Il mio grande fratello cattivo Mafia


"Dame-Tsuna." Reborn said, kicking Tsuna in the head. Tsuna visibly cringed, turning to the baby-turned hit man. "What's wrong, your getting a nervous…" Reborn had noticed it right after they had gotten off the plane and onto Italian soil. The Vongola guardian's had just won there rings so Tsuna had proposed they go visit Italy. Tsuna's exact words?

'M-Maybe we can go to see what Italy is really like?' But the way he said it was nervous, like there was something there that scared Tsuna. That peaked Reborn's interest. Plus he had noticed that Tsuna had been getting sickly lately. Overly tired, running fevers.

Reborn didn't know why. And it confused him to no end.

Reborn looked up from his Fedora, and scowled a bit.

He will find out eventually.

"Iie, nothing is wrong R-Reborn, you must be seeing things…!" Tsuna said.

Tsuna turned around. Seeing things his ass. Tsuna looked up into the sky. 'They don't know,' he thought to himself. 'They don't know who I am…' He looked around where he was. Yes, he was nervous. One because he didn't want anyone who knew him here in Italy to know he was here. Two) He hadn't been in Italy for 3 years. He was slowly recovering from his illness, because quiet frankly only Italy could stop this.

Because while his name might be Tsunayoshi Sawada, he is first and foremost known as Feliciano Vargas, North Italy…

"Jyuudaime! Look, this is where the gladiators fought each other. I bet Jyuudaime could have beaten any gladiator!" Gokudera proclaimed proudly. Tsuna smiled at him, sweat dropping.

"O-Of course I can..!" Tsuna looked away slighty. Yamamoto and Ryohei started fighting about who would win in a fight. Ryohei said it was him because he was so extreme and Yamamoto thought himself because it was all a game right?

'Heh, me? Nah, that was Nonno Roma's job… O-Or Germany's. Wahhh, I miss Germany…' Tsuna thought, a tear slipping down his face. Everyone stopped fighting as they noticed there boss crying.

"J-Jyuudaime! Whats wrong? Did I make you cry I'm sorry!" Gokudera wailed, hitting his head on the pavement. "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy…"

"B-Boss?" Chrome frowned, putting a hand on his shoulders…" Reborn just stared, thinking about all the weird things that where happening lately. No one noticed as a pair males stepped closer to him.

"Bastardo stupido. Sto cercando di trovare lui, ma il Giappone si rifiuta di dirmi dove si trova!(1)" One of the males yelled at the other.

"Mi dispiace Romano, sono sicuro che lo troveremo presto …(2)"

The Vongola noticed that Tsuna had stiffened when he heard the voice. But he continued to ignore them until they passed a bit.

"I-I'm fine Gokudera…"

The people who had passes by stopped when they heard that voice. 'Oh no they weren't far enough.'

"F-Fratello?" One of the men with a curl said, stepping closer to Tsuna. Tsuna looked away silently. There he was, his brother, Lovino. Gokudera, being the ever wonderful right-hand man he is went in front of the his Jyuudaime.

"Who are you?"

Tsuna sighed, putting a hand on Gokudera. "Stop it Gokudera.." Tsuna said seriously. Tsuna looked up into brown eyes that mirrored his own. "Ciao fratello, è bello rivederti….(3)" The guardian's looked at there leader, feeling confused for the first time. Even Reborn was shocked.


I had this idea for a while thought I would write it out before I forget it. Please review!

(1) Bastardo stupido. Sto cercando di trovare lui, ma il Giappone si rifiuta di dirmi dove si trova! - Stupid bastard. I'm trying to find him, but Japan refuses to tell me where he is!

(2)Mi dispiace Romano, sono sicuro che lo troveremo presto ... - I'm sorry Romano, I'm sure we will find him soon...

(3)Ciao fratello, è bello rivederti. - Hello brother, it is nice to see you again.