There was a rustle of cloth, the wind was blowing and 2 people, one with brown hair and one with blonde, sat together. It was silent for a couple more minutes, before the one with blonde hair started to talk.

"We will protect you forever you know, even Alaude…"

The brown haired boy turned to the blonde and just smiled sadly.

"Ve? You don't really need to, you know! I can protect myself!" He insisted, pouting. The blonde shook his head.

"No, you are our country, we owe you and your brother our lives…"

The brown haired boy sighed, leaning back on his arms as he opened his eyes and looked up into the star filled Italian sky.

He looked next to him, but his companion was gone. And then he remembered, he had been dead for centuries now. He looked down at his hands, not his hands but his hands all the same.

Tsunayoshi Sawada's hands.

"Giotto, who knew I would one day be your descendant?"

He didn't get an answer.


Feliciano breathed in deep, trying to calm the tears that were threatening to spill after Spain asked that question. He hadn't cried since that happened and he wasn't going to start now. But being in the presence of two people he knew he could trust…

He started to sob, tears coming out of his eyes and falling to the floor, making his hands wet and face blotchy. He just could not help it! What he did to him was just unforgivable. When he started crying his brother rushed over trying to calm him down.

"Fratello, calmati. Per favore! Dimmi che cosa è sbagliato? (1)" Lovino asked quickly. "What happened to make you this way?" His brother was worried, he knew, he could see it on his face, hear it in his voice. He knew his brother had trouble expressing his real fearings, which made him seem like a bastard, which he was, but still.

Feliciano looked to the side.

"Germany.. He.."

Lovino's eyes widened. The thing was countries that were close to each other tended to call each other by there human names. The only times they would call each other there country name would be if they were not close, wronged them, or in an important meeting. So hearing his brother call that Potato bastrd by his country name. It shocked him considering before his brother left the two were…

Lovino paled, hoping that it wasn't what he thought.

"What did that Bastardo do?"

Feliciano once more looked away.

"He.. He cheated on me~ With Francia di tutti i popoli! (2)" He cried out, starting to cry again.

Inside Lovino was seething inside. How dare he hurt his Fratello!

Lovino stood up from hugging brother, his face shadowed and dark.


"F-Fratello?" Feliciano asked scared, resisting the urge to 'Hieee'.

"Well, Germany better watch out tomorrow… there is a reason why some of the best mafia famiglie come from southern Italy…"

"Lovi, you don't need to-" Feli started but Spain held up a hand.

"Big brother Spain!"

"No Feli, we will…" Spain had a hard look on his face.

"B-But why tomorrow?"

Spain turned his head to him, his cheerful face was back. Spain just laughed.

"Why, because the world meeting is tomorrow… and your coming~" Lovino just nodded to that.


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(1)Fratello, calmati. Per favore! Dimmi che cosa è sbagliato?- Brother, calm down. Please! Tell me what is wrong?

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Bastardo- Bastard