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Summary: Szayel and Gin make a joke and tell Grimmjow that Ulquiorra likes him. Then they do the same thing to Ulqui. What will the two espada think of each other now that think the other has a 'crush' on them?

Pairing: GrimmjowxUlquiorra [FINALLY!]

Rating: M Sexual Situations. Language.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Bleach. *CRIES AND BEATS WALL* "WHY? WHY?"

Do You Really Love Me?

Chapter 11

Grimmjow ran fast back to the bedroom, feeling Ulquiorra sweating profusely in his arms. When they reached the room, Grimmjow kicked the doors open, and walked over to the bed, laying Ulquiorra under the blankets. He felt the cuatra's forehead with his hand, then growled, cursing Aizen, and turned to walk into the bathroom. He came back out with a cold, wet facecloth, and laid it on Ulquiorra's forehead. The cuatra shivered, but remained asleep. Grimmjow sat on the bed beside his superior, sighing. His hand stroked the side of the cuatra's face, before he leaned down to kiss a pale cheek. "Fuck Ulquiorra. That bastard Aizen is going to fuckin' pay for what he did to you." He grabbed a pale hand, and entwined their fingers, rubbing his thumb across the soft skin, and listening to the cuatra's soft breathing. He sighed again, before standing, and stripping himself of his uniform. He crawled into the bed next to the smaller espada, pulling the pale body close against him. "I won't let anyone touch you ever again. Except me."

"It looks like you might have miscalculated in your predictions, Aizen-sama." Szayel sat on the corner of his master's bed, while Aizen paced quietly across the floor.

"So I did." Aizen said calmly. He looked over as Gin popped out his bathroom, a look of awe and anger on his face.

"Aizen-sama!" He ran into the room, to stare up at the older shinigami. "How come he doesn't get in trouble when he says that kinda stuff, but ya always punish me when I do?" The silver-haired man complained.

"Drop it, Gin." Aizen stopped pacing to look over at the pouting shinigami, a slight scowl on his face.

"But Aizen-sama!" Gin pleaded. Szayel grabbed his arm, and then stood, kissing him deeply, and distracting him, so he could slowly lead him back into the bathroom to leave Aizen alone.

"I guess I really did miscalculate how Grimmjow would react. Maybe those two do have actual feelings for each other. Although Ulquiorra won't remember anything about them. But then again, Grimmjow may be able to remind him." He smiled devilishly before laying on his bed, relaxing and going over the plans for his new 'joke'. "Szayel! Gin!" He called happily, and the eighth espada ran into the room, jumping onto the bed, and straddling his master's hips. Gin followed him, resting next to Aizen's head, kissing the brown hair, and rubbing his hands against the brunette's scalp.

"Yes, Aizen-sama?" Szayel rubbed the shinigami's stomach, smiling down at his master.

"I need you to make something for me, and I need enough of it for three people."

"Anything you want." Szayel leaned down to kiss his master's lips.

Ulquiorra's eyes fluttered open, and he looked around his room. He sighed, and tried to get up, but realized that he was unable to. He could hear a purring noise behind his ear, and felt an arm tighten around his waist. Green eyes widened, and pale fingernails dug into the skin of the arm around his body. The form behind him growled, and the appendage retracted. Ulquiorra shot out of the bed, and stood, turning around. His eyes widened. Grimmjow was in his bed. In his room.

"What are you doing, you trash?" He yelled. Grimmjow woke, rubbing his eyes, and sitting up in the bed.

"Hey Ulqui, you're finally up." He smiled.

"Don't call me that, trash. Why are you in here? And in my bed?" Ulquiorra scowled, and felt a chill go through him. He looked down to discover that he was completely nude, and so was Grimmjow. "What did you do to me?" He yelled, grabbing his sheets, and wrapping them around his body.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Ulqui?" Grimmjow yelled, leaning forward in the bed. "You know what I did! I saved you from that fuckin' bastard Aizen! And you fuckin' thank me by acting like nothing ever fuckin' happened! What the fuck happened to you?"

Ulquiorra turned away, his back facing the sexta. "I have no idea what you're talking about. Aizen-sama has never done anything to me. You must have been dreaming." He looked over his shoulder. "Please leave."

"Like fuck! I'm not fuckin' leaving you alone. I'm not going to let anyone fuckin' touch you again! I love you! Not that fuckin' bastard!" Grimmjow's eyes widened as he realized what he had just said, and covered his mouth with his hand.

