With four stitches sewn into her head, Nancy was driven back home in Roman's car. During the whole ride, he, of course, tried to get out of her exactly what happened. Being a police officer came naturally to him, even while being off-duty.

"Your dad called me, right after you ran off, you know," he told her, "Asked me to ride around and look for you. Lucky he did; I was still on the road when the hospital called me."

The whole time he spoke, Nancy just sat silently staring out the window, watching the streetlights whizzing by over them.

"He also told me about, you know, what he told you," he continued, "You're mad at me now, I bet, for not telling you myself before. I'm sorry Nancy. I really am. I wanted to tell you, but your dad made me swear never to say a word to you about it. He didn't want you to have to live with the memory of what Krueger did to you. He just cares about you, he really does."

Still, Nancy remained mute, soaking in Roman's words without response, looking out the window while her hands rubbed together between her knees. For the moment, she was too preoccupied thinking on what was soon to come.

Soon, they pulled up along the curb in front of Nancy's house. The lights were all still on inside, just as she expected.

She reached for the handle, but before she opened the door, she turned to Roman.

"You don't have to be sorry, Roman," she told him, "You were just looking out for me, you and dad both were."

He gave her a tight smile. Nancy returned it before she stepped out from the vehicle.

"And thanks for the ride," she said in farewell, leaning her head down into the open car door.

"Take care Nancy," Roman replied.

Nancy shut the door and watched as Roman's car drove out of sight.

The front door was left unlocked. When Nancy entered, her father was lying on the couch on his left side, fast asleep with his right arm draped over the edge of the cushion, his knuckles rested on the carpet. A nearly empty bottle of booze lied on the floor an inch from Donald's hand, sideways the same as he was. Nancy picked it up and placed it atop the coffee table. The resounding thunk from the bottle against the table's surface woke Donald from is inebriated rest.

"Nancy?" he grumbled, still partially asleep, his red eyes opening only halfway, "That you?"

"Yeah, dad," she answered him, crouching down on her knees so that their faces were level, "I'm home now."

Donald sighed and extended his arm to stroke her face affectionately. He then attempted to push himself upright. Seeing her father struggle to even perform this simple task, she grabbed ahold of his hand and hoisted him to his feet.

"Come on dad," she grunted as she put Donald's arm around her shoulders to support his weight as they both slowly trudged their way up the stairway, "Let's get you up to your room so you can sleep this off. We could both use a good night's sleep."

Her dad flashed her a look of amazement, bordering on shock, at hearing her say this.

"I'm so s'rry 'bout this, princess," he slurred as they made their way down the hall towards his bedroom, "About ev'rything. I guess I shoulda told you long time ago. I jus' want'd t' protect you. I alr'dy failed once."

Tears rolled down his puffy cheeks, and Nancy felt her own throat tighten, but she coughed it away. "I know dad, I know. It's okay. Everything will be okay."

She helped her dad crawl into bed, pulling the blankets up to his neck. She gave him one last hug, then stepped out.

"Good night daddy," she said to him as she stood inside the doorframe, her hand on the knob.

"G'night, pr'ncess" he said back, rolling over onto his side, turning away from the door. Nancy then pulled the door shut. As she did, she took note that her father's gun was still in its holster on his belt that was hung over his bedpost.

She took a deep breath to collect herself, then walked back downstairs and into the kitchen. She looked through the silverware drawer until she took a long, sharp, slender-bladed knife. From there, she went back through the living room, shutting off all the lights and resetting the security alarm before walking back up the stairs and to her room.

First, she took her marble jar and placed it on top of the bookshelf near her door. After that, she set her alarm clock to go off after ten minutes, then tucked the knife under her pillow and lied back in bed, over all the sheets and blankets, folding her hands together over her stomach.

'And now I lay me down to sleep...' Nancy recited within her mind as she closed her eyes and allowed herself to slip gently down from consciousness.

Nancy Thompson, preparing for war and walking straight into the enemy territory. epic.

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