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~ o ~ O ~ o ~

Yugi's recovery was slow. Many times there were setbacks, his body not up to the speed that his mind was. Frustration wasn't new to the teen, but to know what he wanted to say or do, and be unable to communicate it brought Yugi to a whole new level of irritated. According to the doctors, his progress was above normal, but he was still a teen. He wanted to do things by himself. There were many nights were Yugi would cry in Atemu's arms, unable to voice what it was that he wanted.

A couple of nights before they were to leave, the tube that had been placed in Yugi was removed, allowing the small teen to have full control over his body once again.

Atemu freaked out when he went into surgery, afraid that he wouldn't wake up again. If it wasn't for Bakura's quick thinking, tackling the racer and taking him out of the hospital for a while, he would have ended up being sedated again. As it was the duo ended up getting into a fight just to relieve the tension from the day. They were lucky that Laura knew the chief of police and he let them off with only a warning.

But the surgery went off without a hitch, and Yugi was semi mobile the next day. Three days after that, he completed the daunting task of walking across the room without the help of a nurse. Even Yugi was proud of himself. His smile lit up the room that day. And Atemu's was just as bright. It was time to go home. The place they hadn't seen in over three weeks.

Before the group left, Yugi's doctor gave Laura his schedule for his therapy. They would contact his therapist when they made it back to North Carolina. They waved to the people that they had come to know in their three week stay at the hospital, and the ever present media, Atemu carrying his small lover out to the limo that would take them home. He sat the teen in his lap, refusing to let go for even a moment.

The whole group chattered excitedly on the way home. Yugi would even make comments now and then. His speech was beginning to clear up. Soon you wouldn't even be able to tell that he ever had a problem. And no one had an issue understanding what he had to say. They were used to his oddly slurred speech by now.

Only once on the way back to their apartment did Yugi get frustrated. It was when they passed a small race track by the highway. The small teen looking out the window until he could no longer see the track. A single tear running down his face. His future was so uncertain at the moment. Did he dare to hope that he could continue along the path he'd chosen?

"You will race again Aibou. Don't doubt it." Atemu reached over and pulled him close. He didn't even need Yugi to voice the question. He already knew what the problem was.

Yugi's only reply was to bury his face in Atemu's shirt and sob. The rest of the group silent, though they each reached over and tried to comfort the small racer. They understood what was going through his mind. It was the same thought that would have gone through their minds if they had gone through what he had.

Two hours later, the limo pulled up beside the ornate building where their flat was located. It was a good thing that the press didn't know where they lived, or the place would be a mad house. As it was, there was only the night guard sitting at his cubicle at the front of the building. He waved to them cheerfully as they passed.

The group fell asleep to the victory speech that TJ recited for his first Nextel Championship. The racer even mentioned Yugi and Atemu in his speech, toasting Yugi's recovery and wishing them both well. Atemu finished the chase in a close second, even after missing the last two races. Yugi took fourth and Bakura came in after him, fifth. Even with missing the last two races, they all placed well in points. But Yugi was upset that he caused his lover to miss out on another championship. They all felt bad about missing the annual awards banquet that was held at the end of the season, but there was nothing that could have been done about that.

As Atemu cuddled up next to his lover, he told the teen that it wasn't his fault, and there would always be next year. They could figure it out after the two month winter break. Yugi knew that he wouldn't be racing the next season. There was no way he would be able to handle the car in the shape that his was in.

Atemu just held the teen as he cried himself to sleep. He knew what was upsetting him. And as much as he would have liked to say differently, even he knew there was no way that Yugi would be able to race next season. He felt bad for even mentioning it. But it was better that Yugi understand it now. Then he had a goal to work towards. Getting back into the car.

Their winter break wasn't much of one. Between Yugi's therapy appointments and the testing that Bakura and Atemu were doing, the group was busier than normal. Even Christmas was hectic. It didn't help that Yugi was unable to come out to see the testing. He had become very sensitive to the fluctuating temperature. And any little cold he caught turned into something more. That caused some minor setbacks with his therapy.

So it was decided by Laura, much to the teen's dismay, that if he wasn't at his appointments he would stay at the house. And no amount of tears from Yugi swayed her. After a day or so the teen calmed down enough to know that she was right. As it was, he always carried a blanket with him to ward off the chill that had settled over him, even in their mild winter. He was prone to the chills, and most times when Atemu would come home, he would find his little one curled up in front of the fire in their room, asleep, exhausted from his physical therapy.

When racing season started, the teen got to watch his lover win the Dayton 500 from the big screen TV in their living room. Laura his only company. All the rest of the group was at the event. The phone call from Atemu seemed to cheer him up, after the racing star was finished with his interview. Yugi was happy for his lover. He really was. He just wished that he were racing alongside him. That he could have seen that wonderful event first hand, rather than from the television.

