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Eric's POV:

"The alarm at Fangtasia has gone off." Pam said carefully, knowing full well how I would react.

Sookie gasped beside me, her hand flew to her mouth quickly. She shook her head, bending low and covering her face. She groaned.

I stood up, trying to keep calm instead of throwing something at a wall. It seemed as though Bill Compton had a plan all along. I growled under my breath, turning to look at Sookie carefully. She seemed calm enough for this situation, better than I was at the time.

I already had a lot on my shoulders and this just topped it off. Of course, I should have seen this coming. I should have noticed the signs when Bill was acting too calmly while being tortured. I wondered how I miss stepped, how I seemed to overlooking more than I should. As I looked down at Sookie once more, I knew I had my answer.

I was too engrossed into making sure she was alright, making sure I could keep this dark secret hidden. Everything was becoming too heavy for me. I was used to lying, cheating, stealing and so much more, but I was not used to doing it to someone I loved. I was keeping a secret from Sookie and although she knew I could not tell her, it was still so much that it has made me look passed even the smallest things.

To put it simple, I was becoming very vulnerable, very predictable and very overlooking.

"He had an accomplice." I spoke slowly. "It was not something that I was expecting. I didn't look too closely to even think that it would be a possibility."

"We should have killed him." Amelia groaned.

"We should have." I agreed mildly. I knew we should have, before we even came home tonight, but yet again, I was too eager to get home to Sookie.

"How do we know that he escaped?" Sookie asked, looking up at me.

I could have chuckled at how innocent she sounded, how hopeful she was that he was still locked in the basement. I knew otherwise. If there was in fact a break in at my bar, then it was someone that helped Bill, once again.

Isabel and Barry came down the stairs at that moment. They were heading to Isabel's new Queendom in a day. I didn't want to ask them for anymore help, but it looked like I would need to. I sighed, turning and walking over to the window. I had to come up with a plan, because Bill would be dying tonight. I would make sure of it.

There was a popping sound behind me and I turned, expecting Niall. I have gotten used to him, so I knew when he would be arriving. Of course, it was him and he was alone. With Amelia as a baby vampire, he must come alone. She would not be able to control herself in front of Claude and Claudine.

Niall shook out his shirt, stepping forward and placing a hand on Amelia's shoulder. She attempted to smile up at him, but it was hard for anyone to smile at the moment. She knew that he was able to hide his scent from her so she was silently telling him that everything was alright. Sookie hugged him, whispering that she didn't expect to see him so soon, but he was here for a purpose.

"It seems that Bill Compton has escaped." I spoke softly.

"Yes, I am aware. I was coming to alert you, if you did not already know. He has killed one of my fairies, the ones that were stationed at the bar a bit ago. The other got away in time and alerted me of what was going on." Niall sighed. "Unfortunately, we didn't see who broke into the bar, but no one else came out but Bill."

"I'm sorry for the fairy." Sookie whispered gently. Niall forced a smile and patted her back before turning to me.

Everyone was awaiting my command. They were standing there, all aware of the situation now. I took one look around the group that has become my family and smirked.

"We will kill this bastard tonight." I said. "We will be splitting up in groups after we get his scent from Fangtasia. Knowing Bill, he probably created multiple trails before he left the scene. It will be the easiest way of tracking him down. Pam and Amelia will stay at Fangtasia, clean up the place as you do so. Barry, I would like for you to stay at the bar as well, it will be safest there. Isabel and Niall will head off in a direction and then go to Bill Compton's old home and burn the place down." I paused, looking at Sookie.

"Can I speak with you alone, Eric?" Niall asked.

I nodded. We stepped from the room and to the front door. I opened it and stepped out into the night, looking around the yard. Of course, Bill would never find this location, but I wanted to be sure.

"She needs to go with you, Eric. It is part of her learning to be what she is, learning to understand the world she is involved in now. She is no longer just a human fairy hybrid anymore. Her full powers are coming in and she must understand them the best to her ability. She must go with you."

I paused for a moment, knowing just what Bill was capable of. He fed from a fairy, possibly more humans along the way to wherever he is now. He is still damaged, but he will be stronger than he was. I didn't want Sookie to have to see this side of everything. I wanted her to have a normal life, something she always wanted. We both knew it was not possible, it never was, but I am stubborn. I know for a fact I am and I wanted to believe I could give her that normal life. It was inevitable though, I was never going to be able to give her that, no matter how much I wanted otherwise. Sookie was changing, becoming what she was always meant to be, which is still a mystery to us all. I did not know where her full powers would lead her in the future. So she was coming with me, even if I wanted to hide and shelter her from our world.

