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~ o ~ O ~ o ~

"I...I can't believe he's r-really gone…"

The sound of soft crying was heard in the silence. Then a whispered comment that he was unable to decipher.

"It makes no difference…"

"Isis…Please…you need your rest. We'll make arrangements when you are up to it." A thick, choked voice answered.

"But Malik…I…"

"This isn't healthy…please, just rest. You took as much as the rest of us. We're all drained. I can't believe we're still awake."

"I can't. Not now. I just…I-I can't believe he's…he's…gone…" The comment ended in a clogged sob.

The voices continued to talk quietly, pulling him from his semi-conscious state. What were they talking about? What happened? Whatever it was, it didn't sound good. But he couldn't understand what was being said even if he had the energy to. He couldn't focus. Restlessly, he shifted around into a more comfortable position, trying once more to listen in.

His eyes were so heavy. He couldn't seem to comprehend the nearly whispered conversation that was going on around him. With an nearly silent sigh, he fell back into the welcoming blackness and into his nightmares.

"You won't get the chance to! I'll see to it that this ends here and now!" A familiar voice snarled in the darkness.

He glanced up to see who had spoken, but all he could make out in the haze that fell half way between light and shadow was the monster's immense, razor sharp claws as they reached out for him. This was it. This was the end. He closed his eyes, waiting.

"Tell Atemu and the others…I love them…I always have…"The voice seemed to whisper into his mind.

It was the only warning he got. Instead of the promised pain, he felt only the whispered touch of a gentle hand as he was given a push back towards where his body still lay, wrapped up in Atemu's arms. His eyes widened as his soul collided with the motionless form and he sucked in a breath as he instantly felt the energy swirling around his and Atemu's now breathing bodies.

He managed to open his eyes just in time to watch as the ghostly vision of his lover's father was snatched up by the demonic being. It was the last thing he saw before his whole world was consumed by a blinding white light. The last sound he heard was the shrieks of the injured and dying. And for a moment, he had to wonder if it was his voice was among those making the ear piercing, high pitched sounds.

~ o ~ O ~ o ~


Atemu wrapped his arms around his head, trying to stem the pain that was coursing through his body. Coughing hurt like hell, as the agent found when he woke up, groggy and disoriented. Blearily he peered around the darkened room, taking note of the moving shadows as he groaned his disapproval at the room's constant spinning.

"He's awake!" One of the shadows exclaimed.

"How are you feeling?" Another one asked as they touched his forehead gently.

"Like…like I've been run over by a…Mac truck." The agent croaked hoarsely as he rubbed at his head, but he couldn't resist the comment. "Did anybody happen…to get the plate number?"

A couple of teary chuckles were heard from the blurry shadows as a pair of hands gently untangled his hands from his hair. "Stop that." The command was spoken lovingly as he was pushed back onto the mattress. "You're only going to make it worse."

He swallowed thickly, closing his eyes against the dizziness. "What happened? Why can't I see anything?"

Honestly he would have been a little more worried about it if he were able to think properly. But something was keeping him from being able to string two thoughts together. Atemu reached out with his left hand, feeling along the line that was leading into his other arm.

"It's morphine." One of the shadows answered the unspoken query. "Leave it alone. If it weren't for that you'd be in a hell of a lot more pain than you already are. As for your sight…give it a couple of days. That pea-brain of yours was rattled around pretty badly."

Atemu's eyes widened slightly. He knew that voice!


The agent winced at the sound of his own voice. Damn he sounded like he had swallowed a load of gravel! What exactly happened?

"At your service." The shadow chuckled somewhat awkwardly, almost as if trying to be quiet.

'Where is everyone?"

"We're right here, Duke's right behind me. Malik's in the bed to your right. Ryou is sleeping in the chair behind me, curled up with Isis. I thought it might do them both some good. Marik, Jou and Seto went to go get some lunch. And Yugi…"

"Yugi!" Atemu bolted upright, finally remembering what he had been worried about before the pain caught his attention.

His little one had been shot! He had watched him die! There was no life left in his lover's limp frame when he had gotten to him. Oh gods…what was he…?

"Relax!" Bakura pushed him back down onto the bed before guiding his hand over to a lump in the sheets next to him. "He's right here next to you. Just watch his right side, he's got some stitches."