By the time April rolled around, Atemu was in the lead in points, again. And Yugi was almost finished with his physical therapy. He had his agility back again. The scarring from the incident was minimal. His speech was back to normal. The only noticeable side effect came from the bacterial infection that he had developed in the hospital. With his weakened immune system, he still caught every little bug that was going around.

Half way into spring it became apparent that he would have this problem for a while. He caught the worst cold that he had in a while and was bed ridden for an entire week. The group was worried that he would end up back in the hospital. But thankfully that didn't happen. With Laura's constant supervision and a load of vitamins, the teen got back on his feet within the week.

But Atemu continued to treat him like glass. As if he was afraid that his little lover would break. And no amount of grouching from Yugi could change that. For all the cuddling and touching that the racer would do with his little one, he hadn't once tried to make love with him. Normally, as soon as Yugi drifted off to sleep, Atemu would go and lay on the couch so as to not wake him. And once Yugi recovered from his cold, he was beginning to think that there was something wrong between the two of them, as Atemu had yet to come back to their bed.

After all, Atemu was out racing every weekend. There were plenty of opportunities for him to release his frustration. There were groupies and hangers on everywhere you looked, at a race track. And Yugi's mind was imagining all sorts of scenes where his lover could take advantage of those groupies.

It got to the point that Yugi was crying himself to sleep every night after Atemu would leave for the race. Even though the racer spent as much time as possible at the flat. He even chartered a jet to take him home between practices and after the races. But Yugi didn't see that. All he saw was that his lover didn't want anything to do with him anymore. And he wasn't sure how to go about getting the racer's attention back on him. Proving that he was worthy of his love. Not just some fragile child that Atemu had to baby when he was around.

Things came to a head the week before there was a break in the schedule. Ryou had stayed home that week due to a nasty virus that laid him out for two weeks previous. Yugi was lucky that he hadn't caught it. But lately the teen had noticed that his body wasn't as chilled as it had been for the past eight months. And he got sick less. He had thought it was due to the weather, but when Ryou had caught that virus and he didn't, the teen began to rethink the situation. Maybe he was finally better? But then what was Atemu's excuse. Why wouldn't he touch him? Did the racing icon not love him anymore?

"Yugi?" Ryou cautiously pushed open the door to his friend's room. He could hear the teen on his bed, sobbing his heart out. His friend had run up the stairs as soon as the elevator doors had closed and Atemu had left.

"Yugi, what's wrong?" The white haired teen walked over and sat down on the bed, hugging his friend.

"H-he's gone. A-and he doesn't, doesn't want to be in the s-same room with m-me. And h-he could be with a-anyone, I wouldn't know. I-I'm stuck here. Oh Ryou, I-I don't think he – he love's me any-anymore! I-I'm nothing but a b-burden to h-him." Yugi sobbed.

Ryou pulled back, stunned. He thought that his friends had the relationship that dreams were made of. "What do you mean he doesn't love you? He avoids you? Atemu worships the ground you walk on. He always has."

"H-he won't touch me a-anymore. He isn't inter-interested. H-He can't even be in the same r-room with me u-unless we're s-sleeping…and h-he's on the couch."

"Since when?"

"S-since the accident." Yugi replied.

"You mean he's still afraid to touch you?" Ryou brushed a stray lock of hair back from his friend's head.

It was Yugi's turn to look stunned. Rubbing at his eyes, the small teen questioned his friend. "What d-do you mean, afraid?"

Ryou sighed. "Atemu was talking to Bakura about two months ago. He was afraid to touch you. That he would hurt you. And he didn't want anything to happen to you. He's afraid of his hormones taking over his common sense; those are his words, not mine. I think he's just being overprotective. After all, you gave us one hell of a scare last year. You've just now gotten back to who you were before this happened, and up until a couple of months ago you've gotten sick constantly. I don't think he wants a repeat performance."

"B-but that was months ago. Why would he still be afraid? I thought he lost interest." Yugi mumbled. Feeling a little better now that he had some explanation for his lover's apparent disinterest. To hear it from someone other than himself. The teen dried his eyes and looked at his friend, knowing that Ryou would always tell him the truth.

"Yugi, even I know he'll never lose interest in you. You are still his world. And it's been at least three years now. He still loves you. Have you tried talking to him about this?"

"Yes. And he doesn't even want to hear it. Every time I start to question him, or try to start something, he kisses me and tells me to sleep, that we'll discuss it when I'm better."

