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There were three men and three women, there was a strawberry blonde with blue eyes but had specks of green in them who. Well just say that if looks could kill I would have been dead two minutes ago. She was glaring at me so much I was starting to feel very nervous.

Next to her was another blonde girl, who in my opinion was the beautiful women I have ever seen. She had a body a model would kill for, cures in all the right places. The only person out of all six that was smiling at me was a girl about a foot shorter then me and I'm only like 5'5. She had short jet-black spiky hair and dark brown eyes.

Then came the boys. They were all the "panty dropping" kind. On the pixy looking one's left was a man with blonde hair and ice blues eye. He looked like he could be related to the second blonde one. He was talking to the guy next to him. The guy was HUGE, he looked like he could break me in half with only two fingers. He's eyes were almost the same blue as the blonde one but he had brown hair. Last but defiantly not least was the Greek god, with bronze hair and bright green eyes I could get lost in forever.

All of a sudden he looked up at me and I just couldn't look away, but I soon felt my blood flow to my face and that's when I know I had to looked away. My eyes went straight to Paul; he had been talking a while. I wonder what was so important.

"Are you okay with that Bella?" Paul asked, I could tell he was not happy but was trying to hide it.

"Okay with what? Sorry I wasn't listening" I looked at the man next to Paul. He wasn't to bad looking either. Not to be mean but he still wasn't the bronze hair god but not hard to look at. "There making a movie there and it might be hard for us to work out in the gym and the weight lifting room when there shooting because of the noise" I looked at Paul in shock.

They wanted me to stop practicing so they could make a stupid movie? "Yes, I do have a problem with that. I work out pretty much everyday and now just because of some fucking movie I have to stop? The tryouts for the team are only ONE year away! I can't stop now!" I pretty much screamed in there face, but I was not going to let a stupid movie ruin my chances of making it.

I looked over at Paul to see a smirk on his face. At least he's on my side. "When I'm sure we can work something out" The man next to Paul said kind of in a fuck me way there you know your not going to get what you want aren't going to let the other person go off easily. "Okay, well talk about it later. I have to go to practice I'm already behind." I said looking at my watch. It was 12:30 and my practice was suppose to start at 12. "Well we have to look around the school to make sure everything is okay; will probably be down around 2:30. Is that okay?" he asked looking at, I'm pretty sure, the cast next him.

"Yeah but I won't be done till like 5 since I started late and then I still want a shower, how about we met here at 6?" I looked at him hoping for a quick reply, I needed to get started on pratice. "Wait, you practice 5 hours day?" the bronze hair angel asked quite confused."Well usually only 3 but it's summer now I have a lot of free time. Today is actually a short day, I'll ended up going from 7 to 11 then 1 to 5 but sometimes I stay late an don't get home till 8 but not a lot" I said happily, I know that's a lot but I'm in intense training for the Olympics and I love soccer to much. "Wow that's a lot and all just for soccer" the strawberry blonde who I had named bitch, just because she sneered the word soccer.

"It's not soccer... It's my life and I wouldn't have it any other way" and with that I walked past them with Paul on my tail.

"Don't forget 6," I shouted over my shoulder.

I had just stepped out of my shower when my phone vibrated, it was probably Angel or Jessica. The text read, "Oh my god, Bella do you know who is shooting a movie at our school Edward fucking Cullen! I'm going to the set tomorrow to see them you should come!" Jessica was the one to send it.

I was going to text back but I really needed to get ready, I'll just text her later. What should I wear? How about some dark wash skinny jeans, a red deep v shirt, and my black bailey buttons uggs. I put on some light make up and did my hair in loose curls.

I normally never dressed up unless I had to, but I wanted look nice for the bronze haired angel. Wait what? I have never wanted to dress up for a guy, don't get me wrong I like guys. There just aren't any in Forks that I would even think about. Well I should probably get going. It only took me five minutes to get there; Fork is a small town in Washington. I hate how small it is. Everyone knows everyone bussinessThere cars were there, I could tell it was there because they were the same ones from this morning.

I got out of my car and saw everyone on the steps, this was going to be fun.


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