"Then it is settled. She shall be coming with me." That was the end of the conversation.

I turned and walked back into the house. I grabbed Sookie's hand and pulled her to my side. Leaning down, I kissed her temple, hugging her close. Her arm slipped around my waist and I knew just how nervous she was. Bill had caused her so much grief and he was winning right now. We needed to end that…together.

"Let's go." I told them. "Get in the cars and head there. Once there, follow a different track from the direction Sookie and I have taken, if we leave before you get there. Circle the area and then head to Bill's home, Isabel. Niall, I am serious when I said to burn his house to the ground. I don't want it to stand there any longer. It serves no purpose because he is going to die."

Turning, I swept Sookie off of her feet and walked to the door. When I reached the grass, I took off in the air. Sookie leaned against my neck, inhaling my scent as we flew. Her eyes were shut, but her emotions were erratic. She was nervous, but not scared. She was angry as well. She wanted Bill dead and gone and I could not agree more. I kissed her hair before turning in the sky and settling down on the ground below.

Sookie bit her lip as she stepped forward. The window to the side bar was broken in, the door was left open. I grabbed her hand, heading into the bar itself. Everything was dark, silent. No one was here, no one alive at least.

Sookie gasped and I turned, looking down upon Ginger who was clearly dead on the floor.

"Poor Ginger." Sookie whispered.

I shrugged. She wasn't the best person I could have hired anyway. There was nothing to be done either, she was long gone. I tugged on Sookie's hand and led her down the stairs to where Bill used to be. Before I even took the first step, I knew right away who the person was that helped Bill escape.

If it was any other time, I might have laughed. Yvette was the dead girl that helped Billy boy. She truly must have felt highly scorned to help Bill try to get away. She was killed though. I always knew she was rather stupid. I guess I could call this karma. The bitch robs me and then turns around to help a man I despise escape. Yes, she was definitely slapped in the face a few times.

I didn't want to go any further. I turned back around and headed back up the stairs. Sookie kept asking questions, but I ignored them as I stepped back up.

"Who was it down there?" She asked.

"Yvette. Bill is no longer down there. No reason to go any further." I tugged on her arm and she began moving once more.

Pam, Amelia, Isabel, Barry and Niall stood by the body of Ginger as we rounded the doorframe.

"Don't drink from her." Pam said to Amelia.

"Wasn't going to. It smells off anyway. I'm not drawn to it." Amelia shook her head.

"How long ago do you think he got away?" Niall asked.

"For some reason, the alarm did not go off at first." Pam growled. "Stupid fucking technology."

"I would say two hours at the most." I answered. I looked at Pam. "Clean the place, get rid of the bodies and order a new window."

Barry was looking down upon the body. I could see a very pale shade of green rising on his cheeks.

"If you are going to throw up, please do it outside." Pam had also noticed.

"It's cool. I'm good." He waved off the worries. Isabel patted his back soothingly.

"Alright, let's go." I picked Sookie up once more and this time she squeaked. I couldn't help the slight smile that came to my lips as she smacked my chest.

Amelia's POV:

Not even into my first night as a vampire and there is shit going on. I grumbled as I picked up the body from down in the basement. The girl was drained, no blood in her whatsoever. Bill must have done it, sucked the blood out, but I still didn't understand how he did it if he didn't have fangs.

"The cut." Pam leaned against the wall. "He drained her by sucking on the already opened wound. If that is what you were wondering."

"I was. How did you know?" I asked, dropping the body in the black bag.

"I am in tune with your emotions, what you feel. It was also quite obvious by the way you were searching around the body for bite marks that wouldn't be there." She smirked, stepping away from the wall.

Pam leaned down and kissed my forehead, rubbing my back.

"I'm worried." I confessed.

"About?" Her arms tightened around my waist. I leaned into her more.

"Sookie." I shrugged. "She is changing, even I can tell. I'm afraid that…that she won't be able to adapt to who she will become. We all don't even know the changes that are breaking through, but they are there. She radiates of power."