Ryou pondered that one for a while. "Why don't you surprise him when he comes home this week? You know, seduce him. Wear something that will knock his socks off. Set the mood. Candles, dinner in front of the fireplace, stuff like that. Have you ever done that? I mean seduce him."

"N-no, I wouldn't even know how to start. Other than that one time where you guys tied him up, he's been the one to initiate our… encounters. It didn't matter whether he was on top, or I was." Yugi turned a brilliant shade of red as he spoke. This topic was still a little intimate for him to be comfortable discussing. Even after all this time. The small teen was still quite shy about this type of discussion.

"Alright then. Tomorrow, when I'm done with my breathing treatment we're going shopping. We'll pick out everything we need then. So be prepared, cause we're going to some pretty out of the ordinary shops."


"Just relax and get some sleep. We'll deal with it in the morning." Ryou said as he slid out the door. "Goodnight Yugi. We'll fix this tomorrow."

Yugi let out a yawn. "Goodnight Ryou." And then he covered up and drifted off to sleep, feeling just the slightest bit better about his relationship with his absent lover. Maybe with Ryou's suggestions, his and Atemu's relationship could get back on track. It was lonely without Atemu to snuggle up to at night.

~ o ~ O ~ o ~

Atemu couldn't wait to get home. Even more so now that he had Bakura's grouchy ass to contend with. Jou and Seto, along with Marik and Malik followed the cars to the next track. But Bakura wanted to go home and see Ryou. Atemu offered to take him with, but now he was regretting ever mentioning it. The white haired racer had been a veritable bear the entire flight home, impatient to be reunited with his sick lover. It was almost impossible to deal with him when he was in one of his anxious, ornery moods. So Atemu just stayed on his side of the jet and turned up his mp3 player to drown out the other racer's constant complaints.

Once they touched ground, the final distance to their apartment couldn't be covered quick enough to suit the tricolor haired racer. By the time their cab pulled up in front of their building, he was already out the door, running up the stairs to the lobby, suitcase slapping against his leg. Then came the infernal waiting for the elevator to hit the top floor. When that was finally over, he came bursting into the large living room, Bakura on his heels.

"We're back!" Atemu yelled.

A white blur raced past him and tackled his friend, sending them both to the ground.

"I missed you so much!" Ryou showered Bakura with kisses. The older of the two kissing back with fervor.

Atemu looked around. He saw Laura, and couldn't have missed Ryou, but where was Yugi. He usually was right there with the others, greeting him at the door when he came home. He waved at the blonde, peering around the room, looking for his little one. Not seeing his lover, Atemu became concerned. But his friend spoke up before he could comment.

"He's upstairs in your room." Ryou supplied the answer with a small giggle.

Atemu shed his luggage, bounding up the stairs. Wondering what this was about. This definitely wasn't normal. Maybe Yugi had taken sick while he was gone for the last three days. He certainly hoped not. The sooner his little one was back to normal, the better Atemu would feel.

Yugi knew the minute that his lover had walked through the door. He heard Atemu's sexy tenor voice from the hallway where he had been waiting anxiously. He padded softly back to their room to put the finishing touches on their evening. Checking the food under the glass, and just generally tidying up. He quickly surveyed the rest of room for imperfections before he bent down to light the decorative candles in their fireplace. After this one little task everything would be ready.

And that was the sight that Atemu walked into when he sauntered through the door to their room. Yugi bent over with his hand on his knees fighting with the lighter, trying to get the candles to cooperate. The racer lost what was left of his breath when he took in his lover's lithe figure, clad in a pair of tight powder blue leather pants. His member twitched to attention, reminding him that he hadn't so much as touched the teen in a sexual way since the incident with his uncle. He was lucky he wasn't visibly drooling at the sight of his small lover in such a suggestive position. All those cold showers and dates with Miss Michigan still didn't measure up to the feeling of his lover's silken walls surrounding him as they made love. He wasn't sure he could handle being in the same room with him while he was in this condition. Then Yugi stood up and turned around, noticing Atemu.

The minute his lover turned around, what was left of Atemu's thoughts flew straight towards the gutter. The teen was a vision, with his tricolor hair down, flowing about his shoulders, wearing an outfit that just screamed "Fuck me". The matching see through mesh shirt left nothing to the imagination, and Atemu was wondering just when Yugi had gotten his left nipple pierced. As he was admiring his lover's body, Atemu noticed that he didn't look nearly as pale, nor as skinny as he had a couple of months ago. He had filled out, looking slightly more muscular than he had before the incident had even taken place.

Once Yugi spotted him, he gave a small, nervous smile before walking over to his lover, wrapping his arms around him and planting an anxious kiss on his lips. The teen looked nervous about something.


