"Anakin," I say as he returns to the Force. He is looking at me with the same painful desire and sad expression he wore when he confessed he love for me. He even looks how he did when he was inducted as a Jedi Knight; same handsome face golden tousled hair and same lean muscular body.

"Padmé," he whispers, "I have missed you so."

Yet, he will not come close. My Ani will not touch me or hold me. He just looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes. All I want is his love, his touch, his kiss… I am bewildered and hurt I know he can sense it. When I come closer he backs away. I ask him, "Why do you back away? What is it my love?"

"I will always love you, Angel but I hurt you too much, caused some much pain, killed and yet you still love me. Why? I don't deserve you, I never deserved you. I broke your heart and wasn't there to save you. You still where the japor snippet I gave you when I was nine. You should hate me; never want to see me again. I am sorry but I will leave you now and let you live you afterlife in peace."

What? No! He is mine damn it. Mine! I need him, I want him.

"No," I say, "you will not leave me. I promised forever and I did not lie you are all I need. You are forgiven, Ani, please come back to me. Hold me and kiss me please." I beg. I know I have won if I am hurting he will do anything to stop it.

He walks up to me presses my body against his and kisses me deeply, fervently, and passionately. I know I have won now. We eventually have to break for air, well not that we need to our heads are swimming and we need to talk.

"I'll stay if that is what milady wishes."

"I love you. Stay and love me too. Let me express my love for you." At that his eyes sparkle again and he smiles.

"I love you, Padmé, always. We are meant to be." He leans down to kiss me again. This time we do not stop in our expression of love.