"What did you say?" Ulquiorra turned around to face the sexta. What Grimmjow said had sent a jolt through Ulquiorra, and a scene flashed before his eyes. Szayel and Gin were there, and Ulquiorra listened as the eighth talked in his ear.

Because he loves you.

"You fuckin' heard me!" The sexta yelled, standing up, and walking up to the small espada.

"Say it again." Ulquiorra dared.

"I love you." Grimmjow growled, and he kissed the cuatra's forehead.

"Don't-" Ulquiorra stopped as another scene flashed through his mind. He was leaning against his door, doing… things, and he could hear Grimmjow doing the same in his bathroom, while Gin's voice echoed.

He wants ta do dirty things with ya…. Ya must really like Grimmy, huh?

Ulquiorra froze. He didn't know what to think. Was this just his imagination, or were those things really true? Was he really aroused by the sexta, and did he really share feelings with him? Big, green eyes roamed the sexta's body, and Ulquiorra felt his cheeks heat up as his gaze passed over Grimmjow's rather large… organ.

"Don't you remember Ulqui?" Grimmjow looked at his superior with concern.

"I-" Another scene flashed through the cuatra's head, and Ulquiorra saw himself on Aizen's bed, completely naked. Aizen sat in front of him, his sleeping robes pulled aside, while Ulquiorra was pushed towards the man's exposed crotch. The man smiled.

Now, do it. I'm waiting.

The cuatra shook, his legs giving out, and he began to fall backwards. Grimmjow grabbed the pale arms, and he turned around to sit the cuatra on the edge of the bed.

"Are you alright Ulqui?" Grimmjow pushed raven hair out of the way of green eyes, and ran his hand over the pale forehead. Ulquiorra stared at the sexta. Was Grimmjow really speaking the truth? Had Aizen really done something to him? And had Grimmjow saved him, and… did he love him? The two's gazes met, and Ulquiorra could see it. The blue eyes were filled with concern, and longing for the fourth espada. The sexta truly did feel something for Ulquiorra. And Grimmjow was being nice, sincere, and caring towards the pale arrancar. What else could the cuatra call it besides love?

"You… you really love me?" Ulquiorra shivered, the blankets sliding down his body, and Grimmjow gently pulled the sheets back up over the pale shoulders.

"Would I lie to you about that?" Grimmjow growled.

"Th-then…"Ulquiorra took a deep breath, turning his head to the side, and blushing deeply. "…Prove it."

Grimmjow backed away slightly, taken aback by the cuatra's words. "What?"

"Prove it." Ulquiorra whispered, his head turning back to look at Grimmjow's surprised face. The sexta sat there, frozen to his spot. "Prove to me that you truly love me. I want to know what it feels like to be loved." Ulquiorra's hands slid up the surprised face to entwine in the blue hair. The action made Grimmjow come back to reality, and he lunged forward, pushing Ulquiorra back on the bed, and ripping the sheets away, before jumping on the bed, hovering over the cuatra.

"God Ulqui, you're so fuckin' hot." Grimmjow purred.

"Shut up, and do it." Ulquiorra ordered, pulling Grimmjow down, and crashing their lips together roughly. Grimmjow pushed back against the pale lips, and both shoved their tongues through to rub against each other. Grimmjow's hands ran down Ulquiorra's pale body, then back up again. Resting on the small chest, while the cuatra ran his hands over the thick muscles of the sexta's chest. Small, pink nipples were squeezed gently, and Ulquiorra squirmed, his cock now half-erect. Grimmjow smiled against the pale lips, and pushed the two's hips together to help both become fully erect. They pulled away from each other, both panting quietly.

Grimmjow lightly smacked Ulquiorra's side, and smiled. "Get up there." He tilted his head in the direction of the center of the bed, and Ulquiorra quickly scooted up. Grimmjow grabbed the small legs, and pushed them over, making Ulquiorra lay properly in the bed, his head resting on a pillow. Grimmjow jumped back over him, and they kissed again, before Grimmjow moved down to the pale neck. He nipped at it, then sunk his teeth deep into the soft skin. Ulquiorra whined quietly, making Grimmjow lick apologetically at the wound he had created, then continue down to the cuatra's chest. He licked at a nipple, making Ulquiorra arch up. "Are these sensitive, Ulqui?" Grimmjow purred, sucking on the same nipple, and rolling the other around with his fingers. Ulquiorra gripped the blue hair, pulling on it, and gasping. Grimmjow growled, and pulled away. He sat up, rubbing his scalp. "Fuck Ulquiorra. That hurt."

