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"Stay here Gil!" the voice yelled, and soon Gilbert found himself being pushed into a closet.

"B-But Young Master Oz! W-What about you and…"

"Don't worry about it!" the blonde boy then started to close the doors, looking over his shoulder with worry. He then turned his head towards Gilbert, and gave one last smile "Don't worry, everything will be okay! I promise to come back to get you!"

And the doors were closed. Gilbert tried to open the door while his hard hammered against his chest and his sweaty hands tried to find a way to open the locked doors. No more than five minutes passed and he could hear the door of the room being kicked open, screams and cusses being said by numerous people as he heard his young Master trying to escape.

Just as quickly as it happened, the sounds went away, and Gilbert was left alone in that closet, realizing the terrible truth: His Best Friend was gone.

"Tadaima." A voice called coming from the door. Ada, who had a hat in her hands looked up and smiles as the raven haired man entered the room, leaving his long heavy coat behind.

"Okaeri nasai Gil!" Ada said, smiling "Is it no snowing today?"

"No." the man said, walking slowly towards the young girl. Ada frowned at that. Usually when Gil was in a mood like that he either saw Xerxes Break or his mission was unsuccessful. Considering the 24 year old man just returned from a month long trip, most likely it was the latter.

She hated seeing Gil like that… Maybe if she gave him the hat he would…

"GIL!" a voice called from up the stairs. Both turned their heads only to find Jack, in his extravagant clothes running down towards him "You're home!" then he frowned "According to my letter you would only be here in a few days… Did something happen?"

"No, and that is the problem!" Gil said, as he sat down at the dining table, resting his head on his hands rather frustrated. "I couldn't find anything! Not even one clue!"

The two Vessalius siblings exchanged worried looks. Ada, still holding on to the hat, nudged her head towards Gil, giving a meaningful look to her older brother.

Jack sighed and continued to go downstairs, this time slowly. A sad smile graced his lips as he sat down by the raven's side, one arm around his shoulder in a comforting manner.

"Come on, Gil, don't be like that." He says, his voice calming, and losing the playful tone it had until that moment "He wouldn't like to see you so sad." The raven gave no response. "I know you want to find them, and we do as well. Nothing would be more satisfying to us than finally avenging my twin's death and giving him a proper burial." Again, he gave no response, but Jack knew he was listening "But it's been over 10 years since Oz died and… And honestly, they could have done many things to cover their tracks. So don't be so hard on yourself. I know my brother would hate to know you are so upset because of him."

There was a long silence, and Jack began to wonder if his words had truly reached his friend or if they had just been ignored, like many times before.

But as he was about to stand up, sighing in defeat, Gil murmured something under his breath. The siblings looked at each other before turning to Gil again, Ada asking to repeat himself once more.

"It is my fault…" he said "What happened to Master Oz."

Ada looked down, and Jack shook his head.

"If I had insisted10 years ago for him to hide with me… Then maybe… Maybe…"

"I think we gone over that already." Jack said, standing up and running his fingers through his hair in frustration "It's not your fault, Gil. You know why Oz did that. They were after us, not you. If he had been with you then…"

"Then both of you would be dead." Ada said, looking down, her grip in the hat growing stronger "They were after us. Oz-nii knew they would continue to search the house until they found all four of us… But to them it didn't matter if a servant survived or not, they just wanted the Royal Family."

"They would only kill those who got in their way." Jack said, a bitter smile appearing in his lips "Oz knew that, so he did his best to make sure you survived, Gil."

"I would have gladly lost my life to save Oz's!" Gil said, turning to look at Jack.

"And so would have I." Jack shook his head, his bitter smiling turning sad "But my brother was stubborn like that; He would have gladly sacrificed himself if it meant everyone else would survive."

"And that's what Oz-nii did." Ada said.

A silence now dominated the room, all of them looking down. It was painful, too painful to remember the events of 10 years ago. What if they had ran away faster? What if he hidden him? What if he had spoken up? What if they had fought? There were so many if's to consider; so many possibilities that it crushed them each in every day with guilt and pain.

"We're baaaaaaaaack~!" a voice called from the door, and Gil immediately started to wonder if there was any way to avoid what was about to come.

"Welcome Home Break, Sharon-san, Oscar-jichan." Ada said, standing up and bowing.

"Thank you, Ada-chan." Sharon said, walking towards the young girl with a smile. "Ah! Raven! I did not know you were returning today. Welcome Back."

"Thank you, Sharon-san." Gil said, not looking up.

"Indeed Gil-kun~! It's such a pleasant surprise to see you coming back early." Break said, taking a sit next to Gil, not before giving a respectful bow to Jack and Ada "How did your mission go?"

The silence that followed was enough of an answer. Soon the three were back to their gloomy mood, that seemed to have lighten a little with the arrival of their companions.

"Ah, enough with the sad faces!" Oscar said, smiling "Gil has returned after being a month away from us! I say this calls for a welcome home party! We bought some grape juice that will be perfect to celebrate!"

"Ah, yes, Oscar-jichan's famous grape juice." Jack said, laughing "Yes, I do believe we need a party. I've been studying too much, and need some time to relax!"

"Yes, Yes! We need to celebrate~!" Break said "Gil-kun's return and to the final stage of our ten year plan!"

This, of course, grabbed the attention of everyone in the room.

"Break…" Gil begun "Does that… Does that mean…?"

"Indeed!" he said, voice cheerful, grabbing a lollipop from his pocket and then raising, as if ready to toast "Vessalius Royal Family… Your days of hiding are coming to an end!"

"So this is Sabrie?" a girl asked looking around. Her companion, walking a few feet ahead of her, was wearing a brown hood covering most of his face, much like her own.

"Yep!" he said cheerfully "It's a beautiful city, don't you think? It's got beautiful buildings! I remember the library, it was sooooo big that…"

"Does it have good meat?" The girl interrupted.

"What?"he stopped and turned around. From what was visible of his face it was easy to make out a curious expression.

"Meat." The girl repeated. "Do they have good meat? Because I'm hungry! You are the poorest human I've ever met! We've been travelling for months yet you have no money! We had to steal food and many times is not even good meat!"

"Well, excuse me for being broke." He said, with a pout. But then smiled. "When I lived in the castle we had great meat! Our cook was amazing but nothing was as good as the pastries! "

"Good meat?"

"Oh yes!" Oz said "For lunch and dinner! They were soooo good! Cooked, well tempered, and sooo tasty! It was just amazing! Other royal families from around the world tried to buy our cook, but he always stayed by our side!"

"Meat…" the girl repeated to herself, her mouth watering as her companion continued to describe the flavorful meals he had once consumed.

In a second her pace picked up, no longing dragging her feet through the streets. She started to run, being guided more by her nose than her sense of direction, leaving her companion behind.

"Hey! Come back! That's not the way we're suppose to go!" the boy said, his eyes showing great amusement "Hey! Alice! Wait for me!"

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