E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: card

Missing scene from The Curious Case of Dean Winchester, 5.07

What was going through Bobby's mind when he lost those 25 years?

Bobby knew he had lost even before the he-witch turned the last card over.

Idjit. What the hell were ya thinkin'?

He knew exactly what he'd been thinking. He'd been thinking how useless he was, sitting on his ass while his boys were fighting a war.

Yeah, and exactly how much good ya gonna be to 'em now?

He sighed heavily.

Should've just swallowed that bullet, ya coward.

But he knew why he didn't. It wasn't about being a coward. It was about family. Sam and Dean were all he had.

Not gonna leave you boys like that, not ever.

A/N: Okay, I know someone is thinking: "but Bobby said..." and yeah, I know what Bobby said to the boys but I don't think he'd ever have swallowed a bullet and left them. I think he just needed to get all that out and tell the boys how useless he felt because sometimes even those who seem to be the toughest need to know they're really needed. Chick flick moment over. Resume your regularly scheduled drabble reading! Oh, and if you're interested I posted a short one-shot for Thanksgiving called The Memory of Pie.

Thanks for reading!