"Hello yourself little one. How are you feeling?" Atemu brushed a lock of blonde hair off his head in passing, feeling him for a fever.

Yugi batted the hand away with a sigh. "I'm fine. You can stop checking." Then he snagged the hand that he had slapped away from him and brought it to his lips, pressing a kiss to the palm apologetically, staring directly into the other's crimson eyes as he did. A warm sensation shot straight to Atemu's groin at the innocent action. Nibbling on Atemu's fingertips, he took one into his mouth and played with it, sucking on it and tasting it with his tongue as he pulled Atemu's body up against his. He could feel his lover's erection caught between them, just begging to be touched. He could feel himself swelling in response.

Atemu gently pulled his hand away "let's get you better before we start that. I need to take a shower; it's been a long day. I'll be back in a moment." He started to walk away, fully intending on having a cold shower before attempting to stay in the same room as someone so innocently erotic, without bending him over the arm of the couch. It was bad enough that his thoughts had already taken up residence in the gutter; he didn't need to drag his little one down there with him. Yugi wasn't ready for that yet.

Yugi was stunned. He had put all his time and effort into having a romantic dinner, and a pleasant sexual encounter with his boyfriend and the man just walked away. Yugi lost his temper. "What the hell? You're going to walk away from me? I'm trying to seduce you and you walk away. Just forget it."

The teen driver stalked over to the couch and threw himself on it facedown; burying his nose in the book he had left lying on the floor earlier. Yugi bit down on his lip hard, trying to contain the tears that threatened to spill down his face. He knew that Atemu was aroused, he could feel it earlier, when he pressed up against his body. But maybe it wasn't from anything that he had done. Maybe it was from something else. Or someone else.

Atemu turned around to see Yugi flop down on the couch and open his book to where he had left off. Did he really say what Atemu thought he had heard? That he was trying to seduce him? But last time the racer checked, Yugi wasn't exactly in the greatest of health. And Atemu would be damned if he was going to make it worse by wearing him out physically, ensuring that he would catch the next thing that was going around.

Atemu had serious thoughts about just turning back and going about his original plan of having that shower. Serious thoughts. He could really use it right now. His body was so tightly wound that any little unconsciously provocative movement on Yugi's part would end the night with the teen's ankles held up over his head, Atemu's member buried snugly inside his tight little body. And to him, Yugi was always provocative, consciously or otherwise. So it would be a good bet that he would end up that way whether he could handle it or not.

Gritting his teeth, Atemu turned back towards his lover. The shower could wait. They needed to talk. Now. He couldn't leave things the way they were, he loved his little one too much for that.


No answer from the teen on the couch. Not that the racer expected one. His little one could be quite stubborn when he wanted to be.

Walking towards his unresponsive lover, Atemu tried again. "Yugi. You're upset with me…"

'That's obvious' Yugi thought, rolling his eyes. But he didn't comment. Just turned the page on his book, not reading the words at all.

Atemu touched his shoulder lightly. "Aibou, can we talk about this?" He nudged the teen again when he didn't respond. "O-kay. Well then, I'll just take a seat, and we can discuss this when you're ready."

It was then that Atemu realized that Yugi had taken up the entire couch. Not to be deterred, he pushed the teen's legs off the couch and sat down, earning him a deep glare from his lover. Then he pulled the teen's legs back up onto his lap, so that Yugi was draped over his lap, that sexy little rear within easy reach. Atemu almost groaned out loud at the position that he had placed himself in. He could very easily reach down and grab a handful of that luscious, sexy little bottom and… Before he knew it, his hands had developed a mind of their own, caressing his lover's rear end softly.

Yugi was attempting to ignore his lover as he pushed his legs off the couch. Glaring at him once before returning to the pages before him. Whatever. It didn't matter to him what Atemu did. He was just going to ignore him until he went away. After all, that was what he wanted originally, right? To be away from him. The teen even ignored his lover after he pulled his body back up on the couch and over his lap. But when Atemu's hands began caressing his backside, Yugi got pissed. He could clearly feel the arousal that was pressing up against his. But if that wasn't for him, then why was Atemu even doing this?

He slapped the hands away from his backside, irritated. "Damn it. Knock it off. You basically just told me you didn't want me, so quit teasing me!" Then he went back to trying to read his book, knowing that it was little more than an act. He was so aroused right now that it was becoming painful. Of course, lately anything aroused him, from the smallest breeze to any one of his numerous erotic daydreams - all starring his errant lover.

"Will you at least talk to me then?"


