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She was beautiful. Addictive in her own way. He always wanted to be near her. To be able to see her. Always. No matter what, or how. It didn't matter to him. It didn't matter to him what people thought about it. Not even what she thought about it. But that didn't mean he was going to tell her. It was his secret. Most people would look down at what he was doing, and yes he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he didn't care. As long he could see her.

Everyone would tell him he was crazy, since he was dating her. He got to know her the best, but he knew that what he knew about her was only skin deep. He didn't want to just kind of know her, he wanted to everything about her. What makes her twitch, what she likes, her pet peeves, her favorite things… her every movement. There were times when he even got to see her naked. Her body was luscious and full. A beauty to behold. He's gotten the blessing of being able to see every inch of her body. But she didn't know that and never needed to.

Right now she's reading a book. A romance probably, since her face flushes every now and then. She was so cute when she read. Looking so serious and twisting her face to whatever emotion she was feeling. The emotion on her face at the moment was border line crying. Something sad obviously. It almost made him want to laugh looking at that puffed up face. She looked like she was trying hard not to let the tears fall.

He needed to leave though. It was getting about that time when she goes to bed. Every time, before she goes to bed, she looks outside her window, checking for anything. It was a weird habit of hers. It almost got him caught one time. Luckily she didn't notice him. She didn't need to know. Ever.

It was that feeling again. She'd been feeling it for weeks. Like she's being watched. It was a creepy feeling. She had no control over it. She wanted to prove it was true, but was afraid to look at her window. She knew that's where she felt it. At first she ignored it and told herself not to worry. It was probably nothing. Probably.

Instead of checking every time she felt something staring at her, she just checked before she went to sleep. The first time she did that she thought she heard something, but she didn't see anything. The times after that when she checked her window before she went to sleep, she didn't get the feeling anymore. Anytime before she goes to sleep, she's still afraid something could possibly be there. She'd contemplated telling her father, but she was afraid he would think that she just wanted attention or was crazy, so that was out. She afraid to tell her friends about it for the same reasons. And she didn't want to tell her boyfriend because he would probably be calm and tell her calmly not to worry about it and that it was probably nothing. She didn't need to her something she had already told herself.

'But it probably is really nothing…'

Hinata went up to her window and checked it as per usual.

'It's nothing. It's nothing. I'm sure. What would be there anyway.'

She looked and once again, nothing. 'Why do I do this. There's nothing there ever. I'm acting like a child looking for the boogeyman.'

Hinata huffed and went to her bed, turned off her light then went to sleep.

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