"When I first met Sookie, I knew there was something special about her. I couldn't put my finger on it and it wasn't because her blood smelled so sweet. It was different, she has always been different. We both know that she wanted a normal life, Amelia, but I believe Sookie knows that these changes are inevitable to her. She knows she wasn't normal to begin with. I truly believe she is coming to accept whatever there will be."

"You do?" I whispered.

"I think she is accepting it more than the rest of us want to. Sookie was the growing girl out of us all." She smiled tenderly. "She was always the one that needed protection. There will come a day when she won't need us anymore."

Pam turned and grabbed the body bag, hoisting it up. She began toward the stairs and began to climb slowly for a vampire. I followed, much in the same thought. Yes, there will be a day when Sookie won't need our protection, but I can't help but wonder; will there be a day when we need her protection?

Isabel's POV:

Niall was a rather funny guy, I had to admit. I thought it would be hard to be with a fairy, but it was in fact rather effortless. I've only met some in my day and those I have killed. He must have known of all of our pasts; every vampire's that is close to his great-granddaughter Sookie.

I've always thought that vampires and Fae cannot get along, they are destined to be enemies, but with how comfortable it was in the car with him, I knew that it was just all rumors. We could get along, we could co-exist and my friends and I were the proof of that.

I turned down the next lane after leaning out the window and breathing in deep, scenting the area. With a car, it was a bit harder, but I could still smell Bill. Of course, this was a false trail. I could tell right now that it was. He hasn't gone much further down this road.

It didn't matter though. I had to stop at the gas station regardless. Eric wanted us to burn down Bill's home and that is what we intended to do. It would look suspicious if a vampire came in just buying gasoline without a car. It was our way of getting away with what we were going to do. I thought it was a smart tactic.

"I'll pump the gas. Can you take the money inside?" I asked, turning to meet Niall's gaze.

"Of course, I can." He smiled at me and I returned it.

We turned into the gas station and got out of the car quickly. I walked around the front and waited for Niall to return. He nodded in my direction and I went to the back of the car and grabbed four tanks to hold the gas. I began to fill them as Niall leaned against the car, looking about the woods. He was probably looking for Bill, but we both knew he wouldn't find him.

I was on edge. I wanted this vampire dead and not in my state anymore. That is weird to say. It is still very hard to believe that I was the queen of Louisiana. Of course, it wasn't something I was intending to do, but I would do it for Sookie.

I am very fond of her. Ever since I met her in Dallas, I knew we would become very close friends. In a way, I look at her as my daughter and a mother always wants to protect her child from the dangers that could surround them.

I know that Bill torments Sookie every time something new happens and it would be better if he was just gone from her life. I'm usually one to think about everything before I make decisions, but this was different. I knew that he needed the Truth Death or none of us could move on from what we have gone through.

It would be sad to leave the small family I have bonded with over the time I spent here, but I had a duty as of now. I was the Queen of Louisiana and I needed to be in New Orleans very soon. I could help them more there, than I could here after we accomplish in killing Bill.

I finished off the last tank and put it in the trunk.

"When we light the matches, make sure I am not inside alright?" I smirked. "I would rather not die tonight."

"I would never dream of it, Isabel." Niall chuckled, sliding on gloves and got into the car.

Eric's POV:

"Are we anywhere close?" Sookie asked as we turned in the air and landed on the ground.

"He has done well with making multiple trails, but I can still tell which ones will not take me very far." I answered. "We have a few more trails to follow."

Gripping her waist, I lived her against my chest once more, pulling her in close as I began to rise off of the ground. I looked up at the sky, a few more hours until dawn. We had to hurry if we were going to find him tonight.

I turned to avoid a tree, flying low against the sky. We were staying out of the public's eye. It was rather late at night, but every once in a while a car or two would drive by. I went left, flying through the forest. The scent was stronger, but not so much. I looked down, noticing something.

I landed next to a rather large pile of mud. It wasn't settled, but thrown around as if someone jumped in it, rolling around. I leaned down and breathed in deeper.

"He is getting smarter." I said softly.

"What do you mean, Eric?" Sookie asked.

"He has covered himself in mud, my lover. Meaning that his scent will be fading in and out from here. I won't be able to get a clear trail until the mud dries and begins to flake off." I answered.

Sookie cussed, something that I hardly hear. I turned and grabbed her hand. "So what do we do now?"

