(Jade's POV)

I was a little proud of myself. It felt good to begin my retaliation against Tori. I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror and fixed my makeup. Tori came bursting in, tears streaming down her face. She stopped when she saw me.

"Something wrong, hormonal?" I asked, a sly grin twitching the corners of my mouth.

"Why would you do that to me?" she asked. "Why?" My face hardened.

"To teach you a little lesson," I replied, getting in her face.

"And what lesson is that?"

"That you can't do whatever you want!" I snapped. "There's rules!"

(Tori's POV)

I wiped my eyes and took a step back from Jade.

"You're pathetic," I said. "You cannot stand that Beck just doesn't want you; That he doesn't love you anymore. Well get this through your head: He. Loves. Me. We are having a baby together. No matter what you do he will never take you back! And no matter how many horrible things you do to me the only thing that you are going to do is make him hate you even more that he already does! He hates you, Jade! He hates you!" She looked wounded but I didn't care. Beck and I had just had a big blowout because of this. And I absoluetly hated fighting with him.

"Say what you want, Vega," she sneered. "But Beck was mine first and he will be mine again." She walked away, bumping her shoulder against mine. I followed only after I was sure she was gone. Beck found me on my way to class.

"I'm sorry," he said, gathering me in his arms. I hugged his waist and told him all about what Jade had said. We both knew she wasn't smart enough to ditch the spray paint so we went straight to the office. Firmly believing Jade would do something like that, Principal Dubois grabbed a ring of keys from her desk and went to search Jade's locker. She was back a minute later, hollaring for the secretary to have Jade pulled from class.

(Beck's POV)

Tori folded her hands over her stomach and we waited in silence for Jade to come into the office. When she did, her eyes darkened and she glared at us.

"Ms. West," Dubois said. "We all know you're the one that spray painted Tori's locker. Destruction of school property means a week of suspension and community service for the next two saturdays. You will be here at 8am to begin your work and you will leave at noon. As far as I'm concerned your punishment isn't severe enough. But it's all I have the power to give. Ms. Vega has quite enough to deal with without you bullying her." Jade went to say something but she cut her off. "That will be all, Ms. West. Security will escort you to your locker so you can collect your things adn then you will be escorted to your car." Jade shot us the most evil look I had ever seen and kept glaring while the security officer towed her out. Tori and I follwed suit and went on to class.

(Tori's POV)

As Beck and I walked to class, we were laughing. Maybe that would show her. Beck and I drove home together at the end of the day and sat outside my house for the better part of half an hour just...kissing. I loved kissing him. But right now I wanted more.

"Ya know Trina has rehersal until four," I said when I finally broke away. "And my parents are at work until six." I bit my lip and gave him a look so he knew exactly knew what I was hinting at. He smiled and we both jumped from the car. We ran upstairs to my room and locked the door behind us. He trapped me against it and kissed my neck, hitting the most sensitive spot. I gasped and bit my lip. He laughed and picked me up. I hooked my legs around his waist. We fell back onto the bed, both laughing hysterically.