"I'm sorry." The cuatra whispered, and lifted his head to look down at their crotches. God, Grimmjow was so hard right now. Ulquiorra licked his lips, and grabbed the throbbing cock, making Grimmjow growl in pleasure.

"Do you want that?" Grimmjow purred, and Ulquiorra nodded eagerly. The usually stoic cuatra was completely gone at this point. All he wanted at the moment was to feel Grimmjow inside him, regardless of how they felt about each other. He wanted to feel good, and know what it felt to be loved. "I want to hear those fuckin' beautiful lips say it." Grimmjow smiled.

"Please Grimmjow…" Ulquiorra blushed. "I want you to put it inside me." The cuatra stroked Grimmjow, and the sexta purred.

"So fuckin' hot. That's the first time you've called me by my first name." He came back down to peck the pale lips before shoving two of his fingers into the cuatra's mouth. Ulquiorra sucked on them, swirling his tongue around the digits erotically, while Grimmjow pushed the messy raven hair out of the cuatra's face. The sexta pulled his fingers out of the small mouth, jerking his hips into Ulquiorra's pumping hand. The fingers went down to rub against the tight hole, making Ulquiorra squirm.

"Just hurry… and do it." Ulquiorra tried to push down against the fingers, but Grimmjow moved them away, smiling devilishly.

"Calm down Ulqui, we've got plenty of time. I want to enjoy getting to touch you for the first time." Grimmjow brought the fingers back, stroking gently, and pecking pale lips, nibbling on the bottom one tauntingly.

"Since when have you become one to say such things?" Ulquiorra's eyes narrowed in irritation, from being denied what he wanted.

"The day I first realized that I wanted to hold you, and not let anyone else do so." Grimmjow's face grew serious to help get his point across, and Ulquiorra's eyes widened. He pulled Grimmjow down to kiss him passionately, and Grimmjow took the opportunity to push the fingers into the tight hole. Ulquiorra pulled away, arching his back.

"Th-that hurts." The cuatra whined, digging his nails into the tan arms he now found himself gripping.

"Sorry Ulqui. Just give me a minute." Grimmjow moved the fingers around, scissoring them to help stretch the tight hole, making Ulquiorra squirm, and grip the sexta's arms tighter.

"I thought this was supposed… to feel good." Ulquiorra whimpered.

"I know that! Give me a fuckin' minute!" Grimmjow's brow furrowed, as he concentrated hard, moving the fingers around furiously within the cuatra.

Ulquiorra's eyes narrowed. "Jeagerjaques." He said through gritted teeth.

"Hold. On." Grimmjow growled, but the fingers still couldn't find the thing they wanted to find. "Fuck it!" He yelled, pulling the fingers out. Ulquiorra winced as his anal muscles contracted, before glaring up at Grimmjow, who was busy spitting in his hand, and bringing it down to wet his cock.

"I'm not sure I want to do this anymore." He scowled. "If this is what love is supposed to feel like, then I don't think I want it anymore."

"Shut up! That's not even what love is about, you fuckin' idiot! And if you just give me a fuckin' chance, I'll fuckin' make you feel better than you've ever fuckin' felt before!" The sexta grabbed underneath the fourth's legs, and lifted them up. Ulquiorra gasped, feeling Grimmjow's cock rub along his ass, before the sexta let go of one of the thin legs, and grabbed his cock, pushing his hips forward, his head making it's way into Ulquiorra.

"I t-told you to s-stop." The cuatra whimpered, as Grimmjow shoved in further.

"You're not trying to get away, so you obviously don't want me to stop." Grimmjow smiled devilishly, and grabbed the pale leg that had settled on his hip, before bringing it up to the other one. He held them together over his right shoulder, and shoved completely into Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra yelped, his hands pushing against the sexta's stomach, as he felt something tear, and could feel a warm liquid dripping down his ass. "W-what are you doing? I s-said stop."

"No." Grimmjow scowled, rocking his hips, and making Ulquiorra squirm.

The cuatra's eyes narrowed, and he cringed as Grimmjow began to move in and out of him at a quick pace. "E-excuse me?" He stuttered. "Don't-t s-say 'no' t-to m-me." He pushed hard against the toned chest, but Grimmjow hardly noticed, and continued to move.

