Le-gasp~! It's the last chapter!

"La la la la la, la la la la la la, la, la la la la la la, la, la, la~!"

Rin sang a wordless song to the tune of "Daughter of Evil," fixing her hair until it was just perfect. She wasn't wearing her vocaloid clothes, of course, not outside. She wore a black vee-neck with an orange tank top underneath, along with dark blue skinny jeans that were almost black.

Kaito knocked on the door. "R-rin? Are you dressed?" He seemed a bit nervous, considering last time.

"Yes, BaKaito. Let yourself in." Kaito walked in, wearing light blue jeans and a blue tee-shirt, under a white jacket and his trade-mark scarf. The chances of him leaving that behind were about as likely as Rin leaving her ribbon.

"Are Miku and Len waiting for us in the living room?" Rin asked.

"Yeah." Kaito fidgeted with his scarf absently. "You look really nice, Rin-chan."

"O-oh... arigato, Kaito-nii." Rin was shocked into politeness.

Kaito only gave her a soft smile as a response. He chuckled as he stood up, reaching his hand out. "Let's go then."

Rin smiled back, not noticing that she took Kaito's hand in hers as they retreated back to the living room where Miku and Len were waiting. Miku glanced up to them and flashed a happy grin.

"So, do we guys have everything we need?" Miku asked cheerily, clapping her hands together. Len, Kaito and Rin nodded together in unison.

Miku nodded, seeming overly excited. "Okay, let's go, then~!" The tealette was wearing a gray tee-shirt with sparkly teal letters proclaiming "Number 1 Princess" with a teal jacket over-top. She also wore skinny jeans, but her's were lighter than Rin's.

Len smiled at Miku. Rin felt her blood boil. Len was wearing a yellow hoodie with black sweatpants. Everyone was dressed warmer than Rin. Maybe she should have grabbed a jacket?

Rin shrugged the thought off. She instinctively reached out for Len's hand. They always used to hold hands, before this whole Miku business. Maybe she could...

But Miku quickly grabbed Len's hand, pulling him out the door. "Come on, then!" Rin glared daggers at Miku's back, before pulling Kaito along.

"This is going to be a long night," the blonde girl mumbled under her breath.

Kaito laughed in the most polite way he could at Rin, making her cheeks heat up at the tone. "W-What?" Rin stared at Kaito who seemed to cannot hold himself from laughing at Rin. His laugh faded and Kaito grabbed Rin's hand, interlocking them together. Rin's face flushed, but was satisfied enough to see Miku glance over at them with a grin that didn't quite meet her eyes.

"Oh nothing, Rin-chan. I think you know why," Kaito smiled, dragging Rin along to follow the other two who were having a small conversation in a whisper. Rin blinked, confused by what the older senior meant.

"I-I.. Oh. I'm surprised that even someone as stupid as you noticed," She sighed. "You're getting a little smarter these days!" Kaito chuckled as they continued to walk behind Miku and Len, also noticing how distant they were from them.

"I just look like it though. I feel like I might be an idiot forever. Maybe that's why my Miku is being taken away by your Len," He sighed, letting Rin take her hand out of Kaito's. They stopped. Kaito blinked and turned to Rin. "R-Rin-chan? I- oof! W-Wha?"

Rin nuzzled against Kaito's chest, hugging the senior tightly.

Rin stepped away, smirking. "You looked like you needed a hug... and I wanted to make Len jealous. Mostly the first thing, though."

She turned, looking up at Len. He looked troubled. Had he seen the hug? Rin certainly hoped so. He had his head close to Miku's... they were almost touching! She wished she could hear what they were saying...

Rin carefully tried to creep closer. Kaito kept close behind her. She could make out what Len was saying... "I'm really nervous, Miku... How will she react? And- a-ah! Rin!" He spun around, noticing the blonde girl practically glued to his back.

Rin smiled sheepishly, a bit disappointed that she had been caught. "Don't let me inturrupt your conversation, Lenny? Who's going to react about what now?"

Len looked at the ground. "Oh... um, actually, ah-"

"Oh, he's just worried that our normal waitress won't know where to seat us, since there's more than usual~!" Rin could have throttled Miku, who turned to flash a smile at Rin.

But instead of doing bodily damage to Miku, Rin nodded as if understanding why. She knew that Miku was lying just to cover Len up. Great.

Len simply made no eye contact once again, making Rin want to do something about those eyes of his. She sighed.

Kaito squeezed Rin's hand comfortingly, and Rin smiled at the blunet. Len and Miku went back to walking, and Rin kept close to them, not wanting them to be able to plot any further.

So Len was worried about how she would react, was he? Well, he should be! Of course, Rin hoped to stop Len from saying anything! She didn't want Len to date Miku! Because... that would be as ridiculous as Rin dating Kaito for real.