Atemu bit back the devilish grin that was forming on his lips. There were other things that could be done in this position. And his lover was acting childishly at the moment. So it wouldn't be too wrong to…

Yugi happened to glance up just in time to see Atemu move his hand into position. He flipped off the couch with a yelp, landing on the floor. "Don't even think about it!" He snapped, as he pushed himself to his feet.

"Why are you acting like a child?" Atemu shot back, standing up.

"Why are you ignoring me? …And I'm not acting like a child." Yugi countered, taking a step back, then thinking better of it and stepping forward; bringing his hand to Atemu's chest. And bringing the older racer's attention to his body as he said "What do I have to do to get your attention, strip for you?"

"I'm not ignoring you little one." The older racer covered his lover's small, pale hand with his own larger one, his body already reacting to the teen's nearness.

"Bullshit. If you weren't ignoring me, you'd already have me on the bed, clothing nothing but a memory. Don't you remember what it used to be like? Atemu, please. What did I do to make you stop loving me?" Tears built up in the teen's eyes, threatening to spill over.

"Little one, I never stopped loving you. I still love you. I just…I don't think you're ready. I don't want to tire you out, make it easier for you to get sick again. I don't think I can take that." Atemu's hand wandered up to the teen's face, cupping his cheek gently. He was caught between his body's wanting to draw the boy in for a kiss, and his mind's need to be out of this room and away from this tempting angel in leather.

"Atemu, it's been ages since I've gotten sick. I'll be okay. What's the real reason?"

"That is the real reason. I don't want to go through what we did last year. It almost killed me. I can't stand seeing you like that. I couldn't help you. And when they told me that you were going to die…" Atemu cut himself off. The only thing running through his mind was Yugi lying on that bed, pale and unmoving. He would swear off of touching the boy for eternity if it meant that he never had to see that again.

"When the doctor told you I was dying…what? What did you do?" Yugi wanted to know where this was leading. What did his lover do? What happened while he was lying in that hospital? "Tell me Atemu. What did you do? Does this have to do with all those scars that you have?"

They had all decided that Yugi didn't need to know that Atemu had gone looking for Akunadin. It was enough of an explanation just to say that Atemu's crazy uncle had cut him up. The teen could draw his own conclusions from that. And he did too. He always assumed that the man had cornered Atemu. Not the other way around.

"It was nothing little one. Really. I don't want to talk about it right now." Atemu went to turn away, that cold shower sounding better and better by the minute. The racer couldn't believe that he had just stuck his foot in his mouth like that. And here he thought he was over that stage by now.

Yugi grabbed his arm as he turned away. "You wanted to talk. You were the one trying to get my attention. What is it that you don't want me to know? What are you hiding? Damn it Atemu! Tell me!"

Atemu turned towards Yugi, waiting for him to come to his senses and release the hold that he had on his arm. This was the first time that the teen had ever grabbed a hold of him like that.

It suddenly dawned on Yugi what he had assumed when the group told him about Atemu's fight with his uncle. His eyes went wide as the thought took shape. He had always assumed that the maniac had tracked his lover down and fought with him. But. He was never told that specifically. Leveling a glare at the love of his life, the teen growled "You went after him. Didn't you! You went after him! God Atemu, do you know what he could have done to you?"

Then the rest of the puzzle clicked into place when Atemu bowed his head in shame, his secret finally exposed. He waited patiently for Yugi's reaction to his stupidity. He wasn't disappointed; the teen snagged a hold of his other arm, forcing Atemu to face him.

"You weren't supposed to live…and I couldn't live without you." Was all that Atemu could say in his defense. The racer turned from his lover as that realization dawned in his eyes.

Yugi tightened his grip on his lover's arms, unwilling to let him leave this discussion. 'You went after him so he would kill you! Suicide by assassination! Oh my god…do you even know what that would have done to me if I would've woken up to find you gone? Do you even realize how badly that would've affected the others?"

The tears that he had been holding in slid down his face. When he looked up he saw his crush, his idol, the love of his life had tears dripping down his face too. This brave, courageous young man, the one who had saved him from a life of nothingness, of just existing, was afraid to face the day without him. It was at this moment that Yugi realized just how much Atemu really loved him. What the racer would do if he was no longer around. Sometimes the image that his lover projected to the world – the sexy, playful wiseass – was the exact opposite of what he really was in person. And the fact that Atemu thought himself unable to go on without him…it brought him to tears.

Yugi launched himself at his legendary lover. Holding Atemu as tightly as Atemu was holding him; the small teen broke down and cried. "Oh god, don't do that…please. It was you being there that pulled me through. If you hadn't been there…I don't know what would have happened. Please promise me that if something ever happens that you will find the courage to live…to continue your life. Please, don't ever do that again."

