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Pairing: FrauxTeito

Summary: Based on the latest few chapters in Manga where Teito is separated from Frau and brainwashed by Ayanami. This story is made by assuming that in the Manga, they were "LOVERS"

Characters: Frau, Teito

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Teito woke up in a haze. Everything in his vision was fading and blurring. Roughly, he could make out windows, table, chairs and a large bed where he currently lay. He was feeling cold. The window was opened slightly and the wind was icy against his bare skin. Teito was naked. Why was he naked again? He had forgotten. He couldn't even remember what he was doing before lying so helplessly on this bed.

"Teito," called a man. His baritone voice echoed in his heart. It was so familiar.

Who was this man sitting beside him? He felt like he had known him forever. The man's face was blurry but Teito knew him. He knew the man's golden hair. He knew blonde's beautiful eyes. He knew him. He knew him, yet…why did he forget?

'Who are you,' Teito asked in his mind, but of course the man couldn't hear his thought.

The blonde touched his cheek, caressing it so gently as if Teito was a precious glass. The man held his hand so tightly, afraid of letting it go. The heat from the contact made Teito warped with unexplainable warmth.

They kissed – or rather – the blonde kissed his lips. It didn't feel weird. It was so perfect in every way. Teito knew this man was his life. He was Teito's match and the boy's fate. He liked the man. Though sometimes he might treat Teito like a child, but when they were alone like this, the blonde was passionate. Every contact their skin made left a tingling feeling. It often made Teito blushed but the brunette knew, the blonde liked his blushing face.

Teito kissed the man back in response. He moaned and then sighed. The blonde's caresses made him crazy with lust and excitement. He wanted the man to touch him so badly but the blonde simply wouldn't let him have what he wanted. With those blue eyes, he teased Teito. He gazed ever-so lovingly, making the boy blushed deeper. His hand never ceased to caress Teito's naked stomach. The brunette could felt his lower region growing hotter with every movement the man made. Something stirred inside of him, something called 'lust'.

'I need his touch so much,' the boy thought desperately.

With his lithe hands, Teito grabbed the man down in a rough kisses. He licked the man's rough lips, begging to explore. The blonde smelled like sun but that was the least of Teito's concern. He bit the man's lower lips, hoping this time he would be granted access to his mouth. What he got was different response. The man indeed opened up but before Teito could push his tongue in, the other's forced his way into Teito.

He moaned again. How could he not when he was feeling such pleasure? The blonde broke up the contact. Teito was about to protest but the man descended down to his lips again. This time Teito let the man guided him and the brunette obediently circled his arms to the man's neck.

Teito could feel the blonde's smile against his lips. Before Teito could comprehend the meaning of that smile, he was given a pleasant surprise. A touch from the man's fingertip against the tip of his throbbing member made Teito shivered. Every nerve in his vein felt the sudden pleasure. He cried out in pleasure, begging for more.

The blonde chuckled, not to tease him. The man was happy. Teito could see his smile even from his blurring vision. He missed that smile so much.

Intending to return the pleasure, Teito rose up to sit and threw the man off guard by changing their position. Teito was now on top and the man lying naked below him. The brunette tilted his head down, licking the man's hardening nipple. He teased him and made the man craze with the same lust. When Teito felt it was enough, he moved down, reaching for the man's excited member. He licked the shaft, feeling the throbbing vein under the thin skin. Teito could hear the man's excited moan. He liked it so the brunette did it again and again.

They were in that position for quite sometimes until the man's patience ran out. He pulled Teito down and hastily grabbed his shaft. His hand was tirelessly pumping the boy's sensitive member. If Teito was asked what he remembered at the time, it was only the man's rigorous touch. It was too amazing. It was even more so when he felt the man inside of him. Teito felt like his every organs melted from the heat. Pain and pleasure was making him high. With every movement the man made, Teito was drown in immeasurable concupiscence.

Their bodies were all wet from sweat but the man seemed not to care. They both didn't. All they could felt was each another. Ultimately, they both cried out each other's names when the pleasure reached the peak. Their seeds spurted out to their bodies as they both shuddered heavily. They were tired and panting but it was worth it.

"How I love you so, Teito," whispered the man to Teito's ear.

Smiling, the boy replied back, "That is unexplainable but I do love you so much, Fra..."

The name was never said. It was lost forever when Teito was forced awake by the sound of his alarm clock. Teito was still panting. His member was still throbbing, reminding him of a lustful dream he just had. Despite the pleasure, Teito felt great sadness instead of embarrassment. He was having a wet-dream about someone he couldn't remember. He was sure he knew the man but why couldn't he remember his face? He didn't even know the name.

Soft sobs escaped his lips. Tears wet his eyes and cheek. He wanted to see that man so much. Who was that man who disturbed his mind so? Why did he long for him so much? Who was it that he loved?

'I want to see you. I miss you. Please, come and find me…Frau…'