He felt around, taking in the shape of the lump for a minute before it moved slightly and he sluggishly grasped the concept of what his friend was trying to tell him. Gingerly he shifted to pull the bundle into his arms, tears of gratitude streaking down his face as soon as he took in his smaller lover's scent. The small form cuddled into his embrace, breathing a tired sigh.

"But how…?" He croaked.

"I don't know. But he was having a nightmare earlier…something about a demon…and Shadi…I don't know." Bakura's voice broke. "Everything happened so quickly…"

Atemu immediately sensed something very wrong with what his friend was – or wasn't – saying. The weary agent closed his eyes again, reaching out with his free hand; he took hold of Bakura's shaking one.

"What happened…? There's something you're not telling me…"

"I…we…they…It was their decision not to tell you…or the rest of those that were hurt. Honestly, I…" Bakura trailed off.

What had happened? This wasn't like his friend, to shy away from a subject. Whatever it was, it was bad. His eyes started to tear up again.


"It's…Shadi…h-he didn'tmakeit." The white haired agent rushed through the words, as if it pained him to even say it. "Oh gods…He didn't…and y-you were hurt and Ryou was knocked out…Isis…I didn't think Malik was gonna…It just happened so fast…"

"Bakura!" Atemu squeezed the trembling hand as the white haired agent tried to pull away. "Calm down…Where's Shadi? I can't understand you."

"He's dead!" The white haired agent snapped, before clapping a hand over his mouth in realization. "Oh gods…I…"

Atemu turned his face from his friend, silently willing him to take back his statement. When that didn't happen, he buried his nose in Yugi's hair and cried softly, knowing that now there would never be a time to say all the things that he had left unsaid. After a few silent moments he heard his white haired friend leave the bedside and wander aimlessly to the other side of the room, leaving him to his miserable thoughts, his silent tears.

It was fine. He didn't feel like talking anyways.

~ o ~ O ~ o ~

Atemu tossed a handful of dirt into the gaping hole after the coffin had been lowered inside. He closed his eyes against the wave of overwhelming grief and dizziness. He always knew that he would bury his father before he died. In a way things were as they should be. But it was too soon, too much was left unsaid. It shouldn't have been this way.

He slowly made his way to his feet, Yugi by his side to help him stand. It had been such a tough three weeks since he had woken to find that the world as he knew it no longer existed, his sight not quite regaining the total clarity that it once had. And his little one had been there the whole time, always with a helping hand. He squeezed that small hand reassuringly before clearing his voice.

"Dad…" He spoke out so all could hear him. "It was a title that he had always sought…forever defended. A child's birth may make a father…but only true…" his voice broke. "…true love and compassion can make a dad. I was proud for the…limited time we had together…to be able to say that he is my dad." Atemu turned to the coffin, speaking softly. "Goodbye dad…I'll see you next life time."

The distressed agent could hear Isis' strangled cry in the background, and he turned his head to look out over the blurry landscape. He felt another hand slid into his and could only imagine the look on Seto's face as they gripped each other tightly.

'Atemu?' Yugi's tearful voice was crystal clear in his mind. 'That was…it was beautiful.'

'Thank you little one. I meant every word.'

A heavy hand was placed on top of his head, and for a moment Atemu wondered what the hell this was all about. But the hand stayed there for a minute, casually resting, before making its way down his face and neck to his side and drawing him up against Marik's large form. The smaller agent stiffened for a second, not used to being in close contact with the often unstable man.

"You did good kiddo." Marik said through the tears clogging his voice. "He always thought the world of you guys…you, Seto, Bakura, Malik. He'd have done anything for you."

All of a sudden the pressure was gone and Atemu knew that the larger of the platinum blondes had walked away. He shook his head. He needed to get out of this place, with all the people milling around aimlessly, giving out condolences and chatting about the past. He didn't really feel like losing it with everyone around.

"Come on, let's take a walk." Yugi suggested, understanding Atemu's dilemma.

Atemu nodded, allowing the teen to guide him away from the somber group and deeper into the quiet, picturesque little cemetery. Here, among the trees and lush rolling hills lied hundreds of men who had died for their country. He could somewhat make out the white grave markers against the plush green of the well-tended grass as they walked carefully between the rows and briefly wondered about their lives.

It had been the toughest three weeks of his life. And Atemu finally understood why, after his grandfather's death, Yugi would curl up in the corner of the couch when he thought no one was looking and cry silently. The one person who he had gone to with his questions and problems would never again be around to give him advice – or smack him upside the head when he was acting like an idiot. At least they had been able to wait until everyone was well enough to leave the hospital before they had the funeral.