"We keep on going until we find him." I told her. "But this time, we will stay on foot, so I don't miss any scents that come through."

"Eric, I'm sorry." She whispered. "I didn't expect him to be this much trouble for us."

I turned, grabbing her chin in my fingers and lifting her gaze to meet mine. "If anyone should apologize, it should be me. I left him live far too long. I should have killed him tonight, but I wasn't thinking."

"When do you ever forget anything?" She asked, grabbing my hand.

"When I am with you." I answered honestly. "You are the most important thing on this earth to me, so I have noticed I overlook more things than I have before. It isn't something I am used to. I would have never let him slip through my fingers before."

"I-I'm sorry, I've been distracting you." She said again, her voice just a whisper now.

"Like I have said, I don't want you to apologize for anything. It isn't your fault that I am like this. I just have to balance better." Smirking, I leaned down and kissed her lips gently. "But it doesn't matter, because you will always be my priority."

"You know I will always love you, right?" She asked, leaning up and kissing me once more.

"Always?" I grinned. "You did promise, I remember."

"Always."She said softly before continuing. "But for right now, let's get back on the task at hand and not dillydally."

I nodded. I shifted my head and breathed in deeply. Grabbing Sookie's hand, I continued down a new path.

Pam's POV:

I'm going to have to buy a new car, damn it. Ginger's blood seeped out of the hole when Amelia shifted her. For some reason, I didn't believe that would be possible, that she would still bleed, but the bloody stain on the upholstery spoke otherwise.

"You can always bleach it." Amelia offered gently.

"Then I will never get the smell of bleach out of my car." I sighed. "Shit. Well, I needed a new car anyway."

"Seriously? This is a brand new car." Barry spoke.

I glared daggers at him. "It is a few years old and I do not drive anything outdated. If you want it, you're more than happy to have it after we do the dirty deed."

"Really?" His eyes sparkled like twinkling lights.

"If you stop with that creepy ass face, then yes." I told him.

"Awesome." He nodded.

I rolled my eyes and got into the car. One place I knew where to take a body was the back trail swamps that were infested by alligators. I put in in drive and began in the right direction. As I did so, I also called one of our maintenance workers that worked on everything we could possibly need. He was terrified of us; maybe that is why we didn't have to pay a hefty bill. Ah, the life of a blood sucking demon.

"Ah, just the guy I needed to talk to." I said into the phone. "It is rather late, but I need to order a window for the side entrance of the bar and we need it done by tomorrow." I waited for his reply. "Yes, that is perfectly good. You are always welcome in the bar for your generosity, Fred. Come out and enjoy yourself every once in a while." I grinned when he breathed deeply, before saying goodbye. His voice was jumpy and stuttering. I loved fucking with him.

We reached the lagoon about fifteen minutes later and I parked as close to the water as possible, backing the car up. I didn't want to have to carry these bodies far. We all hopped out of the car and reached in the trunk. I pulled out the first body, which was Yvette. Ripping open the bag, I threw it into the water. Immediately, the gators began to move off of the embankments and slide over to where their new feast would be. Then came Ginger and Amelia threw her in. I watched her dust her hands off, smearing some blood into her outfit as she did so.

"Very good." I patted her back.

"I'm just that awesome." She grinned at me.

We all stood there as the gators descended on the bodies, pulling them under the water. Bubbles came to the surface for a few seconds before everything went still, silent. Our job was done for now. I looked around; nobody has come to this place in years. No scents other than wildlife surrounded these parts and I doubted anyone would ever locate any pieces from a body with the way the alligators were going at them.

"Won't anyone look for them?" Barry asked.

"No, neither of them had family. Yvette came from overseas and Ginger was always alone. Safe to say that no one will be missing these two women."

Niall's POV:

After Isabel drove around for an hour we pulled up at Bill's old home. It was a rather old looking house, one that I had been monitoring for quite some time. I turned and nodded to the fairies I had stationed outside, in case that he came here tonight. If all three of them were still alive and well, then Bill did not come home. Isabel was fine with Claude and Claudine's scent, because she has gotten to know them, but I didn't want to take any chance so I nodded in their direction and watched them teleport away.

Isabel went around to the trunk of the car and pulled two gasoline tanks out, handing them to me. She then turned and grabbed the other two in her grasp.

