Title: One Shot
Author: borgmama1of5
Rating/Pairing: PG, none
Wordcount: 360

For spnquotefic prompt:
1.18 Something Wicked This Way Comes
MICHAEL: What if you shoot me?
DEAN: We won't shoot you. We're good shots

It was the training that saved his life. Pure reflex.

Creeping through the brush, hands together on the grip of the pistol, just the tip of his right index finger resting on the trigger. He kept his arms locked, fighting to keep the pounding of his heart from making his hands shake. Every shadow in the dusk potentially hid the creature, and Sam didn't have enough eyes to watch all of them.

He knew Dad was in the center of their formation, Dean on the far right. He'd been assigned the side least likely to encounter the creature based on its previous attacks, and Sam had been pissed when they'd left the car.

Now he wanted more than anything to hear the gunshot telling him that Dad or Dean had bagged it and he could release his deathgrip on the gun.

It happened so fast, there was no time to think. The noxious odor, the gaping maw, the claws ready to eviscerate him. Sam just swung his body toward it, let out half a breath, and squeezed the trigger. He relaxed his elbows into the recoil, straightened them, and fired again at the crumpling monster. It collapsed as two voices shouted his name in unison.

"Sammy! You all right?" Somehow, even though he'd been farther away, Dean reached him first.

Dad was right behind Dean and looked at the dead thing, then at Sam. "You needed two shots, Sam?"

"I … It was still coming …" The adrenaline in his system abruptly dissipated and Sam had to put a hand on the tree next to him to stay upright.

Dean's hunting posture relaxed once he verified Sam was unhurt, and turned his attention from his brother to the body.

"Dad." Dean gestured with his flashlight, since it was now too dark to see clearly. "Take a look."

As John crouched to see what Dean was pointing at, Dean grinned back at Sam.

"Head shot and heart shot, Sammy. Damn good for your first kill. I couldn'ta done better."

Sam heard the pleasure in his brother's voice and wondered if he would ever go out on a hunt without being afraid.