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Sam and I had a very special kind of relationship. We weren't exactly friends but we spent a lot of time together and knew each other pretty well I can say. We had only one thing in common though and that was an obsession with time travel. I was a History major and he was a physics major. We met at a lecture on the nature and properties and black holes in our first year. After that afternoon we met almost every day for coffee or I met him in the Physics lab just to hang out. I can tell you now, a lot of people thought we were dating but they were totally wrong. For more months than I can tell you, I thought Sam was gay. I used to tell people how much I liked having a gay bff and how nice it was to have a guy to talk to who wasn't trying to screw me. To my surprise, he wasn't. How I found out? I found his...private video collection on his laptop. At first I thought, well I didn't know what to think, really but I couldn't believe it was his...stuff, so I asked him. He isn't gay.

You can't really blame me for thinking he was gay, I mean really. He's a tall guy, 5'9" at least but very lean. His very red hair was perpetually overgrown and he had the widest, brightest, bluest eyes surrounded by long black lashes. Don't ask me how a redhead gets black lashes but there you go. His face didn't help either. It was soft and smooth as though he had never gone through puberty and his skin was more flawless than mine. Oh and he wore those thick rimmed black framed glasses that physicists and poets seem to favour. To top it all off, he had a beautifully shaped mouth that was a naturally peachy sort of hue. In short, he looked like a tall tom boyish girl. It really wasn't my fault.

Anyway, after we cleared that up we still got along pretty well. He was my date to weddings and holidays (when I was short of a boyfriend, which happened more often than I like to admit) and I was the same for him. By our second year we were still close but things had started to be a little different. I picked up a steady boyfriend named Jack who insisted on most of my free time. I saw Sam less and less till we hung out only once a week on Friday afternoons. He had changed too. He was shorter tempered and never wanted to go anywhere anymore. I tried to help him be, well, more fashionable but he insisted on his oversized frumpy ass sweaters and jeans. I wanted to go for walks and out to the mall but he almost never wanted to leave. I saw our friendship as nearing the end and I didn't want that so we met almost once a week no matter what.

Dropping my too heavy bag near a large, funny looking machine thing, I snuck up behind him intent on scaring the bejeezus out of him.

'I know you're there, don't even think about it. Why do you wear so much perfume anyway?'

'Hm! I'll have you know, I was just out with Jack...so...' I trailed off. I knew Sam didn't like Jack.

'Hn. Okay.'

All this time he hadn't even turned from the computer to look at me. I was having a very bad day so far and Sam was beginning to piss me off. Deep breaths girl, I told myself, no need to kill the boy ...yet. I scowled and walk up behind him. Leaning over, which was hard to do because he was so tall, I tried to make out what he was doing.

'Get off me Erica. I'm trying to finish something here.'

'You always say that. What are you working on anyway?'

'Nothing. Just move.'

I huffed and pushed away from him. 'Fine.'

I went over to the strange contraption that sat in the middle of the room looking large and dangerous and technical.

'Sam, what's this thing?' I asked nudging it with my toe.

'An atom compressor. That thing costs a fortune, even if it doesn't work so don't touch it.'

'My aren't we pmessy this afternoon.' I muttered examining the machine more closely. An atom compressor, this was a very special machine.

'Whose machine is it? Does it belong to the department?'

'No, its mine.'


He finally turned to look at me rubbing his eyes tiredly and putting his glasses in the collar of his ugly red sweater.


'You done doing what you were doing?'

'uh huh.' He stood up and stretched making himself look even taller.

'Hey Sam, did you grow again?'

'Huh? What do you mean?' he asked going up on tiptoe to stretch his legs.

'You look taller and well broader...kinda. I don't know. Stay there.'

I went up to him and stood chest to chest with him.

'Well damn, you did grow a little. The top of my head used to come up to your nose, now it only reaches your jaw. Aww...you're growing up!' I squealed, pinching his cheek a little.

'Whatever.' he said walking around me to go to the Great Compressor as I had started calling it in my head.

I just snickered and followed him.

'What are you planning to do with this thing anyway? Is it related to that theory you were working on?'

'Sort of and not quite. I was doing some research and I came across this for sale. It's from the USSR or was originally, at least.'

'Cool. What can it do?'

'I don't know, yet. The person who sold it to me told me that it didn't work anymore. Oh and it was missing a plug. I had to take one off the coffeemaker at home.'

'That doesn't sound particularly safe.'

'It's just a plug, it should be fine. Plus it's not working anyway.'

'Wait, you're not actually going to plug that in are you.'

He paused in the act of bending over to plug in the machine. Well someone had a nice butt, I thought randomly. Shaking my head to clear the image, I said

'This seems like something out a bad fanfic, don't do it!'

'A bad what?'

I blushed, 'Nothing, it just seems like a bad idea, an electrical mishap waiting to happen. What's holding the wire together anyway?'

'Electrical tape, obviously. And I do need to see if the cord works. Step back.'

I stepped back and waited with baited breath as he put the plug very slowly into the surge protector. I closed my eyes waiting for an explosion. Nothing happened. I opened my eyes to see the machine was plugged in but just as Sam had said, the machine wasn't working. I let out my breath slowly. Sam began practically crawling over the machine looking at it from every angle.

'Well it's getting power, I can tell that much. It could be something as simple as a loose wire or it could be irreparable.' He sighed and we back over to the computer.

I lost it a little.

'Sam, what are you doing?' I asked in a dangerously sweet voice. He tensed recognising the tone.

'I'm just checking to see if there is an online manual for this thing.'

'Is that all you're going to do this afternoon?'

'Well yeah,' he turned to look at me. 'This is the first step in creating a worm hole. Once I can do that I can study it more closely and once I do THAT I can figure out if it can be used to traverse...'

'Stop. Just stop. I know that you're really into that stuff but,'

'Oh and you aren't?'

'Well not so much anymore...I mean I'm not even sure it's possible now much less that some nerd in college is going to accidentally stumble across it. It's just not likely.'

For a second I felt smug. I had wiped the supercilious expression off his face but then his face hardened and I realised that I had gone too far. About to apologise, he turned away his shoulders stiff.

'Get out.' He said quietly. 'Go away.'

'Sam, I didn't...' Was this the end? Had a great friendship died because I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I felt tears well up. 'Sam I'm sorry. I didn't mean any of that. I've been having a really crappy day, I went out with Jack and,'

'I don't care about you and Jack. Just get the hell out.'

Frowning I grabbed my bag and hoisted it roughly unto my back. I was so upset that I barely heard the ripping sound as the bottom of bag my gave way. I didn't see what happened but I felt myself get splashed. Before I could respond there was a sizzle sound, a hum and then pain. I screamed but I couldn't move. As my vision went dark I felt something collide with me hard but by then I was too far gone to care.

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