So... this is a collaboration between myself and Lavender-chan of gaiaonline. I write a chunk, she writes a chunk, I write a chunk. By chunk, I mean three or four paragraphs. So, I'm too lazy to help you distinguish between who writes what, but... yeah... enjoy, anyways?

"Ohh, Len-kun, you're sooo funny~!" The sound of the tealette's voice grated on Rin's ears.

"Ohhh, Len-kun, you're sooo funny, look at me with my stupid pretty face and non-flat-chest, heehee~!" Rin, alone in her room, made her voice as nasally and annoying as possible as she imitated Miku, who was undoubtedly in the living room with Len.

Len. Who was Rin's other half. Not Miku's. So why the hell was that teal-haired diva taking away all of her time with the blond boy? It was stupid and annoying. Not like Rin was jealous or anything. Sheesh, what gave you that idea?

... Well, it WAS true. Rin was actually jealous of Miku! Len was spending all his time with the tealette and not with her. Why would Len want that? Rin didn't know. That's why she wanted to find out! But Len was practically ignoring her!

Her ears perked up at the sound of Len and Miku laughing together, making Rin growl at the sound. Pretty jealous, much? You could say Yes.

"Stupid Len, hanging around with Stupid Miku." Rin scoffed, crossing her arms as she glanced away from the door.

Rin skipped into the living room, just in time to see Miku toss those unnatural teal locks around, grinning at Len. And Len was grinning back at her, like the big idiot he was. But as soon as he saw Rin, his grin faded slightly. " Rin... "

Miku seemed oblivious to Rin's anger and Len's akwardness. "Heeeyy, Rin-Rin! How are you? Oh, oh, Master just gave Len-kun and I a duet to sing! Isn't that just sooo great?" A girly, high pitched giggle came from the older girl.

Rin bit back the nasty retort. "Yeah. Great." Her voice was void of all emotion. "I'm going into the kitchen to get some food. Wanna come, Len?"

Len shook his head, not making eye contact with Rin. "N-no. Miku and I were kinda talking, so..." He trailed off, scratching the back of his neck, which Rin could have happily squeezed until her "mirror image" couldn't breathe.

"Fine." Rin stalked out of the living room and into the kitchen, where she set to peeling an orange angrily, muttering under her breath. "Stupid Miku, with her stupid hair, stupid eyes, stupid bubbly personality..."

She didn't even notice Kaito, sitting at the kitchen table and eating ice cream.

"Ah, Rin-chan..." She heard Kaito state, obviously upset about something. But in his tone, it seemed like he was a little surprised to see Rin talk like that. It wasn't like she always was in that state.

"Mhm," Was not much of a nice greeting as Rin tried to speak and munch her orange at the same time. "Kon'nichiwa, Kaito." She stated flatly, not even glancing at the guy.

Kaito ignored it and just gave Rin a kind smile on his face before saying, "Is there something bothering Rin-chan? I see that she has a problem with something."

Rin's gaze at her orange remained the same as she answered taking another bite after she stated, "And do You need to know?"

Kaito looked a bit morosely into what was left of his tub of ice cream, sensing Rin's mood. "E-eh, I guess it's none of my business..."

Rin cocked her head to the side. "You don't exactly seem like a pocket full of sunshine, either. What's your deal?"

The blunet sighed sadly, a bit unusual for him, considering the frozen treat he was eating. "It's nothing, Rin-chan. Don't worry about it."

Rin shoved another slice of orange into her mouth, honestly curious now. Her Len problems could wait. "Oh, don't be stupid, Kaito. Normally ice cream has you skipping around the house with joy, and today you look like your puppy died."

Kaito looked a bit confused. "I don't have a puppy."

Rin resisted the urge to facepalm. "It was a figure of speech, BaKaito." Sighing, Rin put an tiny hand on his arm, tugging at his sleeve as she tried to switch into "sweet-little-sister" mode. "Come on, Kaito-nii. You look so sad, it's not like you. Tell Rinny all about it."

A light grunt was heard from the blunet, as Rin tugged his sleeve. It could be a little nice to explain, since he knew this other side of Rin which she called "Sweet-little-sister" mode. Unusual... But it works on this guy!

