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Pairing: FrauxTeito

This story is dedicated to my dearest friend and reader, Elvina Potter and my beta, Infractus Speculum, for their support and ideas of making my silly short lemon fiction into drabbles.

I doubt I can call this drabbles, since the so-called drabbles is supposed to have only 100 words (which, by most fanfiction authors, were make into 1000 words) and I have exceeded the limit of 1000 words, so I won't call this drabbles. It's more like a short story than drabbles anyway.

The rating in this story will change accordingly. While story 01 is M-rated, it doesn't mean the next story will be M-rated too. But seeing as M-rated will be common here, I'll just decide to put it on M-rate, for safety purpose.

The theme for this story is 'werewolf'. Why you ask? Well, I just think that since I already have vampire fic (check out my profile, title: Bloods), I think it'll be interesting to have werewolf too ahahahah. Initially I want to write a lemon in high-school, but that's gonna be in the later chapter.

Well, proceed to the story then~

Story 01: Werewolf

'A werewolf is a half human and half wolf that eat human flesh. They are vicious monster that often attack people'. That's the fairy tale story I had always heard from my deceased father. I never really believed in the existence of any kind of supernatural beings, whatever they may be. They exist in people's dream and imagination. That's how I always felt, but I guess I was wrong. I still don't believe in ghost, poltergeist, whatever you want to call them, but now I really can't deny the existence of werewolves. Why, you ask? Because one is standing in front of me right now.

Clearly, I can say that all the shit people say about werewolves being monsters is wrong. All right, not totally wrong, but I can't say it's exactly correct either. People have said that they have a hideous appearance; face and body completely covered in fur, teeth as sharp as a tiger's, and a body as big as golem. Yeah, right. They're all wrong. Why again, you may ask? Because the one I see in front of me is TOTALLY different.

He is beautiful. In fact, I can easily say he surpasses many humans in term of appearance alone. There's no fur covering his face or arms. There are no sharp teeth that can tear your limbs like papers. Why do I know he's a werewolf? Everybody can realize that once they see him fight. Yep, I accidentally stumbled upon him when he was cornered by a bunch of thugs. I thought I might jump in and save his sorry ass, but I guess I was wrong. He is capable, no - he is strong. Not as strong as me, but still, far stronger than most people.

He had stunned me with his excellent fighting ability, but more than that, I was mesmerized by his ethereal beauty. His emerald eyes shone like summer fireflies in the middle of new moon night, his brown hair swaying lightly in the breeze. It's kind of scary at first. I mean, who wouldn't be scared if they suddenly saw a human's eyes glowing in the dark? But the more you see him, the more you will be drawn to the beauty and depth of those emerald orbs.

I walked closer to him, hoping to inspect the beautiful werewolf closer. The closer I got, the more I felt the sudden and unexplainable urge to make him mine. He's quite unusual and rare. I can understand why those thugs attacked him. They probably thought they could capture him and then sell him for a very high price.

"What do you want?" the werewolf turned around gracefully, his glowing eyes locking onto mine.

Honestly, I don't know what overcame me that day. I felt as though I didn't care about anything except that extraordinary being. I didn't even care if he decided to kill me. I only wanted to touch him. "I want you," I said.

Both of my hands stretched out to reach his small but utterly gorgeous face. I didn't know why he doesn't resist me, but I didn't care, as long as I would be able to touch him.

I caressed his cheeks with my thumbs softly, feeling every inch of his smooth skin on my own. I touched his rosy lips, making them parts slightly. I must confess, I felt like I was the werewolf, not the boy in front of me. He looked so delectable in his thin and lousy oversized shirt.

"I'm not a human," he answered shortly. "But I am a fail werewolf." He sounded as though he has had to explain this to many people.

"I don't care." One of my hand encircled his slim waist and draw him closer to me.