Rin and Len. Right and Left. They so obviously belonged together! Why was Len such an idiot? Everything was just a simple concept! Rin was made, but something was missing. Len was created afterwards. He knew that.. Right?

Rin shook her head. Clearly, she got the brains of the two.

"Ohhh, we're here!" Rin blinked as Miku jumped up and down exitedly. She grabbed Len's hand in one hand, Rin's in the other. Rin kept hold of Kaito's hand as they were dragged off towards the restaurant.

The blond girl sighed, and let Miku drag her along with the other three. What? She was close to Len! Their shoulders were almost touching. Len's face was very red. Kaito was relaxed, looking almost as if he had things on his mind calming him down.

The four reached inside the cafe and brought themselves into their seats. "The right one," said Miku with Len nodding. They didn't forget about the table seats they mentioned earlier, Rin immediately noticed, although Kaito was seemingly oblivious enough not to notice.

Rin quickly sat down. The table was in the shape of a square, with four chairs around it. Kaito sat to one side of her, Miku to the other. Len sat across from her. Didn't he even want to sit next to her?

Rin sighed, looking down at the menu. A waiter brought them waters. Suddenly, she heard Len cough. " U-um, I have something I want to say.. " Rin glanced up at him, seeing his red face. Crap, she didn't want it to happen so soon!

Thinking quickly, she "accidently" jerked her arm, knocking Miku's water into her lap! "Whoops! I'm so sorry, Miku-nee!" Rin put her hands to her face in mock-sadness. "Let me help you w-"

"No, I'll go to the bathroom and clean myself up. Don't worry Rin-Rin!" Miku quickly left the table, leaving a small trail of water behind her as it dripped off of her skirt.

"What were you saying, Len-kun?" Rin looked to Len, an innocent expression on her face. Len's face darkened a shade.

"N-n-nevermind. It wasn't important."

Rin blinked and nodded, her eyes slowly darting over at where the bathroom was located. She didn't want to really admit it, but she was a little sorry for Miku. But Miku was trying to steal Len away from her. That's what she gets when trying to steal someone Rin loves.. Right?

Still, Rin had to know what Len wanted to say. The small blond was just... terrified of... What was that called? Oh, yeah.


If Len wanted to do this quickly, then Rin might lose her life as well. He was just so precious to Rin, she would do anything to get the man she loves back. Just like Miku was to Kaito. A small shifting caught Rin's attention. Well, speaking of Kaito.. He uncomfortably shifted in his seat to drink water. They all knew that Kaito wasn't good in uncomfortable situations.

Rin sipped her own water, sighing. Was she just prolonging the inevitable? She didn't know. What she did know was that she was going to fight this thing tooth and nail.

She looked back into the menu, biting her lip as she tried to figure out what to order.

Len's head raised up, darting over to the bathroom where Miku was still cleaning her skirt. Rin swore that she just saw Len play with his hands nervously, frowning.

He was waiting for Miku to come out of the bathroom.

But to kill some time, Len turned to Rin and Kaito asking, "Are you guys finished thinking what to order? I'll call the waiter." A small smile curved on his lips. Both Rin and Kaito shook their heads, unable to think of what to eat.

Len only blinked and laced his hands together, looking nervous. "O-Okay," He glanced back to the bathroom, where Miku still wasn't finished cleaning. She was taking a little too long. "W-We'll just wait for Miku to finish cleaning her s-skirt then."

Rin had to admit. She agreed with Len. At times, Miku was the one who always decides. And her decision sometimes benefits them all. The three nodded in unison.

Miku finally came back from the bathroom, her skirt a bit damp but not horrible. Kaito smiled at her, and Rin felt a pang of jealousy. But why? She knew Kaito liked Miku, and she didn't mind... did she?

"Did you guys decide what to order?" Rin shook her head along with Len and Kaito. Miku looked at the menu. "Hmmm... Why don't we split a pizza?"

Pizza. It would be nice. Rin glanced over to Kaito who nodded, then to Len who agreed with Miku. Seeing as it would be a nice decision, why not? Rin turned to Miku, smiling and nodding. Miku returned the smile and happily made a gesture to call the waiter. The waiter scampered towards them, looking slightly confused. He might be new. Rin giggled quietly. Len blinking towards her.

Miku sat down beside Rin and told their order.

"Ummm... we'll take a medium pizza with onions and sausage... hey, can we replace those onions with leeks?" Miku looked up innocently at the waiter.

"U-um... leeks?" The waiter looked confused. Rin plastered her hands to her mouth to keep from laughing.

"Yes, leeks. Negi?" Miku smiled sunnily.

"I-I'll go see..." Looking faintly disturbed, the waiter walked away. Rin buried her head in her arms, trying not to laugh hysterically.

Miku and Kaito seemed oblivious from Rin's giggling and laughing. Len was looking troubled by Rin's laughing.

