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Disastrous Meeting

Chapter 1

The Meeting

"Oh, you make me so mad, InuYasha!" Kagome angrily spat, taking her rage out on a harmless field of pansies. She heard a young voice calling out to her from the other side of the field and instantly felt guilty. "I'm sorry, Shippo... but I've gotta get away for a while. I'll be back soon!" She yelled out the last part mainly for the little kitsune kit's reassurance. After that, she continued her tantrum to portal to the present time- the well.

Taking a moment to quickly scan the area to check for an annoying dog-eared male, the miko nodded to herself satisfyingly when she found no trace of him. She leaped into the well and a soft blue light greeted her as she fell through the bone-covered dirt at the bottom. Hmph. As if he would come after me anyways, Kagome thought. Hauling herself out of the well, she quickly opened the doors to the shed that kept the well and jogged over to her home. She slipped inside quietly, whispering a quick "tadaima" (I'm home) to an empty house. Her family was currently visiting her aunt in Osaka and she had gotten left behind as she had been fighting her butt off in the Feudal Era at the time.

Still angry, Kagome stomped up the stairs to her room, literally slamming the door off its hinges when she reached it. She threw herself onto her pink bed and, in a fit, punched at her pillow furiously.

"Ugh! InuYasha, go get yourself killed by Sesshoumaru!" The angry priestess screamed into her beaten pillow. "I can't believe you would say that!"


"You…wench! You were all over that damn Kouga! I can't stand the stench of that flea-bitten wolf! Stay away from me!" Yelled a certain hanyou, backing away from Kagome. Currently, the Inu-tachi had finished their fight with Juuromaru and Kageromaru, and were now patching up their wounds at Kaede's hut. Now, to add to the already tense atmosphere left behind from Kouga blowing through, Inuyasha was arguing heatedly with Kagome.

"Fine! If you don't want me to heal your wounds then I'll be leaving!" Fumed Kagome.

"Good!" InuYasha turned his nose up in the air haughtily. "Then get movin'!"

"I am!" She retorted.

He squinted at her with fake scrutiny and snorted, "I don't see ya movin'!"

The miko's right eye twitched furiously in anger as he continued on.

"Stop stallin' and get going ya-"

"Siiiiiit!" Screamed Kagome.

Slam! Inuyasha was suddenly listing off his impressive vocabulary into Kaede's dirt floor as Kagome rushed out of the old miko's hut and into the vast forest.


Kagome punched out her anger repeatedly into the mushy pillow until it dawned on her that she forgot her toiletries bag at Kaede's.

"Agh! Why does this always happen to me!" Cried Kagome. "I might as well try to sneak back and get them without Inuyasha noticing." With that, the blue and black haired teenager ran out of her house, heading towards the well shed while grumbling indignantly.

Suddenly, a huge explosion erupted, startling her from her angry musings. She whipped her head around, trying to find the cause. A dark shadowy circle growing on the ground rapidly caught the corner of her eye and Kagome watched in dumb shock before it registered to her that something was falling right above her. Looking up quickly, a large whitish-blue blur greeted her sight, speeding downward at a dizzying spiral.

Shock settled into her body, rendering the miko completely immobile as the object continued on its fatal descent towards her.

"What..." Was all she could choke out before the distorted figure made impact. A suffocating darkness took over and she knew no more.

Somewhere in the Feudal Era, Naraku noticed Kagome's aura disappear.

"Kukuku… Well, now that that insufferable miko is gone, I can finally put my plans in motion…" he muttered darkly while gazing into Kanna's mirror.

Kagura cursed as she listened through the thin paper wall that separated her from Naraku. "Damn... there went my only chance to kill Naraku once and for all... The only one left is Kikyo, and she can't even purify anymore..." She slid down to the floor silently and took out one of her feathers. "Well... I guess we'll just have to do this the hard way. I'll lead InuYasha and his gang here, then kill Akago."

With a sense of finality, she stood up and was off to search the lands for the Inu-tachi.

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