Title: A Thousand Miles
Author: defineskyline
Rating: PG-13
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jonne/Kurt (interdimensional shipping ftw!)
Genre: Romance, major fluff
Warning: mild language
Disclaimer: Glee belongs to FOX and Ryan Murphy and straight Jonne Aaron belongs to himself.
Summary: Kurt's and Jonne's story continues.
Author Notes: So, this is a follow-up to my story "Love Is A Word" – it's better if you read the first one, where you get some pictures to see what Jonne looks like and the beginning of their story, or you probably won't understand this one. And hey, free smut!

I don't know where I'm gonna go with this, actually. This was sparked by a reviewer of the first story and she put a plot bunny into my head. I was planning a follow-up anyways and I'm not completely sure if I'm gonna go with the original one or with the new, so we'll all have to see together.

I'm probably not gonna use anymore gratuitous Finnish anymore, since Google Translator only gives me jack squat. If only Jonne was German, that would make it all so much easier…

Now, please suspend all belief of logic and reality again and have fun!

I never really expected Jonne to actually contact me again. I kept looking at his number in my cell phone, always hovering over the call button, almost pressing it a thousand times, but never daring to. I don't even know anymore what kept me from doing it. I was probably just scared that he would ridicule me or, worse, not remember me.

So I really didn't expect it when once upon a Tuesday almost a month after that night my cell phone rang and it said "Jonne". First, I was frozen in disbelief. Then I remembered that phone calls tend to go to mailbox if you don't answer them.

"Hello?" I asked
"Hi, Kurt? Is that you?" my heart pounded in my chest as I heard his deep voice laced with his so sexy Finnish accent.
"Huh? I mean, yes, it's me, I mean… Kurt." I never felt more idiotic than at that moment. I was acting like a floundering teenage girl – well, I also felt like one, so it kind of figured.
"Hey! I'm sorry I didn't call sooner, I was so busy lately." I practically heard him smile through the phone. "But I also kind of waited for you to call me." Oh God, what can I reply to that? "Well, I'm sorry, I was too much of a chicken to actually do that since I'm head over heels with you."

Yeah, THAT would go over well.

"Sorry" I reply "I… was… kind of waiting too." I wanted to hit my head against my desk until I bled at that. My mouth was normally so connected to my brain, but right then, it just did what it wanted.
I heard him chuckle. "Good that I made the first step then." For a few seconds, silence lied between us, until he cleared his throat and said: "So, Kurt, that night, we didn't get much talking in between" he paused, for dramatic effect, I suppose "Maybe we can do that now."
"Fine by me." I replied.
"So tell me something about you."
"Why don't you start?" Offense is always better as defense. Jonne laughed.
"Well, what do you already know about me?"
"I know that your name is Jonne Aaron, you're from Finland, you're the singer of a band called Negative, you're 26 years old, you have two brothers and girls would kill to get in your pants."
He laughed again.
"So you already know the basic facts about me. Anything else?" I wasn't gonna tell him about my hour-long, borderline stalker check-up on his history, so I just answered with no.
"Then what about you?" He asked. I hesitated. What can I tell him with the big age fib I told him? I couldn't tell him about the most essential parts in my life, especially Glee club. I could probably lie some more, saying it was a college thing, but it didn't feel right.
"My name is Kurt Hummel," I stayed silent for a moment "I have to confess something."
"I lied to you. I'm not 19."
"I'm actually 17. I lied because I was scared you'd reject me. I'm really sorry." He was quiet for a while and I just wanted die. Why had I done that?
"So, um… does that mean I'm gonna get into jail for having sex with you?" He sounded genuinely scared and I bursted out laughing at that.
"No. I wouldn't ever tell on you. And besides, I think it's not illegal for you to have sex with a consenting 17-year old."
"Let's hope!" he laughed.
"So… you aren't mad?"
"I don't know" he replied "I mean, it's kind of shitty that you lied to me, but it was also stupid of me to believe you that" he laughed again "But it's okay. You're only human. And I can't guarantee I wouldn't have done it with you even if you had told me." And my heart melted into a puddle on the floor. I was relieved that he wasn't angry with me and my stomach made flips at his words.
"Now, tell me more. There must be more than just your name and your age to you."

And that's how we ended up talking for hours, about Negative, Glee club, school, touring, families, everything we could think of.

"What time is it over there?" I asked while looking on my clock. 11:24 PM. Holy crap.
"6 AM."
"Oh my God, does that mean we talked the whole night? Don't you need sleep?"
"Me?" he scoffs "I don't need sleep." Promptly at that moment, he yawned loudly. I laughed.
"Yeah, I can hear that."
"I have a few days off. It's fine. I'll just sleep later."
"I'd love to let you do that, but unfortunately, I have to go. I'm already too far behind on my sleep regime and I'll look like a bag of shit tomorrow if I don't get to sleeping soon."
"I couldn't imagine you ever looking like a bag of shit." I blushed furiously at that.
"Stop being so charming. I really need to go."
"Aw, damn. Well,"
"What do you say? We talk tomorrow? Or, tonight, for me at least?"
"I'd love that."
"Great. I'll call you at the same time then."
"You do that."
"Bye Kurt, sleep tight." I heard him smack a loud kiss against the speaker and then he hung up.

I resisted the urge to squeak like a lovesick teenager girl.

No matter if I felt like one.