Suddenly, Rin peeked up to glance towards to the other three, seeing Len staring at her. Awkward. She coughed and smiled warmly at him, finding an excuse to cover her up. "I-I'm sorry. But the waiter looked a little funny, seeing as he looked clumsy," the small blonde stated, straightening herself up. "I apologize for giggling so much." Rin still can't help but giggle though.

Miku giggled with her while Kaito and Len smiled softly at Rin. She felt her cheeks warm up at their sight. Oh how she missed this kind of days. Spending time together, happily laughing and sharing funny stories. It felt like there was something missing, but Rin couldn't put her finger on it.

Rin smiled warmly at Miku, before remembering that this wasn't the old days, and she was pissed at the tealette. Her smile quickly faded, and she looked off to the side.

The waitor came back. "Well, we do have leeks. So, your order was a medium pizza with sausage and... leeks?"

Miku clapped her hands together. "Yes~! Arigato!"

The waitor walked away, scratching his head. Rin smiled, and for a moment it was just like the old times again. Then Len had to go and open his big mouth.

"Anyways, I have a little bit of news... I-" Rin cut him off quickly, standing up so fast her chair was knocked over. She blushed, coughing.

"Eh heh... sorry. I-I'm just going to go to the bathroom real quick, okay?"


Rin blinked in shock. Len stood up, staring at her intensely. Miku was grinning, while Kaito was panicking. The small blond had to think of an excuse since Len wanted to do this at this very moment. "U-Uh, Len? I really need to go-" She was cut off by Len almost shouting.

"I said NO."

Rin crossed her arms over her chest. "Fine. Go ahead. Do it." She sighed, preparing herself.

"Good," Len's face was beet red. Miku's grin widened, and Kaito took hold of Rin's hand under the table in a comforting gesture. "Rin," Rin closed her eyes, readying herself for Len declaring his undying love for Miku.

"IloveyouRinwillyougooutwithme?" Rin' eyes snapped wide open.


Len's red face turned into a more darker shade of crimson. "Y-You heard me.. I-I love you, Rin," He stuttered nervously, continuing his sentence, "S-So.. Will you go out.. with me?"

This was quite a shock for Rin. She didn't expect Len to say that. "W-Wha? I-I thought you loved MIKU! Y-you... you were around her so much..." The small blond glanced to Miku. She was blinking.

Miku slightly frowned, a glint of surprise in her blue-green eyes. Len sighed, "I was actually asking Miku for help, because I-I can't build the courage up to ask you out. Then... you and Kaito started dating... we had trouble because Miku, every time we met up in her bedroom, started to cry like her world had been torn apart." He turned to Miku.

"I don't love Len. W-Well, not in a romantic way. More like in a sibling way. The one I really love is... Kaito," Miku's slight frown got wider, sighing in defeat. "And Len here, he almost lost the courage to ask you out. It was really a hard time planning all this."

Rin was in a state of major shock; she was speechless. Kaito's eyes was wider than usual, his cheeks tinged pink. "Y-You.. love.. me?" The blunet stated to Miku, clearly unsure of what to say. Miku stared at him with soft eyes, she nodded. It seemed like all of them had their own world.

"Len..." Rin got closer to Len, and put one hand on his cheek softly. Len's eyes widened as his blush deepened. She brought her face close to his...

Then she drew her hand back and smacked him. "You BAKA!"

Len put a hand to his stinging cheek, surprised. "R-Rin! What was that f-"

"I had to pretend to be in love with this blue-haired MORON to make you jealous, and you've liked me ALL ALONG?"

"Heeyyyy..." Kaito's weak protests were cut off by Miku placing a finger to his lips, smiling. Len looked at Rin with shock and hope.

"Y-You were... pretending to go out with Kaito?" Rin rolled her eyes.

"Of course, you idiot! How could I ever love someone besides you? We were MADE FOR EACH OTHER, you banana-loving freak!" It was only when Rin saw the wide smile on Len's face that she realized what she had said. She blushed lightly and coughed. "Uhm... I-"

Her words were cut off as Len smashed his lips against her's.

Rin felt that her cheeks warm up, as Len continued to kiss her. Rin returned the kiss eagerly, making Len smile in the kiss. Miku, on the other side, placed a kiss on Kaito's lips, never wanting to move away. Kaito looked as red as a tomato, but he kissed Miku back softly.

It was about that time that the waiter came out, holding a pizza in one hand. He looked at Rin and Len, who were caught in a passionate embrace so close they were nearly glued to each other, then at Miku and Kaito, who weren't kissing quite as intensely, but so lovingly that the air felt thick around them.

"Ummm... are you guys still hungry?"

"Yeah. We still are." All four said in unison, and then started to laugh. It was just like the old days again, only better.

Success at last.