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I sat on the couch absorbing what my vampire had just told me. Bill said he would kill anyone who has tasted my blood. Now that Russell is more or less gone, the next person on his list was Eric and Bill told me he was already taken care of. My heart gave a tiny tinge of pain. I couldn't comprehend it. Eric, dead and gone? No, it couldn't be.

And I was right because it wasn't true. My door came flying open.

"Did you tell her you were sent originally by the Queen of Louisiana to procure her, because of what she might be?" Eric said, strolling up my porch steps, covered in cement.

I stopped in my tracks, my heart seeming to miss a beat. "What?" I asked.

Bill turned to me, seemed lost at words. Spit it out!

"I did not know why she wanted you. As I grew to know you, I purposely kept you from her." Bill whispered.

His words fueled a fire I didn't know was in me. "Were you ever going to tell me?"

"I hoped to someday," His voice seemed on the edge of breaking but right now I couldn't give a damn. I needed to know. "I swear it."

Eric who was still walking the length of my porch spoke up again. "What about you letting two psychos beat her within the inch of her life, so you could feed her your blood the night you met?"

I swallowed and looked right at Bill. This time I was sure my heart stopped.

"Think she'll forgive you for that?" Eric questioned.

His words took me back to that horrible night. It's like I could feel the pain all over again. I felt faint as I looked at the man I was in love with.

"Oh my god." I could feel my heart breaking.

"Sookie…" Bill said, pleading.

"Is it true?" I asked, desperately pleading to myself that this was just some big lie.

He paused, taking his eyes away from me, as if he couldn't look. He whispered, "Yes."

Eric could have been talking, I wouldn't have known. Everything seemed to move slowly, as if it didn't exist. I didn't feel alive, the only reason I knew I was still here, was for the fact that I was trembling. I didn't know what to do. I was falling apart at the seams. I heard Eric at last. "He doesn't want to protect you; he only wants to protect himself."

I felt the tears swimming in my eyes, but my rage took hold. "Get out of my house." I said in the most deadly voice I could bring to my lips. Bill went flying through my door, but he caught himself on the door frame.

"Please!" Bill cried but I didn't care. Nothing mattered anymore.

"Don't ever come here. Don't ever call me. Don't ever talk to me. Ever! You manipulated me into falling in love with you!" I said, my voice trembling.

I saw his bloody tears that were still fresh. That must be a lie too. Everything was a lie.

"It is who you are, Sookie. Not what you are that I love." He kept up the act. I shook my head a fraction. "And will love always, until I meet the True Death."

I didn't want to hear anymore lies. I was beyond hurt, nothing else seemed real. He kept up the charade for too long and I couldn't take it.

"LOVE?" I was screaming, trying to hide the sobs that were ripping my chest apart. "You don't even get to use that word!" I moved back from his face as the tears fell from my eyes. "I rescind my invitation."

"NO!" And he went flying down past my steps and onto my gravel.

I looked at Eric the best I could. I hated him just as much as I hated Bill. He had a part in this. I know it.

"I want my phone back." He told Bill.

I was trying to hold in the sobs as Bill looked at me one last time before he turned and sulked away. Then I rounded on Eric.

"You too. Get the fuck off my porch and out of my life!" I nearly shrieked.

I watched Eric's eyes the whole time; they seemed to grow (if possible) more gentle.

"For the record, I would have never given you to Russell." He said quietly.

Yeah as if I could trust vampires anymore. Like that was going to happen.

"Go back to hell where you came from, you fucking dead piece of shit."

Eric moved quicker than I thought he would. Before I knew it, he was standing right in front of me. I didn't know whether to be worried or pissed off that he tried to advance me like that.

He stood quiet for a moment. "I'm sorry to see you suffer like this," He said softly and before I could help it more tears simply fell. The way he said it, it sounded like pity. I don't need his pity. I was close, I felt the sobs coming. "But I thought you had the right to know."

Then he was gone and my fury broke and my broken heart took front seat. I turned and slammed the door.

I sat down, no longer being able to stand. I was in shock. I had no one in my life. No one really there for me. Yes, I have Jason but he is always off doing God knows what. I felt so alone, needing someone to talk to. I stood up, with determination. I wanted to go somewhere I could talk to the only person that ever truly loved me. The one person that didn't honestly care about my curse.

I found myself running as fast as I could to the grave yard. I came across Gran's grave and I dropped to my knees.

"Gran I am so lost. I followed my heart but it led me down a dead end road." All the pain flooded to me again. "I miss you so much. I never felt so alone and I spent my whole life feeling alone." I shuttered as my grief took me.

I felt a presence near me. "Sookie, you're not alone." Claudine held out her hand for me. "Come with us."

I walked slowly to her. For the first time today I felt hope. I didn't feel alone with Claudine standing there waiting for me. I watched her hand glow as mine had done before. I reached out and noticed mine also was shining brightly. When our hands connected, I felt warmth surge through my body. Never taking my eyes off Claudine, I watched her smile at me. In that moment, I felt more than hope, I felt gratitude. She was giving me the escape I desperately needed. And then we were gone.