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Chapter X – Happily Ever After-ish

Eugene Fitzherbert saw the woman's hand slide slowly behind her leg. He acted without thinking, or rather, decided to act without thinking. It was much easier with no strings attached and the guilt of saying, 'I picked this decision and now I must live with the consequences.' He was more of an 'I picked to let my muscles pick this decision and now we all must live with the consequences because this is clearly not my fault' type of guy.

So Eugene let his arms decide. And his arms decided to take the dagger that was in his hands and grab Rapunzel's hair and chop it off at the base of her chin into a sort of bob hairstyle that was much shorter than the average woman's in the kingdom. However, Rapunzel was a modern girl. She could handle it.

Unfortunately, both women noticed at the same time. Rapunzel's hair fell to the ground and she clutched her head. "Eugene!" she squeaked. Her hair turned brown as it hit the ground and snaked around the area. Gothel clutched at the hair, trying to retain its power, but she quickly began to grow older and older and older and older and older until she turned into a pile of dust. Rapunzel cried out in anguish at the loss of her mother figure. "How could you?" she asked, betrayed that Eugene would cut her hair and then kill the woman who raised her!

"I did it to save you!" he said. But as soon as these words left his lips, Rapunzel collapsed to the ground. Her eyes were closed and her breathing shallow. "Rapunzel!" Eugene gasped and fell down beside her. He lifted her head into his lap and rested it there cautiously. "What did I do?" he asked himself.

She was incredibly weak, but she somehow found the energy to say, "Oh, Eugene…I…My hair…I guess…it held…my energy…and strength…I didn't know…it…was keeping…me…alive…"

"Oh, Rapunzel," Eugene said. "I'm so sorry." He knew that by cutting off her hair, he had weakened her and she didn't have the strength to go on in life. He knew that by cutting off her hair, he had killed her, the only woman he could ever love.

"Please, Eugene," she said slowly, "Find Pascal…for me…" Eugene carefully laid Rapunzel's head on the ground and looked around for the frog—chameleon. He located the creature by the bush. Eugene carefully picked him up and carried him over to Rapunzel. Eugene sat on the ground and lifted Rapunzel so she had her head in his lap again. He placed Pascal in her small, pale hands and allowed her to gently rub the chameleon's back. "Thank you…Oh, Pascal…" The chameleon woke up and grabbed one of her fingers between his paws.

"Rapunzel, I'm so sorry! I didn't know," Eugene said.

"I know you didn't," she said. "You would never…do this…on purpose…Eugene…" She breathed shallowly for a few moments, as she gathered the strength to say, "Please…stay…with me."

"I will. I swear," he said, tears filling his eyes. And Eugene Fitzherbert never cried. "I'm so sorry," he whispered. He ran his fingers through her short brown hair as he saw her eyes close. Eugene knew that he needed to comfort her in her last moments. He softly began to sing a mourning song he had learned as a child in the orphanage, modifying some of the words to fit, "Lay her in a field of flowers, let sage and clover become her bed. Lay her in a field of flowers, put sprays of lilac beneath her head. The willow will weep, the swallow will call, the wind in the trees will mourn her fall. Still spring will fill the fields with flowers, with lilacs and lilies and all…Bear her as a fallen hero with solemn honor and dignity. But bear her to a greening meadow, let spring itself be her eulogy. For spring means rebirth, though each flower dies. The seeds fall to Earth, take root, and rise! So lay her in a field of flowers, and flowers will bloom where she lies!" On the last, shaky, tearful note, Rapunzel exhaled softly and became still.

Tears ran down Eugene's cheeks. Pascal began to cry as well. Max entered the clearing, dejected because he had not found help. He saw Rapunzel and looked at Eugene.

"She was the lost princess," Eugene whispered. Maximus' eyes widened and he knelt to the ground in reverence and honor. "And now she's gone…"

Eugene turned to face Rapunzel and looked at her pale face. She looked so different with brown hair. Eugene liked it. He liked her hair blonde, but she looked so…she looked so like herself with brown hair. Eugene shut his eyes and recalled memories of her song that would make her hair glow.

He gently sang, "Flower gleam and glow…let your…power shine…make the clock reverse…bring back what once was mine…Heal what has been hurt…change the fates' design…save what has been lost…bring back what once was mine…what once was mine…" He was so desperate to try anything that would possibly bring her back to him. Eugene half expected her hair to glow and heal her, but, of course, nothing happened.