It was still a depressing thought.

And his sight remained only colors and blur. The doctors had told him to give it some time, but there should have been an improvement by now. Something? Anything? How he would so love to be able to look upon Yugi's smiling face once again. To be able to tell his little one that he loved him and watch those beautiful jewels light up with happiness.

Atemu was forever grateful to the teen for allowing him to take the time he needed to set his life back in order. Yugi was always on hand, always ready to lend a shoulder or an encouraging comment, but stuck to the background, letting him adjust to this new way of life without being pushy. And the agent knew that he owed the little one dearly for that.

Since Shadi had died the whole group had moved back in with Isis, wanting to protect the one parental figure they had left. Given that Pegasus was still on the loose, it was best if they stuck together.

Marik and Malik had become, for lack of a better word, Isis' guard dogs. If anyone wanted to speak with the grieving widow, they had to go through the platinum blonde duo first – and there had better be a good enough reason. They kept her safe from those who would prey on wealthy widows before they had the chance to think straight.

Seto and Jou took on the paperwork. Between the two of them they managed the estate and dealt with the insurance that would have most assuredly driven the already distraught lady crazy. So much bullshit and red tape, Atemu didn't understand how they got through it – often hearing their cranky comments late into the night as the two of them sorted out the estate.

Bakura and Ryou took to being Isis' confidents, letting her talk out her fears and dreams without being judgmental. Each and every one of them had to take on roles that they had never dreamed possible before Shadi's passing.

But it was Atemu and Yugi that she clung to, needing the reassurance of being useful. She had mother henned the two of them from the moment they made it out of the hospital. And Atemu knew why she did it. Sometimes it didn't make it any easier, but at least he understood her reasons for treating them as she did.

Life moved on. As much as he had wished it otherwise some days, it did. And he and the others needed to move on as well, as difficult as it was to do. This case had brought him the love of his life. It had brought the same thing to Seto as well. That, he wouldn't change for the world. But it should have ended differently. The thought brought another wave of depression down on him and he sighed.

Then he blinked. When did they stop moving?

"Aibou?" He questioned, turning to his little one.

"Hm?" Yugi looked up. "You were lost in your thoughts…and I kind of wanted to take some time to say thank you to someone I haven't seen in a while."

The small teen knelt down on the grass, tugging Atemu down with him. They sat there for a moment in silence.

"I thought you wanted to talk to someone little one?" Atemu said, not understanding the silence.

"I am." Yugi sniffed. "He can hear me without words. Atemu…meet my grandpa. Grandpa…Atemu."

The tricolor haired agent could have kicked himself for not understanding sooner. They were in a military cemetery, not far from Yugi's home. It stood to reason that his grandfather would have been buried here with full military honors earlier in the year.

"I…I am sorry little one. I didn't realize…It would have been nice to meet him."

Yugi sniffed slightly. "Then say hello. He can hear you, you know. They may not be on this plane any longer, but they had to go somewhere. We are energy. Energy doesn't just disappear. It's a scientific fact."

"I…" Atemu turned towards his smaller lover. "I didn't…" He trailed away before facing the small headstone with a slightly stiff incline of his head. "Hello Mr. Motou, I am glad to have finally met you."

After the taller of the two fell silent, Yugi urged him on. "I'll be right back. Why don't you two get acquainted? Tell him something about yourself."

The teen's footsteps faded away, leaving Atemu to an uncomfortable silence. After a few moments he cleared his throat, awkwardly.

"I feel so stupid right now…damn, sorry, ah, not sure what to say really…ah…look Mr. Motou, I hope you don't mind my being with Yugi. He's everything I've ever wanted in a partner. You raised a fine boy…but I don't need to tell you that. You already knew it. I wish that I had had the chance to meet you in life…"

Yugi wandered far enough away to give his other half a bit of privacy. Atemu had been so high strung and irritable lately. It was understandable, but even so. He didn't like to see the person he loved go through this torment, unable to find the words to let it out. Maybe this would work where nothing else had.

After a few moments of silence the small teen could just barely make out his lover's deep, melodic voice. A small grin flitted across his features. His plan was working. Oh how he so wished that his grandfather could have met Atemu. The grin disappeared. But it was okay. He knew the older man would have approved of his choice.