Atemu was crying as well, tears running unchecked down his face. He reached out and cupped the teen's face, rubbing at the moisture. "I couldn't. I can't live without you…I love you so much Aibou. You are my world. I love you."

"Then show me. You say the words all the time. Show me how much you love me. I'm not going to break Atemu, my sexy lover. Please. I want you to show me. To fuck me so hard that I can't walk for the next couple of days. God I want you so bad right now." Yugi murmured as he reached up and teased one of Atemu's earlobes. This wrung a groan of pleasure from the tricolor haired racer, and in turn he grabbed a handful of Yugi's ass, pulling the teen up against his arousal. His body already knowing what his answer was going to be before his brain could think of a way to extract him from the situation. Unfortunately his mouth hadn't caught on to the fact that his body was already overruling whatever it would say.

"I can't. I don't want to see you like that. And know that I was the cause. I could hurt you."

"I'm not going to break. I promise. Please. Show me how much you love me. I want it hard and fast…and all night long." Yugi continued his exploration of the racer's rather sensitive skin, feeling the goose bumps that appeared at a simple touch. He knew when Atemu was close to breaking. And right now, he was really close. He closed his lips over the sensitive area on the racer's neck, pushing him over that edge.

"Mmmm. Little one. How about I make love to you slowly. I don't want to hurt you, and it's been a long time." Atemu's hands came up and wrapped themselves around his Aibou's waist, pulling him closer.

Yugi gave him a chaste kiss on the lips…and grabbed a hold of his arousal, giving it a squeeze. "Mmmm, nah. I want you to fuck me so hard Atemu. I've needed you for so long. I can't take it anymore. I swear to god, if you don't do this, I'll tie you to the bed and impale myself. Damn Atemu, I'm so hot for you it hurts right now."

Yugi fondled his lover through his clothes, petting and caressing his length. Atemu lowered his mouth, coming within a breath of kissing the teen. "If you are sure that this is what you want. The last thing I want to do is to hurt you little one."

Yugi raised his mouth to his lover. "I am sure. I need you." He needed to know that Atemu didn't find his scars a turn off, that he still found him attractive. Love came in many forms and this was what he wanted from his famous, sexy lover. For Atemu to claim him, claim his body.

Wrapping his arms around Atemu's lean waist, the teen leaned up and into the kiss, kissing his lover back with all the love that he had for him. Atemu's tongue swept into his mouth conquering his in a long drawn out battle that left them both panting for breath. Placing petal soft kisses on the racer's jaw and neck, Yugi explored the other's body with his hands, tracing patterns down his sides. Teasing him mercilessly.

Atemu coaxed the teen's shirt off and threw it to the floor. Yugi's body was still perfect to him, even with the white colored scars that he now sported. Atemu ran his hand over those scars, following it closely with his mouth, knowing how close to death the teen had come last year. The racer was happy to even have the chance to show his little one how much he still loved him. He had waited too long. They both needed this touch. This healing.

He picked his teenage lover up into his arms and made his way towards the bed. There he deposited his burden gently on the bed, sweeping the pillows onto the floor. Taking his little one into his arms again, he whispered "I love you Aibou, my little one, my Yugi. You are everything I have ever wanted" against his lips, before taking the teen's lower lip into his mouth and sucking on it, nipping gently. Drawing the teen into a passionate, loving kiss.

Yugi groaned into the kiss, he had forgotten how much he loved Atemu's kisses. It had been so long since they had kissed like this. Spreading his legs wide, he welcomed the tan, muscular body tightly against his. The teen ran his hands along his lover's sensitive sides and down to his rear. Grabbing a handful, Yugi squeezed, causing the other to grind down against him with a soft moan.

Their breath hot and heavy as they engaged in a fierce battle with their tongues, Atemu gaining the upper hand for a while before relinquishing control of the kiss to his little one. This was all he wanted out of life, Yugi moaning breathily beneath him, wanting nothing more from him than who he really was. Atemu ground their arousals together, wringing another moan of pleasure from his trembling partner, before tasting the salty skin of the teen's neck working his way towards his sensitive ear.

"I want to hear you Aibou. I want to hear you so bad. I need to feel you surrounding me." He murmured, his breath fanning across the sensitive skin. Goosebumps broke out all over Yugi's body at his whispered comments.

Atemu sat up and they both shed what was left of their clothes. Laying the teen back on the bed, he covered the smaller body with his own, hissing when their erections came into contact with each other. Rolling his hips, he watched as Yugi threw his head back, moaning with pleasure. Tonight he would pleasure the teen until he was begging for mercy.