Like the Fates of mythology, Eugene had cut her thread—or hair—of life, and she had died because of his rash actions. He should have just let Gothel pull out the dagger and kill him. He could have then cut her hair, killing Gothel, but then she would have died, too. There was no way out of this vicious circle of death! Eugene almost wished that he had done things the other way, where he died and then she died. It was easier than living with the guilt of having killed the woman he loved.

Oh, yes. He loved her. While he may not have completely realized it while she was living and breathing beside him, Eugene realized that he truly loved her while he was singing the mourning song. And he killed her. He killed her! He was a murderer.

That was it then.

Eugene knew there was only one thing he could do. The sun was rising over the trees. The light was beginning to fill the small clearing where they had made camp. He gently placed her head on the ground and stared at her blank face. He carefully leaned down and kissed her dead lips. Of course, nothing happened.

True love's kiss was a fairytale for a magical world. There was no magic in this world. Only hate, cruelty, and death.

Eugene stood. Pascal and Max stared at him, silently asking, "Where are you going? How could you leave her?"

"She's dead. It's my fault. I'm going to turn myself in. It's the right thing to do." With these words, Eugene began to walk away, shoulders sagging. Pascal and Max stared after him, but then Pascal charged at Eugene. The chameleon pulled at Pascal's boots, but was not strong enough to stop a grown man. Maximus, however, had more luck. He ran right in front of Eugene and would not let him pass. "Move…Let me go!" Eugene growled at the horse.

Max didn't move. But he looked past Eugene's shoulder and his eyes widened. Pascal turned and saw. Eugene didn't want to look, but curiosity got the best of him. He turned slowly and inhaled sharply as he saw Rapunzel slowly rise to a sitting position and blink a few times.

"Eugene!" she cried.

"Rapunzel!" he said happily. It was too good to be true, but there she was, alive and breathing. Eugene ran over to Rapunzel and knelt down beside her. They smiled at each other, and embraced. Rapunzel pulled back, giggled, and eagerly pressed her lips to his. Eugene's eyes widened, but then he realized what was happening. He responded happily and after a few seconds, they pulled apart and embraced again. He smiled as he buried his face in her neck.

Both were content to stay like this forever.

Eugene pulled away from Rapunzel and stood, offering out his hand. She gladly took it and allowed him to pull her up. He didn't let go of her hand, but laced his fingers between hers and squeezed. She smiled and blushed, allowing him to lead her away. Max and Pascal followed willingly, but allowed the two to walk a little ways a head to give them some privacy.

"Are you sure you want this?" Eugene asked as Rapunzel neatly folded up the letter she'd been writing.

"I'm sure."

"You're positive? Because once we do this, we can't exactly change it."

"I'm sure," Rapunzel reassured him. "I wouldn't want to do anything else."

Eugene smiled at her and squeezed her hand. Rapunzel smiled and closed her eyes as Eugene kissed her again. Rapunzel pulled apart and handed the letter to the barman at the Snuggly Duckling. He smiled a toothy (but missing some teeth) grin and placed the letter in the mailbox.

Rapunzel and Eugene walked outside where Pascal and Maximus were waiting. "Are you ready?" Eugene asked as he pulled Rapunzel up onto the horse.

"Of course," she answered. He kissed her again, more passionately than before. "Let's go."

"As you wish," he said and Max sped off.

She wrapped her hands around his waist. Rapunzel rested her head on his shoulder as they rode off into the sun and into their destiny.

Your Majesties,

I don't really know how to say this, but I am the lost princess, your daughter. An old woman, Gothel, kidnapped me as a baby and locked me in tower. I was rescued a few days ago by Flynn Rider. I am sure you are aware of this. I have no intentions of coming back to live in the palace with you. Please understand that I have nothing against you personally, but I feel that I am not meant to be with you. I feel as if I meant to be somewhere else, with my Eugene Fitzherbert.

I beg you to please call off all searches for Flynn Rider, myself, and the horse Maximus. We have all agreed to leave the kingdom and make a life elsewhere. Please forgive me for this, but while I may have been born a princess, I am not a princess at heart. Forgive me, I beg you. May you live in peace knowing that your daughter has found life, love, and happiness, even if it is not with you.

As for Maximus, he has become our friend, and I asked him if he wanted to come with us or go home. He wishes to stay with us and live elsewhere. I am sorry that he has left your guards. Please apologize for me.

I am deeply sorry for any pain I may have caused you over the years. I am even sorrier that I will never meet you in person. But I love Eugene with all my heart, and I know that I will never be truly happy without him, and I know that it wouldn't be possible for me to be a princess and still be with him.

I will always love you because you are my parents, but I cannot live as a princess. I love Eugene far too much. Please forgive us.

Your daughter,