He stood in the clearing, watching tearfully as his tormented lover conversed with the small, white headstone. Since nothing could bring back his grandfather or Shadi, his one wish was that Atemu regain his sight – his sight, his attitude, his place in the world. It was heartbreaking to see this strong, charismatic man reduced to a shell of his former self and know that there was nothing he could do for him other than remain by his side and wait.

After giving Atemu about ten minutes, Yugi walked back over to the grave, catching the tail end of the one-sided conversation.

"…I hope you don't think me too forward…but if I could ask a favor…Could you watch over…help my dad to…I don't know. Help show him around if he needs it…he's new there and it might take him a while to understand how things work…"

Yugi grinned again, this time a little tearfully. "Sounds like the two of you hit it off rather well."

Atemu startled at the sound of his little one's voice. "Aibou."

Yugi tugged the agent to his feet. "Come on, let's get out of here."


The small teen looked back at Atemu expectantly, thinking that he had forgotten to say something. But then he felt strong hands as they glided up his back and he was caught up in a crushing embrace. Tears leaked out the agent's eyes as he held to the one person he loved above anything.

"I love you little one. Never, ever doubt that. I know I've been a pain lately and I'm sorry."

Yugi opened his mouth to comment, but it never made it past his lips as a pair of soft lips descended on his, his body pressed up against the other's as Atemu held him tightly. Eventually the two broke their kiss, Atemu's water logged smile bringing a matching grin to Yugi's face.

Yugi squeezed the agent's hand. "I understand. I love you too, no matter how much of a pain you're being."

The agent chuckled at his response.

"Come on; let's get back to the others before Isis gets worried." Yugi tugged at his lover's hand.

~ o ~ O ~ o ~

Atemu dropped into his favorite recliner, reaching for the bottle of Vicodin on the table beside him, while Yugi closed the curtains and locked the door. He had one hell of a headache. It came on shortly after their visit to Yugi's grandfather – and it was relentless, piercing his eye sockets with its razor sharp pain. It hadn't been this intense since the day he woke up to find his world a haze of blurry shadows.

As soon as this monster made itself known, he and Yugi made their required excuses and left the post funeral gathering that had been held at a neighboring church. They both knew that Atemu couldn't be caught out in public when his migraines came on. Several times he had been reduced to tears with the intensity of the pain. The others had said that they would make it home as soon as they could get away.

Quickly he ripped the cap off the bottle, dumped out a couple of pills and dry swallowed, groping blindly for the glass that Yugi had set on the table not moments before. After finding it he downed the water, grimacing at the nasty aftertaste of the powdery pills.

He cupped his ears in his hands, pushing inward in an attempt to keep his head from exploding. It hurt that bad. If he had any tears left he would have shed them at this lighting sharp pain. He waited impatiently for the pain to subside. It felt as if someone were stabbing him in the head with a knife.

Or maybe it was more like someone stuck his head inside of a large pan only to bang on the side of it repeatedly. After a few minutes of trying to hold his head together he pulled his hands away from his ears, heedless of the pain. The banging of pans wasn't just in his head – it was coming from the kitchen!

"Yugi?" He croaked, wincing at the bolt of pain that sliced across his head when he spoke.

The banging continued, even louder and more frantic than it had before. What the hell was going on in there? Atemu pushed himself to a standing position, gripping at the armrest of the chair, the pain behind his eyes bearing down even more as he attempted to force them open. He relinquished his death grip on the chair and took a shuffling half step towards the kitchen, his hands out to feel for anything out of place that would try to trip him up.

"Yugi?" He tried again.

And once again, no response. Except for the insistent banging and rattling of the kitchen ware. As he shuffled towards the kitchen a loud, resounding crash echoed through the room, as if someone had broken their entire collection of dinnerware in one motion.

"Atemu! He's got a knife!"

It took a moment for his brain to process the thought and Atemu scrambled into the kitchen as fast as his legs could carry him.

~ o ~ O ~ o ~

Even before they made it through the door Yugi knew what it was his lover sought. A dark, quiet place in which to wait out the pain. Once he had Atemu settled comfortably into his favorite chair the small teen set about to making the living room into the darkest, quietest place on earth.

Once he was sure that he had done all he could to alleviate the agent's pain he retreated to the kitchen to make himself a cup of hot chocolate. It was the least he deserved for being able to make it through this day without breaking down. And lord knew that was exactly what he wanted to do.

He set a cup on the counter and dragged down one of the pans that hung above the sink. He filled it half way with some milk – no wimpy hot cocoa for him – he wanted the real thing today. The sun may have cooperated for the funeral, but the temperature did no such thing. It was still cold enough to leave his toes tingly feeling from being outside for that extended length of time.