Yugi reached under the pillow, bringing out a small bottle of massage oil. He raised his eyebrows, smirking at the stunned look on his lover's face. Atemu smirked back at him, before running his tongue down his chest, casually nipping and sucking at the one unpierced nipple.

"When did you do that?" Atemu asked, referring to the delicate ball running through the coral colored skin. He breathed on the nipple, watching the ultra-sensitive skin pucker before his eyes.

"Three days ago."

Atemu continued to tease and taste the salty skin with his tongue. "Mmm. I like it." Running his hands lower across his lover's trembling body, he deliberately ignored the proud erection directly in the path of his wandering hand, choosing to skim down the inside of the teen's thighs and back up the other side. Yugi shivered in anticipation, the bottle that was in his hand lying forgotten on the silky sheets.

"Beautiful." The racer whispered as he softly stroked the swollen member, watching his Aibou's face as he bit down on his bottom lip, writhing prettily. He moved off the teen to kneel at his side. Leaning down, he took Yugi's length into his mouth, humming softly.

"Ahhhh!" Yugi cried out, fisting his hands in the sheets. He closed his eyes, breathing unevenly as he fought to keep from losing it this soon into their night. The teen reached out, running a hand over his lover's body as he knelt next to him. Wanting to pleasure the other as much as Atemu was pleasuring him, Yugi reached out and tugged on Atemu's thigh, pulling him into position. The teen wasn't satisfied until his lover was straddling his face, his swollen erection hanging heavy in front of his nose.

Atemu was trying to figure out what his lover wanted. As Yugi pulled on his leg, moving his body until instead of kneeling beside him, he was kneeling over him. Huh? This was different. The racer went back to working his mouth over his lover's erection, ignoring what Yugi was doing. Until he felt something hot and moist close around his swollen length. He almost forgot what he was doing, as his little one swallowed him fully, doing to him what he was attempting to do to the other.

The racer couldn't help but move against his lover's mouth. It had been such a long time. But, unwilling to be outdone, he reached over for the discarded bottle of oil, trying to block out the extremely pleasant sensation of his little one's warm mouth moving over his length. Popping the cap he spread the oil on his fingers and rubbed it around, then he dropped the bottle back where it was previously, and hooked his arms under the teen's legs and raised them off the bed. Exposing Yugi's most private area to his questing fingers.

Atemu felt his lover's body stiffen when he pulled his legs up and out of the way. Continuing to move his mouth over the teen's erection, he reached down and lazily rubbed his fingers against the guarded opening to his body, feeling the muscles tense in anticipation. Then, after a couple of passes, he inserted one finger into the tight channel, groaning audibly as Yugi tightened around his finger. He slid the digit in and out a couple of times, the thought of being surrounded by that tight heat sending pleasant flames to his lower regions, along with what Yugi was currently doing with his mouth, before adding another finger to stretch his lover for their union.

Atemu almost lost it when he felt something slick rubbing up against the entrance to his body, tensing when it found its way inside of him. He stopped what he was doing, letting Yugi's member slide from his mouth, as his body gave a pleasant shudder. "What the…?"

Yugi hummed around his length, as he slid his fingers deeper inside his lover's body. Then he too let go of his lover's erection. "Remember, two can play this game Atemu. I want to pleasure you too tonight." Then the teen swallowed him again, causing his body to jerk up against the dual assault.

Atemu ground his teeth together, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. How was he supposed to pleasure his lover when he couldn't concentrate? His body was moving against Yugi's fingers, causing them to brush up against his prostate, which in turn caused him to cry out at the sensation. He steeled himself against what the teen was doing to him and leaned back in, taking Yugi's length into his mouth. He smirked around the swollen member as Yugi froze for a moment before attempting to continue his work.

Two bodies connected intimately as they moved against each other, working towards that one moment where the whole world would be forgotten. Both lovers teasing each other with their mouths and their hands. Atemu added another finger, continuing to stretch his lover. Yugi mimicking his movements. Both of them on the verge of crying out. The small teen was the first to lose it, his cry of pleasure muffled by the erection that was in his mouth. His body shuddered uncontrollably, his fingers brushing that spot deep inside of his lover. That was where Atemu lost it. As Yugi's muscles tightened around his fingers, and he sucked in a breath, his mouth tightening around Atemu's erection, the digits deep inside his body finding that hidden spot. The racer came with a cry, still trying to swallow what his little one had given.

Atemu moved off the teen, collapsing to the side, as Yugi moved to curl up against him. "My god! How did you…"

Yugi kissed his lover, allowing him to taste himself and getting a taste of himself from Atemu as well. "Ryou was giving me hints and tips all weekend. I swear my face has never been so red in all my life."

