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You Wish.

"Why can't I take a break for at least a little bit?" I asked my trainer Ryan while on my last lap around the school.

I had been running for a while, at least 4 miles. I like to think while I'm running. It's so easy for me to clear my head. I was thinking back how much my life has changed the past three years. My freshman year was when it all changed; I wasn't anything special. I was just a girl who had a passion for soccer. Here's what happened:


One day after my second time playing on the varsity team of Forks High, a little town in Washington, I was walking out of the locker. I had actually got to play today, which surprised me. I thought I played pretty well.

Well on my way out, a man had came up to me and asked, "You're Isabella Swan, right?"

At first I wasn't sure what to say because it surprised me. I mean come on who would? But I was kind of scared so I just told him softly, "Yes, that's me."

"Good," He replied, smiling at me. "Oh, sorry I haven't introduced myself. I'm Paul, Paul Stinson and I'm the—"

"The head coach for the American Women's soccer team," I interrupted him, nodding along. "Yes I know."

He laughed. "I'm glad you know. Well I saw you play today and I see greatness in you. I was wondering if you would mind if I talked to your parents?"

At first I just stared at him not believing him. "Oh—oh no, not at all. Well I live with just my dad. My mom passed away two years ago, but he's right over there," I pointed the direction my father was. "I'll lead you to him."

I walked towards my father with the coach behind me. The coach cleared his throat for my father's attention. "Hello you must be Isabella's father?" He had asked my dad. "I'm Paul Stimson, the head coach for American Woman's soccer team," he placed his hand out for my dad to shake it.

"Charlie Swan, pleasure to meet you" My dad had said.

"Yes. That's kind of why I am talking to you. I see great things in Isabella's future. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind her playing in the women's team in three years?" The coach smiled amiably.

"WHAT?" I screamed before my dad could answer. Oh my god!

"Bella, Shhh. While have to talk about it..."

"We don't need to talk about it. Yes. Yes. Yes. I want to!" I pretty much screamed, cutting off my dad.

"Sorry Paul but Bella is just a freshman. What about school and how would she train?" I could tell dad had a lot more questions but those where his most important ones.

"Well since it isn't for three years, she can just stay here and get a full year trainer. She can stay in school so there's no need to worry about her education. She'll have practice before and after school," The coach answered both my dad's questions. So you can tell that I did get a trainer and that's what I been doing for the past two years.

"Okay, Bella. I think this will be a great opportunity for you."

When I made it to school, I looked around and noticed some really nice cars parked in front of the school. I knew they weren't the students who went to Forks High because those that went to Forks High had rusty and old cars. As I was up the steps behind Ryan, I saw the six most beautiful people I have ever seen standing by the principal.

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