His clothes may seem dirty and tattered, but he doesn't look dirty at all. Under the most beautiful night, illumintaed by the moon, he looks more like a fairy. A fairy I accidentally found in the middle of this forest, a fairy that belongs to me.

I stare affectionately at his glowing green orbs, feeling like I'm being pulled inside. Without a second thought, I do what my instincts tell me to do. I pulled him close inside my embrace and capture his sweet lips in a passionate kiss. I don't think he will comply so easily, but surprisingly, he melts into my hold and raises one hand to grab at my arm.

His lips are open for me, so I take his invitation and explore him. He tastes so sweet and smells good I find it hard to control myself. I doubt I would have been able to let those cherry red lips go if I didn't notice him getting out of breath. His cheeks are flushed deep red and he is panting. I don't dare to take a short break to catch my breathe. I feel like if I don't touch him, if I don't feel the warmth of his body against my skin, I will lose him forever. I really don't want that to happen.

I unbutton his oversized shirt, hastily, my fingers fumbling over his buttons. I'm expecting somewhat of a resistance, but when none comes, I proceed to remove the rest of his clothes in the way. Before long, he is standing completely nude. His small but well built muscles, his slim waist; everything seems like it was made to drive me crazy. He is just too beautiful.

"You're so beautiful," I commented, eyes roaming over his small body.

The gorgeous boy blushed even deeper, if that were possible. He looks too cute when red adorns his fair complexion, it makes me want him even more.

Pushing the boy down to the cold but soft grass, I swiftly position myself on top of his petite body. My face descends to his soft skin, nibbling, kissing, and sucking his tender flesh, causing red marks to appear on his perfect skin. His every moan and whimper draws me even closer to exploding. I'm not so sure I can do this without hurting him. I'm not sure I can control myself from this lust.

Slowly but surely, my head travels lower, from his ear, to his neck, and finally to his chest. I stay there briefly, licking and teasing the hardening nipples. He moans loudly, so I bite down again, harder. I can feel his erection hardening as my chest presses that sensitive area. I can also feel my own growing hard from excitement and expectation.

Finally, I went lower, to his throbbing erection. It is already so hard, and a smal pool of transparent liquid formed on his tip. I lick him swiftly, and as I expect, he is delectable. His uncontrolled moan makes me want to push even deeper. I want to feel him. I want to make him mine.

I sucked and licked the reddening member continuously, feeling satisfied at being able to make him moan and beg for more. I coated my fingers with saliva, and then thrust them inside his virgin hole. I move my fingers slowly, not wanting to hurt him, but firmly. I just want to prepare him for what's about to come.

When I feel he is ready, I strip my pants, my own erection already throbbing with eagerness and expectation. I push inside him and he cries in pain. I pin his hands down, not wanting him to stop me now. I'm not sure I could be stop anyway.

I start slowly, pushing and thrusting, and finally go even faster. His cries of pain are no longer heard, replace by screams of pleasure when I find his prostate. God, it feel so warm inside him. I feel ao good, and he seems to feel the same; I can see that from his eyes. He doesn't want me to stop, and neither do I. I wish that time would stop now, leaving only the two of us alone in our tiny little world.

"You're so tight," I moan. I move slightly faster, feeling hismuscles tighten as he arches his back. I can feel he is close to coming.

Before long, as I expected, he comes. Ropes of white spurts onto his stomach and my chest. I thrust hard a few more times, before coming inside of him. I pull my dick from him, and rest besides him. We are both panting heavily, our bodies are wet from sweats.

"I just remember, I haven't even asked you name," I laughed sheepishly while embracing his naked body.

"Teito. Teito Klein." The boy closes his eyes and rests his head on my chest.

"Mm...beautiful name. I'm Frau." I hug him even tighter-such a beautiful name.

The night is still long and we are naked, but I don't feel cold at all. After all, I have him in my arms.

A bit too short for my liking actually. I used to write long or multiple chapters, but since this is an attempt to write short chapters, I try to keep it short and not exceeding 1500 words.

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