(-_-) Harry Potter and the Odd Friendship (-_-)


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WARNINGS: Sexual M/M! {Snape's POV}


6: Choices

Soft, warm, unbearable heat... those are the only thoughts going through my head as his lips meet mine in a sweet kiss. He tastes like honey and something else. Something I can't describe. It's him, just Harry. His tongue is stroking mine in an awkward sort of dance that can only get better the longer it goes on. The problem is it has to stop. I can't do this. Reason wins out and I pull back from that tempting minx before me.

"What?" Harry asks when I meet his eyes.

"This is so wrong. I'm your professor, but I want it too. Does that make me a bad person?" I asked quickly shielding my face with my long hair.

"No, it makes you human. Are you saying your not allowed to want anything for yourself. Something that's just yours not for the good of the wizarding world or whatever." Harry said.

In answer, I pressed myself to Harry and set about devouring him. Slowly making my way from his lips to his neck. Harry moaned into my ministrations. Gently wrapping my arms around him, I carried him into my quarters and to my bed.

Harry jolted below me when I realeased him into the satin sheets that adorned my bed. His eyes opened slowly and a soft smile graced his features.

"This is what you want, right?" I asked slightly unsure and okay showing it.

Harry nodded. "Love me, please?" he asked.

I nodded and stripped us both with a whispered spell. I was careful and efficient in my preparations. I couldn't hurt Harry. Beautiful Harry who was writhing and screaming as my long fingers stroke his most special of places.

A hand touched my wrist pulling me from my thoughts and I jerked my head up to meet the most amazing sight. Harry's eyes were glazed over and brighter than I had ever seen them before. He was flushed, his breath coming in soft gasps.

"Please, Sev, please." he begged.

I nodded. "Shhh. Iv'e got you." I whispered. Slowly, I slid my fingers free. Harry groaned and I shushed him gently again. I lined myself up to Harry and met his eyes. In a moment I brought us together for the first time. Entering in one slow long stroke, Harry was mine. Pushing gently in and out of the vision before me, I brought Harry to completion myself following behind.

We both collapsed into one another. Harry curling up within my arms, my softening member still lodged in him. "Thank you." he whispered.

"Whatever for?" I asked just as quietly as if speaking at a normal volume would ruin the moment.

"I finally feel like I belong somewhere. I'm not a hero or a saviour. I'm just me, just Harry." he said.

"You are very welcome, love." I responded.

"Love? do you, love me, I mean?" he asked.

"With all my heart, Harry. I do love you. I just guess I had to be your friend first to realize it." I answered.

"Love you too." Was all I heard before soft contenet snores filled the room.

I didn't sleep that night. I watched. Awed at the Odd Friendship that led me to the love of my life.

Harry Potter is loved and if you doubt me, I think I remember a few curses that could be of use.

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