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"Oz…" He repeated again, stepping forward. He could feel Ada's gaze upon him, clearly not understanding what was going on. The other hooded stranger did the same thing as his little sister, and the two twins only stared at each other.

Then there a was a laugh. The hooded boy with the pocket watch was smiling and laughing. If Jack had any doubt that this boy was his twin brother, it all disappeared when he heard the laughter. Ada now gasped, finally realizing what was going on, and the boy pulled the hood down, revealing his usual Cheshire grin.

"You've grown up so much Jack! I bet ya are a success with the Ladies, right?" the boy winked, and Jack couldn't help but laugh. After 10 years of not seeing each other, his brother was still the same.

"Of course." He smiled, joining on the joke "They all fall for my charm so easily~!"

"Ah, Brother Jack!" Oz continued, eyes shining in fake admiration and then bowed in respect "You are such a dandy man! You must teach me all your tricks!"

"Of course, you shall be my dear pupil." Jack said, making exaggerated gestures with his hands as his brother continued with the fake worship.

Soon they were both laughing, and it was almost as if they had never been apart. Ada watched the scene with awe, and smiled once her Jack offered Oz a hand, and the latter got up and stood up straight.

Now they could have a really good look at him. Nothing had changed much, to be quite honest. Even his clothes, dirty, ripped, were the exact same from last time they saw him. His blonde hair had not grown and inch, and he wasn't any taller than that day. His eyes still sparkled with mischief, and his voice was still one that seemed to carried that spell that just made you want to listen to him, something he shared with his brother Jack. The one thing that changed, Ada noticed, was the fact that he had no apparent open wounds or scars from the time they were kept as prisoners.

"Oz…" A voice interrupted the cheerful reunion, and Oz was reminded of his fellow companion, who was currently glaring at the two strangers like a scared little kitty.

"Ah! So sorry Alice!" he said, smiling, and then pulled her by the hand until she was by his side "This is Alice, she is my travelling companion. We've become great friends!"

The hood was pulled down to reveal a beautiful young girl, appearing the same age as Oz, with dark brown hair and red clothing. She looked at them, distrusting, and then at Oz, as if trying to tell him something.

"It's okay Alice." Oz said, smiling still "These are my siblings! Right here is Jack, my brother, and there… " he turned his eyes towards Ada and his smile seemed melancholic "That young lady there is little Ada. I told you all about them, remember?" the girl looked at them, analyzing their faces "They sure grew up a lot."

"And you didn't grow up one bit." Jack's smile now disappeared, and his face was reflected his curiosity. "how come?"

"It's a looooong story." Oz waved the question away, and then smiled "But I'm glad you two are okay, I was… Really worried."

Ada couldn't hold herself together anymore. At those words, she started to cry and hugged her beloved big brother as tight as could. He was worried about them? That wasn't right! They were the ones who escaped! Oz gave his life to save them, he was the one who stayed behind…

Ada still remembered, being put in a carriage, her big brother Jack and Uncle Oscar tied and blindfolded, and her big brother in standing in the house, with a sad smile on his face. She wasn't old enough to understand the situation, but she knew the people who took them away from their home were bad people. And as the carriage left, Oz stayed there, with one of the bad men behind him, a gun pointed to his head. Oz never stopped smiling until he thought Ada was too far to see him.

"I have an important mission for you, Captain Ada." He had said, while big Brother Jack and Uncle Oscar were being tied "Take care of the two of them, okay? Once you are far away enough from here, untie their hands… They should take care of the rest from there." He then smiled "I'm counting on you!"

Captain Ada… They didn't understand much of military titles, but before the incident, Oz and Jack liked to pretend that all four of them were a group with an important mission: Make the adults' lives as hard as possible. She was Commander Ada. Jack was a General, Gil a Lieutenant, even though he protested when the twins decided his ranking, and Oz said he wanted to be called Colonel Oz.