"Let's light this place up, shall we?" She began the trip to the house and I followed.

Isabel started on the downstairs and I took the top floor, going into each room and pouring gasoline around. As I made it into the bathroom, I dumped the rest out.

"Are you ready?" I asked, grabbing the matches from my pocket.

"Just about, give me just a second." She called up and I waited. "Alright, start throwing matches."

I did so, throwing the first match into the bathtub and then the next on the floor. I backed away when the flames began to lap at the curtains, catching them aflame. I went into the top bedroom, throwing the match on the bed and watched as it went up in flames.

With every few feet, I threw another match and watched as it went up. I continued until I was out in the hallway, looking down upon the flames that Isabel began to set off. She was further back away from the flames, since it could kill her, but she was unfazed as she flicked the matches away, into opposite directions.

Finally she finished off her last match and exited the house. The flames were coming into the main entrance now and this was the time for me to teleport. I turned on the spot and within a second I was standing next to Isabel quite a few yards away.

"You remembered the dynamite?" I asked.

"We wanted a big bang, correct?" She asked in return.

Just then there was a loud bang and the windows shattered in the house. We watched as the house began to fall in on itself. A few more seconds ticked by before we heard sirens. It was our queue to leave. We backed away in the trees, down the lane before we got to the car. We drove away as if nothing ever happened.

Sookie's POV:

It felt like we have been walking for hours. Turning and twisting back and forth between different trees. I swear we have just been walking in a circle, but Eric is confident we haven't been. I bit my lip as I held his hand, moving forward through the woods.

We crossed a small river that I stopped to wet my face. The heat was starting to get to me and bugs just wanted to eat my face off now.

"Are you sure-"

"I'm positive, Sookie." He stated before I could finish.

I guess we had this conversation every few minutes, which wasn't very nice of me, but I was nervous. Never have I wanted so much in my life. All I wanted was for Bill to die, so I could be with Eric and not have to worry about anything for a while. Plus, Bill was just pissing me off now.

Something moved from beside me and I turned in the direction. I looked carefully, but didn't see anything. Eric pulled me into the direction that we heard something. After moving through a few thorn bushes, with Eric carrying me over them of course, we came upon a double wide trailer.

I paused for a moment, looking at it. There was a sign swinging from the mailbox with their names on it.

"Jessica and Hoyt." I whispered.

Stepping forward, I intended to go to the house, but Eric stopped me. We were a few feet away from the house and I looked up at the door, then down around the yard. The lights were off, possibly Hoyt was in bed, but I doubted with Jessica staying up at night.

"Stay here." Eric whispered, stepping a few feet away from me, looking to the side of the house to see if anyone was over there.

A voice came inside my head then, my very own voice. Whispery words came to me, ones that I could not really make out, but I listened harder. My foot stepped forward on its own accord. There was a rustling to the side of Eric and he moved over slightly more.

There was another sound then, right in front of me. My head snapped up to see that Jessica was now lying on the built out porch, bloody and beaten. My mind clicked into place, it was as if it wasn't really me as I ran forward. This was it; this is what the voice was telling me all along. This was my fight, no one else's.

"No! Sookie! It's a trap!" Jessica screamed, holding onto her bleeding stomach.

Eric was about to move, but everything went still. Slow motion played out in front of my eyes as Bill rounded the corner and grabbed my arm, throwing me roughly through the door and into the house. He followed at a fast pace.

I tumbled in midair and my back hit the wall with a hard thud. I looked up to see Bill inside the house, a few paces away from the door. Eric was on the other side, his fangs down. He was snarling loudly, trying to find a way in, but it was to no avail.

"You failed." Bill spoke softly, his voice rugged. "I told you, Eric that I would have her."

"You touch her and I will make your life a living hell." Eric growled out every syllable.

"I don't plan on living after this." Bill chuckled. "I plan on killing her and then killing myself. We shall go to hell together her and I."

"I will rip out your fucking throat if you touch her!" Eric yelled, trying to step forward.

"Don't worry." I whispered.

"Ah, she graces us with her presence. I thought that throw you have knocked you out." Bill chuckled again, turning around.

His face was deformed. His eye was missing; his flesh seemed to be melting before my very eyes. He smelled of rotting flesh. Cuts and gashes were all over his body as he smirked. He was frightening, but I was not scared. The voice in the back of my mind said I had no reason to fear.

