Inspired by Taylor Swift's song Speak Now

This was written for:

Mostly Jenny, 'cause she wrote me an angty!Victoire TeddyLily fic some time ago, but also for several others, since the fans of ScorRose are slowly dwindling down, I may as well name them all, brace yourselves:

Ellie, Angie, Tat, Aimy, Bree, Smile, Mystii, Steph, Jaime, Charlotte, other Jenny, other Amy, Likeavision, and everyone else I may have missed.

And fate works in funny ways sometimes


Downcast eyes, beat-beating heart, and just ignoring the rest




Was she trying to make herself suffer?

All that laughter she hears in the background says that would be a yes.

He's her friend, so why can't she just…

Oh, I don't know

Be. Happy. For. Him.

(probably because he's going to be happy in his perfect little life that doesn't include you)


Marielle Finnegan, at your service.

She's all


And a bitchylittleattitude to boot.

-okay, not really.

Actucally, she's too damn nice for him, and she deserves better.

Rose doesn't.

(And you have no problem with that, somehow.)


Okay she takes that back.

Marielle must be a bitch.

After all, how could she

Rose Weasley

"Yes, that's right, Rose Weasley spelled

R-O-S-E W-E-A-S-L-E-Y"

"Sorry kid, still not on the list."

Not be on the list of invites in the wedding?

(and you can see Marielle biting her lip guiltily as you peer through the door.)


But of course she gets in anyway.

After all, she's


And he's


And one could almost feel the tension rolling right off of their names.

And he's like

"It's okay, she's a guest of mine"

Marielle's lips are trembling now.

(and you almost feel guilty, only you don't.)


It's time for a little RoseandScorpius history lesson

The two of them have always come in a pair

Best friends from the start-

-until the day they were more.

They were (are) in love

He was (is) the Romeo to her Juliet.

The definition of forbidden.

Until her parents found out.

And it was

"Away with you boy, leave her alone"

And he was gone.

Vanished in the air.

(And you still miss him, no point denying.)


And there's a big white wedding cake in the centre of the room

Prettylittlebridesmaids all clad in white.

Decorations everywhere.

And it's almost perfect.

But it isn't.

Because it's his-

And not hers.

And there's no RoseandScorpius without the Scorpius

(Yeah, you're just Roseand now…)


Hey Rose, do you believe in happy endings?

Hey Rose, do you believe in happy

Hey Rose, do you believe in

Hey Rose, do you believe

Hey Rose, do you

Hey Rose, do

Hey Rose, do you believe in love?

(Now's your chance, readysetgo)


She almost doesn't see it.

The little look he gives her while he's up there.

Getting ready to say his vows.

She almost doesn't hear it.

The intake of breath he makes as the pastor starts talking.

She almost doesn't notice it.

The look he kindasorta gives her when those famous words are said.

"Speak now or forever hold your peace"

(But you do, alright? You notice it all.)


Her heart is b-b-beating

And she's getting glared at from all around.

She stood up, guys.

Give the girl a prize.

And now she's looking into his eyes

"Don't marry her, Scorpius"

I love you

And everyone is too focused on her to see the smile on his face.

(and, somehow, you can't find it in yourself to regret it.)


"Meet me outside," he whispers.

I love you

"I was hoping you'd say that."

I love you

And so she does.

Meet him outside, that is.

And they get their long awaited


And all that shit.