Their "missions" were always silly: Steal the dessert from kitchen, escape their lessons, or just play a prank on the other servants. It was mainly a way to keep the four children entertained in that big castle. Oz and Jack would always be the ones giving the orders, and every now and again they would be pretending to be doing some heroic sacrifice to save the others, accompanied by some laughter and Gil's desperate cries, saying that if anyone had to be sacrificed, it should be him!

But at that moment Ada knew that this was not a joke, and took her mission, knowing fully well that Oz was trusting her with the lives of their family. She did as told, and when the other two Vessalius were free, they fought against the bad men who were in the carriage with them, and quickly rode to where they knew they would have allies.

So when Oz spoke again, in a whisper only to her, she couldn't help but cry more.

"I knew I could trust you." And she stepped back a little only to see him smiling at her, just like that day. She cried more and he comforted her, just like Jack had done many times in the previous decade.

"So this is where you have been hiding." Oz said, as they entered the mansion. While still in the Capital, the mansion stood separated from the main buildings, surrounded by a huge forest that made it easy to lose yourself, even if you did know the way to the mansion. Isolated, you could only find it if you already knew where it was, which made a perfect hiding spot for the Vessalius. Oz remembered visiting the place once, long time ago, when they were introduced to Sharon.

"The Rainsworth Household have always been our allies." Jack nodded "After we escaped that day, they let us live here, hiding and protecting us from the outside world." A pause "As far as anyone knows, we are dead."

"That is not completely true." Alice said, now that she trusted the other two enough to let her companion be near them "Some people think that you are still alive."

"That's right! Meat guy said that, didn't he?" Oz said, thoughtfully "He said a third of Sabrie believes that there are Vessalius alive and want them back in power, and another third that were opposed us during the revolution."

"And the last third is neutral." Ada agreed "We have acquired many supporters throughout the year, Oz-nii."

"Supporters…" Oz said "Supporters of what, exactly? Of our family?"

"Not quite." A new voice spoke, and of them turned to see a white haired man, with one red eye, standing at the entrance "It is a pleasure to see you, Prince Oz." But before Oz could answer, he spoke again "Though it is also a surprise."

"I do tend to have that effect on people." Oz said, smiling.

"I bet you do. We're having some tea, why don't you come and join us? We have lots and lots of things to discuss~!"

They walked into the dining room, where to Oz's surprise, Oscar and Sharon were sitting. Their facial expression as Oz walked in was priceless; something that Oz would never be able to recreate no matter how many pranks he pulled.

"What's wrong?" Oz said, smiling and sitting down across from his uncle, Alice following his lead "You look like you've seen a Ghost Oscar-jiichan!"

"Not a ghost, but something equally amazing." Oscar says "Break left the table without finishing his cake!"

"Is that rare?" Oz asked, grabbing a slice for himself.

"Oh yes, very." Oscar said "It is something that only my amazing nephew would be capable of doing."

"Well, I am the best!" Oz said laughing, bur then smiled "It's nice to see you again Oscar-jiichan."

"Not as nice to have you here with us again, Oz." Oscar replied, and by this point everyone had taken a seat at the table.

"I know what you mean." Oz nodded in agreement, then looked around, with a frown present on his face "Is Gil…"

"He is fine." Sharon finally spoke, sipping a bit of her tea "Gil was found by Break and brought to our house many years ago, Oz-kun. He is currently out in the city, but will be back shortly."

Oz smiled at hearing this… So Gil was okay after all… And he would finally see him again, he would finally come back just like he promised all those years ago. Given, he was ten years late, but a promise was a promise.

He would never admit it out loud, but all this time the golden hair boy had occupied most of his thoughts. He could guess what had happened to his family after they parted, but had no idea what could have happened with Gil. Had he disobeyed his order and came out of hiding while those men were still in the castle? Had he died during the revolution many years ago? Was he still alive? And if so, did he still believe that Oz would come to him? Had he managed to find his brother, sister and uncle? Or was he all alone, living like many orphan children who lost their families during that brutal year?

The possibilities were endless, and Oz always hoped that Gil had indeed found his way back to their family, and was alive, waiting for him. Knowing that soon he would be able to see those golden eyes again appeased the blonde haired boy.