"I am much stronger than you give me credit for, Bill." I stood carefully.

Bill turned around, eyeing me now. Eric was long forgotten as we stood our ground in front of each other. I watched as Eric pulled out his cellphone, obviously calling for backup, but I didn't need it. I felt the power coursing through my very veins, pumping.

It was as if I was made out of pure adrenaline. I felt the heat in my hands, pushing though my body as I lit aflame with power. Such power that it never seemed possible.

"Get away from the house, Eric. Take Jessica." I answered.

"No." Eric growled. "I will not-"

"I said to go, Eric." I shushed him.

Bill leaned his head back and laughed shrilly. It was a pure evil sound that came up through his throat. "You think you could still beat me? After all the times that I have gotten away?"

"You have caused me such pain, Bill. You have torn my heart, stepped on my soul, beaten me, forced your blood into my veins, and tried to hurt the people I love. You deserve no answer from me, because you will not get away this time. I will make sure of it." I told him, taking a step closer. "Do you know what it's like to go through what you put me through? The fear, the pain? How I had to always look over my shoulder and hope that I could have a shred of happiness once? You have forced me to take on my own responsibility and do it myself. I've wanted to kill you for very long. See how you have changed me?" I asked.

"Changing you into a monster like me? Like Eric?" He asked, stepping to the side.

I mimicked his movements as we circled. "Eric is no monster." I said softly. "But you are right about yourself. You are truly the monster. I was in love with you at some point and now I can't even stand to look at you. What have you become? What kind of insane person would do such a thing to someone they wanted to be with? Even if the only reason you wanted to be with me was because of a sick fantasy that you believed I would always belong to you."

His brows furrowed in confusion for a second. "How did you know?"

I tapped my head. "My powers are growing, Bill Compton. I heard your thoughts as clear as day." I paused. "You thought you could always manipulate me, use me for whatever you wanted. Always believing that I was the girl that always needed someone there to protect me." I chuckled now, watching him. "The thing is, with my powers growing…I won't need protection, but I will always have it. It is not something that you can understand, Bill. It is what you could have had if you were a pure soul like Eric. You had me at one point and I thought you were the greatest person alive, but I was wrong. You will never be able to have the kind of life I live now, with the people I love because you cannot understand what love and family really means." I paused, cocking my head to the left as I looked upon him. "You were ripped away from your real wife, your children and that has caused you to be something evil. It corrupted you. There might have been good in your heart at one point, but there is nothing but blackness now. The only question I ask myself, is how I did not see it before?"

"Because you were too ignorant." Bill spoke. His voice was not the laughing, jittery voice anymore of a man that had the upper hand.

"I was ignorant." I nodded. "Ignorant and stupid to look passed the flaws of someone I loved. I always knew there was darkness there, but I didn't know the depth of how black it really was. I always wanted to believe in the good of people and that is what I did for you. I looked passed your darkness, hoping that somehow I could change that, but you were irreversible. I feel sorry for you actually."

Bill moved forward, unable to take anymore words. I was quicker and I brought my hand up. Light came out, shining more brightly than I have ever been able to do. It lit the room. Eric stepped back, finally realizing that I was able to take care of myself.

I watched as Bill fell to the ground, grabbing his face in his hands. I knelt before him. "You will die tonight for all the trouble you caused me, my friends, my family. This is your last chance to truly take responsibility and man up. Realize what you have done and apologize."

"I will never, ever do such a thing." He growled, swiping at me.

He nicked my face and a thin trail of blood came down my cheek, but I didn't even feel it. "Such a sad, sad way to go." I paused. "You thought you won?" I whispered, grabbing his hair in my hand. "Watch as I kick your ass without even trying."

Bill jumped up, slamming into my chest hard. I flew across the room and landed on the couch. It flipped, sending me to the ground. He stalked toward me as I laid there. My arm was bleeding heavily from the cut I received as the couch flipped and broke. I rolled on the ground as he jumped in mid-air.

Turning over, I grabbed his foot and pulled it out from under him. As he tumbled, he threw his hand in my direction. His palm connected to my cheek, sending me against the stand. I shook my head as my eyes blurred for a second. He wasted no time and took me on once more, flipping and rolling us as he tried to reach for my neck. I didn't let him get that far. I brought my hand up to his face and sent another wave of light off, this time it was green. I had no idea what I thought of, what power it was, but it threw him back. His eyes, nose, mouth and ears began to bleed as he looked up from his position flat on the ground.