As he turned the burner to medium and set the pan on top of the flame the creaking of a floor board in the dining room caught his attention. He almost jumped at the unexpected sound. It had only been a couple of weeks since his kidnapping and attempted murder and after a moment of feeling foolish Yugi felt he had every right to be jumpy.

The small teen shook his head; it was probably just Atemu returning to his chair after a trip to the bathroom. He palmed a steak knife and silently crept towards the dining room. It didn't hurt to be cautious – just in case.

He made it no further than two steps and the sight that greeted him in the hall to the dining room made his hair stand on end. Pegasus leered at him, posing nonchalantly in the doorway as if he just dropped in for a little chat. His hair was matted against his head, dingy and stringy as if he hadn't washed in days. His rumpled up suit sported stains of unknown origin. The look in his one visible eye anything but sane.

"Hello little Yugi." The high priest sneered quietly. "You're poor little boyfriend is hurting badly isn't he?"

Yugi shook his head, backing away from the insane looking man, the knife in his hands all but forgotten. The instant he took a step the man was all over him, his hands on his neck – intent on strangling the life out of him. Yugi did what anyone in his position would, he flailed his arms, striking out with the knife and slicing a deep gouge in the man's shoulder.

Pegasus hissed as he stumbled backwards, dislodging the knife from Yugi's hand in the process, one arm coming up to his wounded arm, as if in disbelief, before launching another assault. It gave Yugi a chance to reach behind him for another weapon.

This time it happened to be the pan on the stove. Gripping the pan tightly he smacked the man upside the head with it, spilling the milk and knocking his attacker back against the counter. Arms in the air, Pegasus took out half of the pans that hung from the rack in his fall. High priest and pans fell to the floor with a clatter. This time Yugi charged, giving the intruder another whack upside the head before he could find a suitable shield.

Pegasus managed to block the second attack with a rather large frying pan. And it became an all-out war. Each side taking wild swings as they fought to disarm the other one.

Yugi had had quite enough of someone fucking with his life. The instant Pegasus came at him with the intent to kill it flipped a switch inside of his brain. The one thought that rang clear was that this was the man who had tried to kill Atemu, tried to kill him. And now he was going to try again. And with Atemu incapacitated it was up to him to protect them both. But he had no idea what to do. Braining the man with a pan until he was no longer breathing was beginning to have a certain appeal though.

With an inhuman snarl he swung the pan wildly, glancing a hard blow off the man's injured shoulder and knocking him into the china cabinet in the corner. One of the doors popped open, showering Pegasus in heavy porcelain. The noise was deafening.

It looked like the man was down, and Yugi lowered his weapon for a moment, heaving an exhausted breath. But a moment was all he got when the wild man came up swinging and he raised the pan like a shield. This time, what collided with the pan sounded, in no way, shape, or form, like another pan. Yugi glanced at the wild look in the man's one visible eye.

And then his sight trailed to the wicked looking butcher knife held tightly in shaking hands.

"You've fucked my life up quite enough little boy. I think it's time we end this game." Pegasus struck out with the knife again.

Fucked up his life? Yugi almost snorted. Just then his greatest fear became known. He could hear Atemu's uncertain steps as the agent made his way to the kitchen. Oh shit!

"Atemu! He's got a knife!" Yugi screamed as he threw an errant dish at the man's head – distracting him.

Atemu made it to the kitchen just in time to hear Pegasus as he chuckled maniacally. "Aww, look who's come to join the party. And here we thought he was too sick to come."

Instantly the hairs on the back of Atemu's neck were standing at attention. "Fuck you Pegasus." He croaked as he snatched a knife out of one of the drawers. It was a good thing he knew where most things were without having to search very hard for them. The pain was almost overwhelming, but he couldn't just sit back and watch – or listen – as this man killed his Yugi. They had to take this maniac down.

Yugi realized what his lover was attempting to do and he made a halfhearted charge at the intruder in order to gain the agent a little more time to find a weapon.

Pegasus rallied back, taking the teen's legs out from under him, the pan skidding across the floor. As Yugi fell to the floor the man chuckled insanely, thinking he had finally won. Yugi raised his hands over his head in an effort to block the blow that he knew was coming. As the tip of the knife descended, a muffled gasp was heard from Pegasus' lips. The knife that had seemed so threatening earlier clattered to the floor harmlessly, the high priest falling not far from where Yugi laid, his eyes already glazing over in death.