"Now, I think some answers need to be given." Break spoke, stirring his tea with a lollipop "Who wishes to go first?" he turned his eye towards Oz "My Prince? Do you wish to explain how you escaped death? I bet it is a wonderful tale~"

"Maybe later." Oz said, shrugging "I think it will be better when Gil is here, so I don't have to tell the same story twice. Besides, it isn't much really. I did nothing for the past 10 years. But you guys seemed to have come up with some pretty interesting games."

"Indeed we have!~" Break said "It is called "Pa-n-do-ra: The Return of the Vessalius""

"Pandora?" Alice asked, looking at Oz for an answer. When he shook his head, indicating he did not know the meaning of the word either, she looked at Jack. For some reason the girl had took a liking on the man, and for the past few hours they knew each other, was much more friendly towards him than Ada.

"I came up with the name." Sharon says "It is an organization, which it's sole purpose is to eliminate those who committed horrendous crimes during the revolution and give our country back to it's rightful ruler: Jack Vessalius."

"You see, Oz-kun…" Break took over the explanation "The Nightray family and Baskerville took power after those events, all those years ago, and things have not been going very well."

"I heard from some people." Oz said, nodding.

"Well, we believe that the Vessalius family should have stayed ruler of our nation, since they trained their successors to be rulers and they know all of the country's secret. We want the Royal Family back, and we want Jack to be our new ruler, just like it was meant to be." Sharon continued "So through the past decade we have been reaching for old allies that also went into hiding after the Revolution, and anyone who would like to support our cause."

"That is Pandora, Oz-Kun~" Break said "The Organization that is intends to return this country to your family."

"So… There are others? Besides you two that actually know they are alive?" Oz asked, eyes wide. When he found his brother and sister never had he expected that an entire organization had been created during the time he had been away, and that said organization was planning a new revolution. He came back…

"Supporters all across the nation know." Break answered "We are, actually already fighting some of the one who oppose us, and winning~! This… Call it a civil war, has been going on for almost as long as you've been gone, and now is about to come to a closing."

He came back because he promised Gil. That was the only reason. When the offer presented itself, he thought of his best friend, and how he locked him inside that closet promising to be back soon. It would be cruel to not keep it.

But now… Now he was faced with an entirely new situation. It wasn't just that their family was not in power anymore. A another revolution, another battle, was about to happen, just when he came back. Supporters all around the country were giving their lives so Jack could rule them, because they admired and trusted Jack… They were fighting a way against the Nightray and Baskerville, not an official one, but a war all the same.

He came back because of Gil… But now… Now he knew he should stay for as long as possible for other reasons.

"So, with that explained…" Break said, stretching "Care to share us your story? And who is your lovely companion?"

"Shut up clown!" Alice yelled, frowning.

"Well, actually…" Oz started… Oh great, how was he going to explain this? "It's very complicated and…"

And before he could finish, they heard the main door opening. A heavy sigh and heavy boots followed it, and soon a man, tall, with dark sea-weed like hair appeared at the door. He didn't seem at first to notice the two guests, and from there made his way into the kitchen, not looking up. It was clear he was lost in his thoughts; thoughts about his master, thoughts about revenge, thoughts about how he would never see him again…

"Ah… Gil-kun is back~!" Break said with amusement.

And at this moment Oz stood up, his eyes not tearing away from the man. Everyone in the room was quiet, waiting for the next move. They all knew, even Alice knew, that Gil was important to Oz and vice-versa. The two had been waiting for this moment for ten years and now…

"Gil…" Oz called, and the man turned around.

No, he couldn't possibly have heard it… It was impossible, simply unlikely. Oz was dead! Jack told him all that happened that night! And even if he had survived, his voice wouldn't sound the same. He would have aged, his voice would be deeper and…

But as he turned around, those thoughts stopped there. The impossible was materialized in front of him. There stood Oz Vessalius, not looking a day older than when he last saw him.


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