Light pulsed from my body now, sending it flashing around the room. It was uncontrollable and even I knew that. I was using up too much energy and I was becoming tired so quickly. This was much more power than I had ever thought I would possess, so much that it was frightening.

It was like electricity as it snapped and crackled away from my body. I could hear it as it did. Still, I stepped forward, knowing that I was going to end him here and now. As I stood before him, he leaned against the wall. I noticed there was a piece of wood he landed on. It was not directly through his heart, but very near it.

"You have no idea what you are getting yourself into, Sookie." He breathed. "Do you like the feel of that power? It's magnificent, I have to say. But I must tell you that it will be your downfall. You won't be able to control it, you can't right now. I know this, because I know you. You were always a weak character, one that depended on other people. You will go crazy from this new development that you have, trust me, I know crazy. As you have said, it is what I am."

"The difference with you and I Bill is that I am never one to fall into darkness too far. You want to know how I will be able to control this?" I snapped the bolts down around his feet. He didn't even move. I doubted he had the strength for it. "It is because I was given the will power to do it. I'm never one to give up. But as for a weak character? I think you are looking in the wrong direction. Point the mirror on yourself and realize all that you have done. I was offering you a chance to repent from all of the wrong doings in your life before you met your True Death. Obviously, you are the one that has the weak character because you cannot own up to your mistakes."

I knelt down before him, looking into his eyes that were so lifeless, so voided from anything I have once thought I knew. "You can't control me anymore with your manipulation, so you cannot scare me from what I know to be my destiny. This power is my true destiny and it starts with killing you."

I closed my eyes and pulled from deep within my heart. It was like a bomb went off. Light lit the entire house as the windows shattered. There were yells from outside, but I could no longer really hear them. I was surrounded in such warmth from my own magnificent power that it quieted the rest of the world. The voice in the back of my mind began to fade until it was totally silent.

I opened my eyes to see Bill's body deteriorating from my very eyes. The light was so bright that it started to evaporate him. Little flecks of ashes that were still lit by small flames flew up into the air in a vortex before falling into a pile on the floor.

The ashes still burned red as the light began to fade. I felt incredibly weak and tired. Falling from my knees I sat inside the house for a moment, looking down at what I had just done. No pain, no sadness came from the act that I had just done. Only the feeling of great relief washed over me before everything went dark and silent.

Eric's POV:

It has been five days since Sookie killed Bill. I could not tell anyone how proud I was of her. It was quite obvious that everyone was as well, especially Niall who had said this was the first step in her destiny. I was afraid though, since this kind of power seemed intense, even for Sookie.

Before she killed Bill, she also spoke of hearing his thoughts. That was another thing that had bothered me, since it is very dangerous for her to hear vampires. It was never an issue before, even to me when she heard my thoughts. I believe that it was a step into her destiny when she first heard my thoughts. I wondered if she would be able to hear vampire minds all the time now.

Another thing that has been bothering me is that Sookie has not woke since that night. I stayed with her, refusing to leave her side until she awoke from her sleep. Niall believed that it was the way she had to recuperate from such heavy power.

None of us knew exactly what she was going to become, but I tried not to think about it. I tried not to think about much actually, because none of it mattered. Sookie was mine, she would always be mine and I would find a way for that.

Around four in the morning, she began to wake. I turned on my side, looking down upon her fluttering eyes. Her hand searched for mine in the bed and I grabbed it tightly.

"Eric…did…did I get him?" She whispered, her voice broken from sleep.

"Do you not remember?" I asked.

"I can't remember what I did. I just…just remember light. Seeing a bunch of light." She spoke softly.

I smiled down upon her, realizing that I could always tell her later of her amazing battle. "You did well, my lover. You killed him and he is no longer going to be a problem for us."

"I'm so glad." Her eyes fluttered.

The door creaked open and everyone piled through with smiles on their faces. I sat up in the bed as they all rushed to Sookie's side. They each showed her their love by hugs and proud whispers of what she did.

"I guess things will be awfully dull for right now, huh?" Amelia asked, sitting down on the bed.