Atemu dropped to the ground half conscious, the pain finally overcoming his senses. He didn't even know if Yugi was dead or alive. Had he reacted in time? For a moment there it was almost as if he had his sight back. He could focus on that glaringly hideous crimson suit that the attacker had worn. Could see it as clear as day. Maybe it was only a wish, but he only had that split second to decide whether or not to rely on the information that his eyes were feeding his brain.

And he took the chance that he was seeing it correctly, grabbing the hilt of the knife firmly and launching it at his target. All he could make out before the shadows took hold of him was that he had hit his mark.

Yugi pulled himself to his feet, nudging the dead man before kicking the man's weapon out of reach. He knew Pegasus was quite dead. The living had never mastered that blank, cold stare. Once he was fairly sure that his enemy wasn't going to rise from the grave and attack him again, the trembling teen made his way over to where Atemu had fallen.

He cradled the agent's body close to his, looking the other over for injuries as he came down off the adrenaline high.

"Atemu?" He whispered softly.

Nnngh…hurts…bad…" Atemu panted, his eyes tightly closed.

Yugi began to look harder for unseen injuries. What if Pegasus had gotten to him somehow? "Where? Did he get you?"

"N-no…head…hurts." The agent replied.

"Shhh…rest now. Let the drugs work." Yugi whispered tearfully as he began to massage Atemu's soft hair.

Ten minutes later and the two were still in the same position, lying on the kitchen floor not far from their attacker's lifeless body. Yugi could tell that the Vicodin was starting to take effect. His lover's breathing had slowed and the tension was beginning to leave his body. When Atemu's startling ruby eyes began to show themselves Yugi breathed a sigh of relief.

"Hey sexy…how ya feeling?" He asked with a grin.

Atemu smiled up at him, looking him in the eye. "Better. Much, much better. Gods above little one, I adore your smile. You need to do that more often."

"I promise I will as soon as you start feeling better." Yugi tweaked his nose, watching as Atemu scrunched up his face. But then a thought hit him. "Hey…how did you know I was smiling?"

"I can see your beautiful face, clear as day little one." Atemu grinned back, returning the favor and tweaking Yugi's nose.

The teen sat there open mouthed until Atemu took pity on him and tipped it shut. "You might want to shut that, you'll catch flies."

"A-and you're not surprised about this? I thought…that you…when…?"

The agent pulled Yugi down to him, capturing his lips in an audacious kiss. When they broke apart he continued to place small butterfly kisses along the stunned teen's jaw line.

"I should be…little one…" He said as he continued to kiss up along Yugi's neck, stopping at his ear. "But…I think…the drugs are…affecting my ability to give a flying fuck…"

At that whispered announcement the small teen burst out into laughter. And that was the scene that the rest of the group walked into when they returned to the house…

~ o ~ O ~ o ~

Atemu stared out at the lush green grass that covered the cemetery. How he had come to be here again, four years after the case that changed his life, he had no idea. He never liked the thought of visiting cemeteries. Even as a child the idea of willingly coming out here sent shivers down his spine. But he knew that he had something to say to a couple of people – even if they could no longer hear him.

Yugi seemed to believe that they could.

He gathered his thoughts and kneeled on the ground, thankful that he could truly see and appreciate the beautiful serenity of the place that his father had been laid to rest.

"Dad…" He whispered. "I, ah…damn, if you could just see this place. But I am here for another reason…I've come to say thank you…"

He stayed for a good twenty minutes, just talking about his life and his love. About how well Isis was doing now that she had grandchildren to dote on. And how he and Yugi had finally gotten on the list to adopt and add to the brood. He spoke of Bakura's settling down and Marik's pranks and Seto and Jou's new baby – a second adoption after the first had gone so well.

"Hey sexy, am I interrupting?" Yugi smiled as he snuck up on his lover.

"No little one, you're not interrupting at all. In fact, I was just getting ready to visit someone else and let them know how we're doing. Would you like to come with me?" Atemu extended his hand.

"I'd love to." Yugi replied.

"I love you Yugi." Atemu leaned down and pecked him on the cheek.

"Love you too."

Hand and hand they walked through the cemetery, towards the site where Yugi's grandpa was buried. They would be okay now, no matter what happened – thanks to the two men who had laid down their lives, just to give them a chance to live.


~ o ~ O ~ o ~

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