"What are you going to do?" Grimmjow smiled. "I'm having a hard time listening to you, when you don't even have the strength to back yourself up."

Ulquiorra grumbled angrily. "I. Said.-" The cuatra was cut off. Grimmjow had change the angle of his thrusts, and was now ravaging Ulquiorra's prostate. The cuatra arched his back, his eyes widening.

"How's that, Ulqui?" Grimmjow purred. "Want me to stop now?" Grimmjow continued his rough assault on the pleasure nerves within his superior, making Ulquiorra moan softly. A pale hand came up to cover the cuatra's mouth, as the moans got louder and louder. Grimmjow scowled, ripping the hand away. "I want to hear those fuckin' hot sounds come out of you." Ulquiorra nodded shyly, bringing his hands down to his neglected cock instead, and pumping it, a finger rubbing against his slit.

"Ah… Grimmjow…" The cuatra moaned, making Grimmjow's pace falter. Hearing such a lewd thing come from Ulquiorra almost made him come right at that moment.

"Holy fuck, Ulquiorra." He groaned, and began moving again. "You're such a fuckin' slut." The pace quickened as Grimmjow felt himself nearing completion, and he could tell Ulquiorra was getting close as well, the moans becoming louder, and the tight hole getting tighter around the sexta's cock.

"It-it feels s-so good…" Ulquiorra moaned again. "I l-love y-you Grimmjow." He blushed before he came hard, his load spraying all over his legs and stomach. Grimmjow growled in pleasure, pushing Ulquiorra's legs off his shoulder, and letting them fall together down beside his legs, so the cuatra was laying on his side. He grabbed the side of Ulquiorra's ass that was on top, and thrust as hard as he could into the cuatra. Ulquiorra gasped, his hand reaching up to wrap around Grimmjow's neck, and pull him down for a kiss. Grimmjow purred while Ulquiorra moaned, his cock hardening again, and leaking a tremendous amount of pre-come.

"Fuck. I can't hold back much longer." The sexta growled, pulling away from the pale lips.

"Do it… I want you… to fill me…" The fourth panted.

"Fuck Ulquiorra!" Grimmjow yelled, and he released inside of his superior, pushing Ulquiorra into his second orgasm, the white fluid going all over the sheets. "How does it feel?" Grimmjow smiled, watching his lover convulse in pure pleasure beneath him.

"It's so… hot inside me." Ulquiorra whispered, blushing and turning his head away from the sexta.

"Yea. Take it all fuckin' in." Grimmjow purred, leaning down to kiss the cuatra. His lips went down to the pale neck, where Ulquiorra gladly moved his head to allow the sexta better access. Grimmjow kissed at the wound he had made earlier, before his tongue darted out to taste the skin. "You're the best fuck ever." He whispered into the neck, and Ulquiorra moaned his agreement. "I love you Ulqui." Grimmjow smiled against the skin, and wrapped his arms around the tired, petite body.

"Don't. Call. Me. That." Ulquiorra scowled, his breathing pattern quickly returning back to normal.

"I think I will." Grimmjow purred, his head rubbing against the cuatra's chest.

Ulquiorra sighed. "Fine, just as long as you say it again."

"I love you." Grimmjow pulled his lover closer. "I love you. I love you. I love you."

Ulquiorra's hands came up to entwine with the teal hair. "I love you too." They kissed once more, before Grimmjow pulled away. He stood up, turning to grab Ulquiorra's arm, and pull him close to the edge, before picking the small body up. He carried the cuatra bridal style towards the bathroom, pushing the door open with his elbow.

"What are you doing?" Ulquiorra asked, then cringed as he felt a jolt of pain shoot up his backside.

"We're going to get cleaned up. Fuckin' isn't exactly a clean activity." Grimmjow smiled down at his small lover. "It will help you get rid of that backache too. Sorry for going so rough."

"It's okay, I liked it." Ulquiorra blushed. "Say it again." He whispered.

"Man, Ulqui. Just can't get enough, huh?" Grimmjow smiled, sitting on the bathroom floor with Ulquiorra in his lap.

"I like when you say it. It's the first time anyone has ever said it to me. I like the feeling of knowing that I'm loved by someone." Ulquiorra pulled Grimmjow closer, shivering as a chill swept through his body.

"Ulquiorra, I love you." Grimmjow purred.

"Thank you."


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