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Sasuke was stressing out. It was Sunday already and he hadn't come up with an idea that could get him out of being with Sakura. He could accept the be an overly embarrassing boyfriend to get away from her, but his usual acting wouldn't let him be that way.

He considered being an abusive type guy, but he didn't like doing that to anyone but Hinata.

'I've got it!'

Sasuke was sprawled out on his bed looking at his ceiling. His room was dark as usual. You wouldn't have been able to see it, but he smiled. 'I definitely know what I'm going to do.'

Hinata was cleaning her room to keep busy. She had been feeling anxious since yesterday and her nerves are still as bad as they were then. 'I don't know why, but I have a feeling something's going to happen soon. Maybe it was that comment that Sakura girl gave.'

The Next Day: Monday

Sasuke walked around the campus looking for the pink-haired annoyance. 'This is so annoying. I was just getting back into Hinata's good graces.'


Sasuke turned to the annoying, high-pitched voice. The pink-haired girl ran to him while waving her hand in the air at him. 'Stupid girl.'

She ran to the thoroughly annoyed boy; ignoring his bad vibes toward her. "So I'm expecting you've got my answer."


Sakura cocked an eyebrow, waiting for his answer.

"Yes. I will 'date' you."

Sakura jumped and cheered in excitement then clasped herself to Sasuke's arm. She giggled then squealed, "You won't regret this!"

'Already am.' "What about those pictures you have?"

"Oh, Sasuke, don't you worry about them." Her eyes went wide then she looked about the area quickly. She turned back to Sasuke and whispered to him. "You wanna know one thing, though?" Sasuke hesitated, then nodded his head. "I know at least two people, besides me that believe that you've been stalking poor little Hinata."

"Who," he demanded.

"Shikamaru and your big brother, Itachi."

'Should've known.'

"They don't know that much though. Your brother was thrown off when Hinata came to her balcony and saw you, which made your meeting her look planned, and Shikamaru hasn't gotten any evidence yet." Sakura grinned and reached up to rub Sasuke's face. "The only person you really need to worry about is me, Sasuke." Sasuke frowned at her. She was very, very annoying.


They walked off, but they definitely weren't unnoticed.

Temari could not believe her eyes. 'Sasuke, that damn bastard! How dare he get with that pink-haired bitch over Hinata!' Temari turned, heading to her class, with Hinata in mind.

As she walked she thought over what she saw. 'Should I really tell Hinata that Sasuke is cheating on her? I mean, she has been having a rough time lately, and she's just now looking happy.' Temari frowned. 'No! I'm going to tell her! She deserves to know. I don't want her to find out on her own.'

"...nata. Hinata. Hinata!"


"I was asking you what the answer to question 12 was." Hinata looked at the piece of paper that had her homework on it for what she wrote down. "U-um, is it 138.1?"

"Yes, and Hinata, please pay attention next time."

"Yes ma'am, Miss Kurenai." The woman nodded then turned back to the board to explain the answer for the ones who didn't get it.

'That feeling is not easing up at all. In fact, it's gotten worse.'


"Have a good day, you guys. I'll see you tomorrow." All the kids packed their stuff then left the room. Hinata was barely out of the room when she suddenly got snatched away out of nowhere. The figure dragging her away had blonde hair in four ponytails. 'Temari? What is she doing?'

Temari pulled Hinata into the girls bathroom.

"If there's anyone in here, you need to get out! Now!" There was a girl at the sink trying to apply make-up looked her up and down, then scoffed and went back to looking at herself in the mirror.

There were a few other (smart) girls that left the stall they were in. Temari walked up to the girl with make-up. "I suggest you leave or I will jam that eyeliner in your damn eye."

The girl quickly left.

"T-Temari? What's wrong? I need to get to class. I'm going to be late."

"Hinata. I have something I really need to tell you." Temari didn't look at her.

"What is it? Is everything alri-"

"Sasuke is cheating on you." Hinata stood there silent. 'He's cheating?' "With that Sakura girl that we saw on Saturday."

Hinata stood there; shocked. She thought he was trying to get better! To show her that he won't be so aggressive. How could he just cheat on her like that?

Hot tears began to run down the side of her face and she was shaking uncontrollably. Temari walked to her and gently held the crying girl.

It was long past time to be in class before Hinata finally stopped crying. Temari let go of the crying girl's hair, only to have chunks of it come off. "Hinata!" Said girl looked at the pieces of hair on Temari's hand.

"M-m-mm-my - my h-h-hair!" She clutched at her chest as she began to hyperventilate.

"H-Hinata? Hinata!" Temari shook the girl.

She passed out.

"Hi-Hinata?" Temari whispered. "Hinata?" She shook the girl gently.

"Oh, my God."

