A Gambler's Soul

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: card.

Musketeer word: fair.

Set: in season 6.

Summary: There's a time for playing and a time for fighting – and there may come a time for both, cuz the devil loves playing...

A/N: Happy Thanksgiving my friends, and may no turkey's ghost come to seek revenge :-)

The air was stale, the noises muted.

He felt dizzy, though he hadn't drunk half as much as the man across the table.

He scrutinized these eyes, brownish-green, like frozen mud.

They gave away nothing.

He sighed. "Okay, two cards for me."

Not-Sam grinned smugly, a pile of coins in front of him.

"This isn't fair" Dean complained, "Remind me to never play poker with someone who ain't no soul."

A strange sentiment melted the familiar features. "Last time I gambled for your life, remember?"

Dean nodded. He knew. And he'd do anything to win Sam back. By his rules!