"Dear God, I hope so." Pam sat down next to her, wrapping Amelia in her arms. "I need some time to relax."

"That is because you are a lazy vampire." Amelia laughed.

"How are you feeling, Jessica?" Sookie asked gently, leaning over to pat her hand.

"I'm quite alright now. Pam helped me get better. The cuts and gashes are all gone." Jessica smiled at her before reaching around and grabbing Hoyt's hand.

All along, Hoyt was passed out in the back room. The reason why I could not enter the house was for the fact that Jessica wasn't added onto the lease yet. It was smart of Bill to play off of his ex-child', but it got him nowhere in the end. Both Jessica and Hoyt were alright now.

"I'm so glad you are alright as well, Sookie." Isabel whispered, rubbing her hand over Sookie's forehead.

Sookie smiled up at her. Isabel and Barry stayed the extra time until Sookie got better, they wouldn't leave until she was. I was silently glad for that, it would be sad-even for me-to watch them leave for New Orleans.

"You gotta' show me how to do those kick ass light moves, Sookie." Barry chuckled.

"One day." Sookie chuckled.

"All is well, right now my dear. You just rest now." Niall whispered to Sookie. "I must be off, but I am so proud of everything you have accomplished, Sookie. You have made me very, very proud to be you're great-grandfather."

Sookie nodded and leaned up to hug Niall. "Take care of yourself." She kissed his cheek lightly.

He had to get back to Faery and tell them of Sookie's great powers. It had to be recorded down in books, Niall had said one night. I nodded when he looked at me, silently thanking him for everything that he has done.

Once he was gone, I leaned down and kissed Sookie's forehead, breathing in her beautiful scent as I did so. She was perfect; she was everything I have ever wanted. I couldn't believe what all we have been through together so far. At first it seemed impossible that I would ever be with her, but now that I was, I was very thankful.

I looked around the small group of family. They were all smiling, laughing together as Sookie tried to sit up on the bed. I watched as she smacked Barry's arm for making a comment on how her hair looked. Everyone laughed once again. I smiled, silently thanking for the family that I never imagined I would have.

I thought of all the things yet to come; what the Ancient Pythoness has made me promise to keep hidden. I knew one day that I would need to start thinking of all that again, but right now wasn't the time. It was time to rejoice. I have everything I need right here, right now. It was nice to know that there would be some peace and happiness for a little while.

I turned to look at Sookie as she laughed. Her smile alone made one break across my face. I remember how I never wanted to feel emotions. I almost gave this all up because I was afraid of the new things I was feeling. I owed Pam much more than I could ever say for making me take that leap with Sookie, when I was afraid to before. Never before have I wanted to feel emotion of any kind, but now it is what I strive on. The love I have for Sookie is indescribable and her love for me is beyond anything I could ever put into words. I would have been a fool if I chose that other path, but I didn't have to even worry about that anymore.

We would get through anything, I knew that now. No matter how dark the situation would be, we would always be together. I know this, because it is our deepest wish, our truest desire.

The End

Author's Notes:

We have finally finished True Desires! *cries* This was my very first baby in the SVM/TB category on Fanfiction and it is really sad to see it end. I have made many friends from posting this story, so many wonderful readers. I wanted to thank you for your support, your kind words and everything that you have all done for me.

But do not get out the tissues yet, because there will be a sequel to this story. YES, there will be. I am already planning it as I have stated before. I've started to get down the plot and everything, so stay tuned.

***Sequel to True Desires Sneak Peek***

All I could see was a hand, a left hand moving forward stealthily before my very eyes. I couldn't see an arm; just the hand as if it was up close to my face, eye level. The hand moved forward until it rested on a gray colored surface of what looked like smooth stone. I gazed at the fingers as they coiled in on themselves on top of the surface before they sprawled out and lay flat.

It wasn't the only thing I noticed. I gazed at an old style ring that was on the index finger. The band was carved in gold. A miniature sword was carved out of gold, lying on top of the ring itself. It was beautiful, but scary at the same time. The ring had significance.

Swiftly, before I could notice the action, there was a loud grinding and cracking sound before the stone that the hand was laying on top, broke apart. A deep crack formed on the once smooth surface and then traveled swiftly, creating a long gaping gash upon the surface, which reminded me now of concrete. Then, in the whispering night, so quietly that I barely heard it…a laugh came from within the depths of the crack.