Who are you?" Gothel gasped.

The woman with the tiara stepped forward. "I am the Wicked Queen." She began referring to others in the group. "Maleficent, Frollo, Gaston, Clayton, Shan Yu, Scar, and Ursula. Together, we are The Villains. Welcome to Limbo, Gothel."

"How did you know my name?" Gothel asked, suddenly wary of these people.

Scar growled, "This is Lim—"

"—bo," Ursula finished. "And we are going to help you get your happ—"

"—ily ever after!" Frollo said. "If none of us can, you—"

"—will!" Clayton said. "We need someone to live through. And, well, none of us had magi—"

"—cal deaths," interrupted Maleficent. "We may have been magic, but we died hum—"

"—an deaths," Ursula growled. "And now we're going to let you—"

"—live." Shan Yu continued, "Now, you must—"

"—be prepared," Scar laughed maniacally. "We must leave in a moment, and you will not see us again unless you—"

"—return. And then you will have failed again, so—" the Wicked Queen said.

"—you may not try again," Maleficent finished. "Are you prepared?"

"Of course," Gothel said, slightly stunned.

"Good," they all said in unison before they vanished.

And as they disappeared, a large book appeared in front of Gothel.

"How curious," she muttered to herself, forgetting for the moment how much she hated mumbling. Gothel knelt down and opened the book. As soon as she lifted the hard and heavy cover, the pages turned of their own accord.

Welcome to Limbo, Gothel, the page read. She gasped. This is the book of Limbo. It will answer any question you have, and will fulfill your deepest desire—to become young again, to turn back time, to be with Rapunzel—the daughter who isn't really yours.

"How does this book know these things?" she gasped to herself.

I am the book of Limbo. I know all. A slight breeze blew and the pages turned, finally settling about 400 pages in. Gothel read the page, noting that there was a golden flower on each corner of the page.

A Spell to Reverse Time

Flower, gleam and glow

Let your power shine

Make the clock reverse

Bring back what once was mine

Save what once was lost

Bring back what once was mine

What once was mine

Familiar, eh, Gothel? said the page. Try the spell, and all your dreams will come true.

Gothel didn't hesitate; she began singing the very familiar song. Funny how the song that once caused Rapunzel's hair to glow was now going to fix everything. As Gothel sang, the little flowers on the page began to glow, and a wind picked up.

The breezy wind quickly turned into a hurricane. The grayness of the land quickly turned to gold as the winds blew in a circle surrounding Gothel. She smiled and then began laughing maniacally as she saw her youth returning.

And then the winds stopped and the gold faded to a dark gray, but there was light at both ends of the tunnel. Literally.

Gothel smiled as she took the familiar path home. She exited the rock and saw the tower.

"Rapunzel!" she cried. "Rapunzel, let down your hair!"

Seventy feet of golden hair flew out the window and landed in front of Gothel.

Gothel smiled. Things were going to be right again. But first, she had to move Rapunzel to another safe location. If she never let Rapunzel stay on her own, she would never meet Flynn Rider, and then Rapunzel would Gothel's priso—daughter—forever.