He smiled, letting out a soft chuckle as he ruffled Rin's blonde hair. "Nah. I'm not sad. Just upset." His smile quickly faded curving into a small frown. "It's Miku-chan. W-Well.. Let's just say she hasn't stopped hanging around Len for three weeks. Needed her help, but turns out she has gotten quite attached to Len. Can't do anything about it."

Rin's eyes widened for a moment, realizing that Kaito was actually also upset because of the two. Both of us... Has the same reason... The Blonde girl thought, still looking up to Kaito with wide eyes. Kaito, who just glanced down to Rin, gave her a confused look which kind of told her in a "Is-there-something-wrong-Rin-chan?" way.

She blinked, tightening her grip on Kaito's sleeve as she looked down.

Kaito's confused look gave way to an alarmed one as Rin's eyes looked overly bright. Was she... about to... "R-rin-chan?"

Rin buried her face in her arm-warmers and hollered something that was a bit hard to make out, but the words "teal-haired diva" and "road roller" could be heard, muffled but more audible. When the blonde looked up, her eyes were still bright-with rage. "That leek-loving freak is making a fool of both of us!"

Kaito looked confused again. "Rin-chan, why are you talking about Miku that way? Aren't you guys friends?"

Rin snorted. "Friends? What kind of friend that steals your twi-er, cru-um... m-mirror image and keeps him all to herself, so that you have no time to spend with him anymore?"

Kaito's confusion grew deeper still. "Rin... Miku's not hanging out with Kaiko. She's not taking my mi-"

Rin face-palmed. "I was talking about Len and I!"

"Len and... You?" Said the innocent Kaito. Rin nodded, her hand falling back to the table to lace her hands together.

Kaito lowered his head while an "Ah..." escaped his lips.

"S-So... Len-kun and You are...?" Kaito innocently asked, tilting his head sideways. Oh, Kaito. That innocent Idiot.

Rin reached out and smacked Kaito upside the head. "We aren't going out you blue-haired idiot!" Rin would have screamed, if it hadn't been for Len and Miku in the next room. She just settled for whisper-screaming, instead.

Kaito frowned. "Oh... well, then... why are you so upset?"

Rin narrowed her bright blue eyes and glared at Kaito. "Think about it. Why are you upset about Miku?"

Kaito frowned. "Well, because she's sweet and nice and I really miss her and like her... Hey, I get it! You like Len!"

Rin twirled a finger in the hair. "Give the boy a cookie."

Sparkles appeared around Kaito's eyes as he beamed at Rin saying "Does that cookie go well with ice cream?"

Rin face-palmed. "It was also a figure of speech, BaKaito!"

Kaito blinked, totally oblivious to Rin's figures of speeches. He really needs to learn how to understand those sooner or later.

"Both of us are upset because of the same thing. Oh... S-So.. What do we do? Nothing?"

Sounded like an idea to Rin's ears. Hm... What they have to do eh? Let the little Rinny do the plotting!

Rin tapped her finger to her skull. "Hm. Well, I'm upset because Len is ignoring me..."


"And you're upset because Miku is ignoring you."


"We want to get their attention, but they're always together."


"So we need to find a way to shock them, surprise them, make them notice us!"

"Yeah! Do you have an idea, Rin-chan?"

"I think I do. Listen close, Kaito..."

Rin whispered closely to Kaito, making sure he understood every single inch of what she has explained.

Kaito beamed. His eyes were already shining with excitement!

Rin chuckled as she pulled away from the Man's ears stating, "I see you're already excited, am I right?"

Kaito nodded with glee, exclaiming, "Of course~! Your plan will surely work!" He kept his voice as soft as he could.

Wow... that was a pain in the arse to correct. Because the gaia pm system like to add spaces inbetween quotes, so that every bit of dialougue looked like " this. " It got tedious, after awhile. Also, Lava-chan and I kept switching between past tense and present tense. Whoops. You don't notice these things when you're only writing four paragraphs or so a day. Well... I hope to update soon, reveiw, maybe? Thanks!