"Mmmm. Leave it to those two to think of something like this. Maybe we should have more discussions like this with our friends." Atemu held the teen close, reveling in the afterglow.

"I don't think I can take much more of that type of discussion. You have no idea how perverted he really is, do you?"

Atemu could already feel his member swelling at the thought of his lover's blushing face. He could picture the discussion in his mind. Ryou trying to explain things, and Yugi blushing becomingly. And the more he pictured it, the more he was getting turned on. Rolling over, on top of the teen, he smirked "Round two?"

"Mmmm. And here I thought I was horny? Atemu…fuck me!" Yugi leaned up and into his lover's erotic kiss, squirming against him. Reaching out, the racer snagged the bottle of oil once again. After slicking up his erection, he placed himself at the entrance to his lover's wiling body. Yugi pushing down and pulling him inside. They both hissed at the pleasurable feelings. Atemu at the tight heat that he was sheathed in, Yugi at the feeling of being filled and stretched. The slight pain from being stretched soon turned to pleasure at Atemu's first movement, as he pulled out only to be drawn back inside again.

Pale legs wrapped themselves around a tan waist, as Yugi became impatient. The small teen moving against his larger lover. Atemu unwrapped the boy's legs from his body, hooking his arms underneath and curling the teen into a ball, his legs held high over his head. Giving him a straight shot at the teen's prostate. Yugi cried out repeatedly, his nails digging into the skin of Atemu's back, as the racer struck that spot over and over again.

Leaning up, Yugi's mouth connected with Atemu's, tongues battling against each other for dominance, as their bodies moved together in a rhythmic dance. Atemu pulled up, leaning on his arms, looking down at his lover's flushed face, sweat forming on his brow. Watching as Yugi's exotic amethyst eye's rolled to the back of his head, his body arching back drawing him back inside that tight warmth. Never would he take this for granted. This beautiful, erotic sight. The feeling of this gorgeous angel writhing against him. Being sheathed within this tight, warm body. Yugi belonged to him, and him alone. And he would fight whoever tried to take him away. Driving back inside Atemu aimed again for the spot that made his little one forget the world.

"Atemu! Harder!" Yugi cried out, moving back to draw him in again. He felt complete. As Atemu ground into him over and over, he cried out, not knowing how much more of this intense pleasure he was going to be able to take. The pressure building in his body as his lover slammed against him again and again. Then white hot pleasure burst behind his eyes, and with a loud cry his seed shot out between their bodies.

Atemu felt his lover's walls tighten around him and he could take it no longer. He came with a cry, emptying himself deep within the teen's body. Pulling out, he cuddled close to the panting teen. His angel fallen from heaven, just for him.

"I love you."

"And I love you. Please don't make me wait so long. You big chicken." Yugi rested his head on Atemu's shoulder.

The comment flew over Atemu's head for a moment.

"Never again. I'll let you decide when you're ready… Chicken, eh? I'll show you chicken!" The racer leapt on top of his little one and began to tickle him mercilessly.

"Okay…okay…I give." Yugi got out between fits of laughter.

Atemu cuddled up against the small teen, totally content.

The pair lay like that for a period of time. Then Yugi rolled over on top of his lover. "My turn. Round three."

"Oh really? And who says you get a turn?" Atemu nipped at his ear.

"I do."

~ o ~ O ~ o ~

"Welcome to today's coverage of the Daytona 500. You're joining us now, as they are about to give the most famous words in all of racing history. And let me tell you, this is going to be quite the race today. In the pole position, is our reigning Nextel Champion, Atemu Hasan. Qualifying in the second position is Bakura Hitori. And third place is Yugi Motou, having just returned from his one year hiatus." JD announced from his booth high atop the stands.

"And let me tell you JD, I don't think anyone is more excited than the kid down there in that purple and cream Industrial Illusions Chevrolet. He's had a long recovery and he's ready to try and win this race." One of the other announcers' chimed in.

"But he's going to have to pass the blue and white car of Atemu to get there and from what I've seen so far, that car's a rocket this week…"

The announcers bickered back and forth over who was going to win the race, all the spectators watching as the driver's climbed into their cars.

"Hey Yug. Your lover wants to talk to you." Jou spoke over the mic.

"Patch him in Jou." Yugi replied.

"Hello Aibou. Are you ready?" Atemu's sexy voice came over his earphones.

"Ready as I'll ever be. I'm gonna win this one."

Atemu laughed. "Just remember, you have to get by me." With that, he was out. And Yugi was ready.

"Gentlemen…start your engines!"


Always keep in mind that sometimes the only thing that it takes to face the day ahead is the courage that you have.

~ o ~ O ~ o ~

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