All the kids in Sasuke's class turned to the loudly approaching sirens. All the kids mumurs could be heard throughout the classroom during the teacher's lecture. "Hey. Hey! Pay attention! Whatever is happenning outside is none of your business! Got it!"

"Yes, Miss Anko," the kids groaned. She grunted and went back to her loud lesson on biology.

Sasuke looked out the window that he sat by.

He creased his brows then returned to the lecture.

"Sakura! I need your help! There's a passed out girl having a hard time breathing."

"Yes ma'am." Sakura ran to the blonde busty woman. "What can I assist with, ma'a-" she laid eyes on the girl on the that way lying on the cot(?). Her eyes turned mischievous for only a split second. "What can I help with, Tsunade ma'am?"

Tsunade asked for essentials and Sakura went to retrieve them. "Here you go ma'am." Tsunade worked her magic and the girl was back to normal.

Still passed out, but normal.

Tsunade walked out of the room, leaving Sakura with the girl on the bed. Sakura walked over to the unconscious girl. She put her hand on the girls cheek and rubbed it. "Oh, what soft skin you have," she mocked. Then she ran her hands through the girl's purple locks. "What silky hair you have." The girl stirred in her bed. Sakura turned toward the cabinet with medicine and grabbed a blue bottle of coughing medicine. "Sasuke," the girl mumbled.

"Oh, Hinata, and what a pretty voice you have," she said with a wicked grin.

Temari was crying in Shikamaru's arms. The whole incident was scary.

Even for a girl like Temari.

Shikamaru was scared too, but he didn't show it. If he wasn't strong, who would be? He had never seen Temari cry before.


It was pulling at his heartstrings.

"Her hair was falling out and-and her eyes were rolling in the back of her head! I didn't know what to do. I could barely talk to the operator right!" She bawled.

Shikamaru rubbed her back and told her everything was going to be okay. He held her until she gently pushed herself away from him. "We should go see her."

Temari walked into the lobby and was greeted by a perky receptionist. "Hello! My name is Shizune."

She pointed to herself, "Temari," then her boyfriend, "Shikamaru."

The woman smiled, "Do you have an appointment or is there someone you're here to see?"

"I'm looking for a Hyuuga Hinata." Shizune searched through a book she had in front of her. "You can find on the third floor, room 325."

Temari grunted her thanks then headed to the elevator.

She got to the 3rd floor and searched for her friends room. "321, 323, 325." Temari opened the door without even knocking.

'Shit,' thought the pink-haired schemer. She was caught in a awkward situation. She had the cough syrup in hand ready to pour the whole thing down Hinata's throat. She put on a big smile. "Hello, may I-"

"What the hell where you doing?" The blonde, followed by her boyfriend, entered the room.

"I was just giving her her medicine."

Temari walked up to Sakura and snagged the bottle from her hand. "Why would she need coughing medicine?" The pink-haired girl stared at the Temari. She didn't say a thing. As the silence grew so did Temari's anger. Temari clenched her fists and closed her eyes. "I suggest you leave this room before I do something I regret."

Sakura took this chance and left. Temari was shaking in anger. She absolutely hated that girl. "She's lucky I'm forgiving."

"She's lucky you have self-control," said her boyfriend. Temari walked over to the sleeping girl and gently shook her. The girl stirred, but didn't wake. "Hinata," Temari grabbed the girl by both shoulders and shook her again. Hinata's eyes opened in slits, adjusting to the lights. She blinked her eyes and rubbed her head before she opened them fully. "T-Temari?" Temari gave the girl a small smile. "What are doing at my house?"

Temari giggled at Hinata. "We're at the hospital." Hinata looked around at the unfamiliar settings.

"W-what happened?"

Temari's eyes softened with sadness. That's all Hinata needed to remember what had happened and began to curl into herself. Temari hated seeing her friend like this. She felt guilt out of telling her what had happened. She felt it was her fault that Hinata had that bad episode. "Hinata. I'm so sorry."

Hinata looked up at her friend. "It wasn't your fault, Temari. It was Sasuke! He did this to me. He's the one who's hurting me. He's the one keeping secrets from me! You shouldn't be the guilty one. It was Sasuke!" Temari was surprised that Hinata hadn't stuttered once. "I'm so tired of being pushed around like some ragdoll! I'm tired of being mistreated by people when I've been nothing but kind! I'm tired of it!" Temari had never seen Hinata yelling like she was. "I am not going to be pushed around anymore!" Hinata slammed her hands on her sides with her eyes set in anger.

"Hinata? What are you talking about?"

"I won't be a child that everyone ignores, pushes aside, or scoffs at. I'm not going to let it happen anymore. I've let it happen for too long! Far too long."

Sasuke heard the rumors. They spread pretty quickly. They were saying that Hinata had been taken away by that ambulance he had heard earlier. 'I guess I'll go visit her. I won't be able to be around her much.'

Oh, no! Something might be going down! Harharhar….might.

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