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If you have read "Red Eyes and the She Wolf," you may remember what happens with Robert, Rebecca, Heidi and Demetri. If not, well...



Epilogue – Prelude to Red Eyes



19th Century America


Settled in our new home together, we lived far enough away from the nearest town to be ourselves, yet close enough to always have a feed at hand. Every tenth year, we would celebrate the end of our wandering by having a large gathering of vampires we were familiar with around for a party that would have rivalled Roland's idea of hospitality.

It was on one of these nights that we received a visit from two vampires from Italy. Robert had opened the door, and two dark unfamiliar shapes requested entry—a beautiful, reed-like female and her blond male companion. Enjoying my new found position in American vampire society, I took the opportunity to widen my circle.

"Welcome," I had whispered. "Feel free to make yourself feel at home. We are all friends here."

The blond male had smiled as he removed his gloves and looked around. He held himself in a rather stiff-looking posture and his voice dripped with arrogance. "Oh, we shall. Your parties are quite notorious. We have even heard of them in Volterra—Heidi and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about."

"Volterra?" Robert asked and looked at me. By now, we had both heard the name and knew that was where the Volturi were based. We also knew that they enforced their laws very effectively in Europe, and had annihilated many covens to put an end to the southern vampire wars—but we lived quietly, usually, and could not see any reason to worry. I guessed even the vampire "Spanish Inquisition" needed a little rest and relaxation now and again.

The blond male chuckled at the glance between me and my mate. "I can assure you that we're here for pleasure, not business." He was slightly shorter than Robert, but also powerfully built. The dark-haired female by his side was only marginally taller than I was; the smile on her beautiful face also gave out an aura of supreme self-confidence.

The brunette turned her grin in her mate's direction, and then walked forward, as if this was her house and she was the host. "Follow me," she said.

Surprisingly, we stepped into line behind her as she led us into our own bedroom, the blond male following not far behind; we left the rest of our guests in the ballroom.

The arrogant vampire signalled to the haughty female, who then sashayed out of the room and returned with some refreshments from the ballroom. The male sprawled himself on the ornate bed that dominated the room. "Now, let's get the pleasant distractions out of the way, before we have a civilized adult discussion about the rules of being a vampire."

I held Robert's hand and wondered what the strange vampire meant.


"Demetri, that was just cruel." Heidi looked up at her companion, yet she smiled as she spoke.

"What? Leaving the female alive? I consider that mercy. She'll certainly change her ways after that lesson." The glow of the burning building reflected in his eyes.

"No, silly—although you're going to have to explain why you did that to Aro later. I meant what you manipulated them into doing."

The blond vampire smirked. "That was just entertainment. I didn't hear you complaining when you had them draped over you. They weren't bad."

Heidi chuckled. "Demetri, you are terrible. You're such a bad influence—corrupting me like this." Her eyes glittered with intent.

"But Haidee, isn't that what you love about me?" he replied dramatically, before both members of the Volturi Guard turned and fled the scene.


I'm cruel, I know. If you want to know what happened, you need to read Chapter 13 of Red Eyes and the She Wolf when Demetri encounters Rebecca in the present day. Hope you get a different view of Rebecca after reading this short background.

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